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  • A+ Electrical Safety Equipment

    A+ Electrical Safety Equipment is a nationwide supplier of eye, face and head protection equipment including 15 cal/cm2 arc shields and faceshields, replacement shields up to 100 cal/cm2, hard hats, and dielectric brackets and headgear. The company also distributes 11 cal/cm2, 20 cal/cm2, 100 cal/cm2 PPE kits, which include safety glasses, a dielectric hard hat with ratchet suspension, and an arc shield.

  • Mitchell Instrument Co. Inc

    Mitchell Instrument Co. Inc. supplies eye, face and head protection in the form of 8 cal/cm2, 11 cal/cm2 and 20 cal/cm2 arc flash protection kits. The company also distributes individual protection products including face shields, safety glasses, hard hats, goggles, ear plugs, and respirators manufactured by Salisbury and more than 60 other companies.

  • Elvex Corporation

    Elvex Corporation specializes in manufacturing eye, face, head and hearing protection equipment. The company's family of products includes: hard hats, more than 20 models of safety glasses, bifocal safety glasses, goggles for impact and chemical splash, ear plugs, ear muffs, hearing and face protection combination, headgear, faceshields, electric ARC face protection, and laser safety glasses. The company also produces safety equipment specifically for shooting sports and chainsaw protection.

  • Gateway Safety

    Gateway Safety manufactures eye, face and head protection equipment including safety glasses, goggles, faceshields/windows, welding protection, and hard hats. The safety glasses and goggles are for general working conditions where minor and high impact dust, chips, or flying particles are present. The faceshields are for spraying, chipping, grinding and critical chemical or bloodborne hazards. The company's two, Type 1 hard hats are intended to reduce the danger of exposure to low and high-voltage electrical conductors.

  • Oberon Company

    Oberon Company manufactures eye protection lens and goggles for chemical and paint splash, general use, impact, laser, UV light and welding applications.The company also produces face and head protecting hoods that feature an air system and protective faceshield. The hoods are for use in body cooling, chemical and paint splash, clean room, electrical, gas, general use, impact, radient heat, UV light, and welding applications.

  • SafeVision, LLC

    SafeVision LLC is a supplier of prescription eyewear and frames for industrial safety-related needs. The company stocks eyewear frames that are non-conductive and used in electrical environments. The company also distributes prescription safety masks that feature a low-profile design for chemical splash and impact, and safety frame with attached flip up/down shaded lens.

  • OnLine Stores Inc

    OnLine Stores Inc. specializes distributes safety glasses, goggles, visors, and brackets manufactured by Starlite, Crews, Jackson, Wiley X, AO Safety, Harley Davidson, Pyramex, MSA, North, Uvex, Edge, Radians, ERB Safety, and Gatoz. Safety glasses and goggle types include: custom imprinted, welding, anti-fog, precision, clear, shaded, polarized, indoor/outdoor, chemical, and child. The company also distributes eyewash stations, side shields and safety eyewear accessories.

  • Safety Glasses USA

    Safety Glasses USA specializes in distributing bifocal safety glasses, safety goggles, military and ballistic eyewear, shooting glasses, motorcycle and sports eyewear, laser proection, and premium eyeware produced by 48 manufacturers including Oakley, DeWalt, Crews, Smith & Wesson, ESS, and Pyramex.

  • E.D. Bullard Company

    E.D. Bullard Company manufactures head and face protection equipment including its classic, standard, advanced, special application, and bump cap types of hard hats. The company's line of face protection includes headgears, hard hats with face-mounted protection, and visors for general duty applications. The headgear accommodates both primary eye protection and half, facepiece-style respirators.

  • MCR Safety

    MCR Safety produces headgear, faceshields, goggles, magnifiers, and professional, plus and valve series safety glasses. The company's goggle types include: professional, general purpose, anti-fog, vent and chemical protection, impact and splash, and welding.

  • Cooper Safety Supply

    Cooper Safety Supply distributes a variety of eye, face and head protection equipment manufactued by Bullard, ERB, Ergodyne, Fibre-Metal, Jackson, MSA, Vulcan and Wilson. Eye, face and head protection includes safety hard hats, full brim hard hats, fiberglass hard hats, bump caps, NFL hard hats, themed hard hats, hard hat suspensions, winter hard hat liners, and faceshield brackets and visors.

  • Viking Industrial Center

    Viking Industrial Center Inc. distributes eye, face and head protection equipment including welding helmets, goggles, faceshields, safety glasses, safety goggles, winter liners, hi viz knit hats and knit liners, hard hats, full-brimmed hard hats, high visibility hats, bump caps, western hard hats, and special logo hard hats.

  • Texso Instruments

    Texso Instruments distributes 10 cal/cm2 and 12 cal/cm2 arc flash shields with dielectric hard hat or hard hat adapter. This face and eye protection gear is manufactured by Oberson and intended for protection in hazard risk Category 2 applications.