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  • Salisbury by Honeywell

    Salisbury designs and produces a full line of electrical coverups including rubber insulating line hose and covers, Type I and Type II insulating blankets, and insulating plastic guards and covers. The company's insulating blankets meet ASTM D1048 standards; and are available in high or low voltage styles, solid or slotted, with or without eyelets, and with optional hook and pile closure.The blankets are also ozone resistant. The various line hoses are used to protect lineman from electrical hazards.

  • Burlington Safety Laboratory, Inc.

    Burlington Safety Laboratory Inc. conducts high voltage proof-testing while also distributing electrical safety products manufactured by Salisbury. Coverup products supplied by the company include line hoses and covers, blankets, and plastic guards and covers. The blankets can have eyelets or be slotted. Blanket types available include: low volt, primary, arc suppresion, roll, switchboard matting/UR. The company also distributes blanket pins and fasteners. Line hose covers supplied include conventional line hose and connectors, insulated covers ,and extended lip SU line hose and connectors. Pole guard, guards (versa and link), lightweight conductor covers, and substation cover-ups represent the plastic guards and covers in stock.

  • Pyro Shield, Inc.

    Pyro Shield designs and fabricates safety coverup products for the aluminum, steel, plastic, paper, heat treating and welding industries. The company's cover up product line includes welding blankets and curtains, torch guard and fire blankets, insulation pads, and thermal barriers and enclosures. The blankets are made from silica fabrics, while the curtains are crafted from fiberglass fabric with a rubber coating. The company's flame blankets extinguish flames at the early stages of a fire.

  • Cementex Products Inc

    Cementex Products Inc. designs and manufactures insulated rubber coverup products including 7.5kV PVC roll blankets, blankets, insulating roll blankets, and Class 1, 2, 3, and 4 switchboard matting.

  • Certified Insulated Products

    Certified Insulated Products produces insulating shielding and matting products including 7.5kV PVC insulating roll, switchboard corrugated mating, electrical insulating protective shielding, and Type I insulating blankets. Available in 36 x 36 in. size, the coverup blankets have a maximum voltage of 1,000 or 20,000 depending on type. The electrical insulating rubber shielding is designed to coverup and protect personnel, equipment, and work areas from electrical hazards up to 7,500 volts. The switchboard matting is used to prevent shock around high voltage electrical apparatus, fuse boxes, switchgear, control panels, and heavy machinery.

  • Texso Instruments

    Texso Instruments distributes blanket storage canisters, blanket clamp pins, insulated rubber blankets, corrugated switchboard matting, and insulated rubber blankets produced by Cementex.

  • High Voltage Safety Supplies

    High Voltage Safety Supplies distributes a number of Salisbury-brand coverups including high voltage rubber insulating blankets. The company's stock of blanket-types includes: clear PVC roll, Class 1 rubber roll, low voltage Velcro, Class 2 solid rubber, Class 4 slotted, Class 4 insulating, Class 4 Velcro, Class 2 rubber insulating, and Class 2 switchboard matting. Blanket clamp pins and blank storage canisters are also available.

  • The Mat King

    The Mat King distributes coverups including lineman's rubber electrical insulating blankets for use in low-ozone environments. The blankets are rated for a maximum voltage of 17,000 volts A/C and provide protection from inadvertent contact with irregularly shaped line hardware. The company also is a supplier of rubber blanket clamps that feature a 4" or 5" openings, and wood or nylon construction.

  • Texas Meter & Device (TMD)

    Texas Meter & Device performs high voltage testing of equipment and supplies electrical coverup products - including insulating blankets, line hoses, covers, and matting - manufactured by North Hand Protection, White Rubber/Safety Line, Salisbury, A.B. Chance, Kunz Glove Company Inc., and Electroshield.

  • Layton Power & Safety Inc

    Layton Power & Safety Inc. manufactures coverups including insulated rubber blankets and insulated rubber carpets, which are both Type 2 and built to provide resistance to ozone attack. The company's Class 4 blankets feature a slotted or solid design with six or 28 eyelets.