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  • Bashlin Industries

    Bashlin Industries designs body harnesses for the utility industry, fully-adjustable body harnesses, and climbing harnesses. The utility industry bod harnesses are available with D-ring back attachment, nylon loop back attachment, extension back attachement, nylon coated hardware, and Plastisol hardware covers. The full body harnesses are made from 10,000 lb. test-woven nylon web.The climbing harnesses can be used for pole and tower applications. The company also produces rescue cradles and Boatswain's chairs.

  • Northern Tool & Equipment

    Northern Tool + Equipment Catalog Co. supplies anchor accessories, harnesses, and lanyards manufactured by FallTech. The four types of harnesses include a body harness/lanyards combo bag, a contractor plus roofer's kit, a deluxe body harness, and a comfortech 3 D-ring harness. The company distributes nine types of lanyards. Anchor accessories include steel carabiners, hinged reusable roof anchors, pass-thru anchors slings, ratcheting beam clamp, and confined space kits.

  • OnLine Stores Inc

    Online Stores Inc. supplies safety harnesses, fall protection equipment and safety lanyards manufactured by DBI Sala, North, Miller, MSA, Fall Tech and Rugged Blue.

  • Snug Harness

    Snug Harness, a division of Safety Plus Products Inc. distributes three types of fall protection harnesses: universal, vest, and specialty. The company supplies a number of French Creek, Guardian, Miller, and SafeWaze-brand universal fall protection harnesses, and also distributes deluxe fall protection work seats.

  • Miller Fall Protection

    Miller Fall Protection manufactures a number of full-body harnesses types including ultra, stretchable, high preformance non-stretch, specialty. The company also produces connecting devices, anchorage connectors, roof anchors, and climbing and fall protection systems. Connecting devices include shock-absorbing lanyards, tie-back lanyards, self-retracting lifelines, positioning and restraint lanyards, and harness/lanyard combo.

  • VER Sales Inc

    VER Sales Inc. supplies various safety equipment including harnesses, lanyards, lifelines, snap hooks, body belts, rope grabs, workseats, fall protection kits, engineered systems, anchorage connectors, ladder climbing equipment, confined space equipment rescue kits, rescue products, and descent devices. The company distributes fall protection equipment manufactured by MSA, Miller, DBI, and Safewaze,.

  • Sanderson

    Sanderson is a supplier of harnesses, roof fall protection kits, lanyards, and fall limiters produced by Miller, Sperian, SALA, and Guardian.

  • PK Safety Supply

    PK Safety Supply is a distributes a number of fall safety protection equipment including: full-body harnesses, lanyards, self-retracting lifelines, anchorage connectors, rope grabs and lifelines, rescue and descent systems, ladder safety systems, boatswain's chairs, utility lineman climbing gear, horizontal lifelines, tower climbing equipment, netting systems, vacuum anchor systems, and DBI SALA specialty products.

  • J. L. Matthews Co. Inc.

    J.L Matthews Co. Inc. distributes fall protection equipment produced by Bashlin, Buckingham, JELCO, and Miller Fall Protection. The Bashlin equipment includes leather/nylon and nylon/neoprene pole straps in 5', 5' 6", 6', 6'6", 7 foot lengths. Buckingham products include 50" and 90" circum. pole.JELCO pole choker poles are available in 6"-10" diameters to 12"- 30" diameters. Miller products include friction buckle and tongue buckle restraints.

  • MSA North America

    MSA Fall Protection develops and manufactures full body harnesses, self-retracting lanyards, anchorage connectors, energy-absorbing lanyards, horizontal lifelines, confined space equipment, rescue products, descent products, and body belts. The company produces 16 different types of full body harnesses. The company's anchorage connectors are available as two models: one that fits beam flange widths from 4" to 14", and one that fits beams with widths from 14" to 24". They also have a 400 pound working capacity.

  • Hubbell Power Systems

    Hubbell Power Systems produces and distributes a variety of lineman grade tools including those for fall protection. Products include capstan hoists, chain hoists, nylon strap hoists, construction ladders, and ropes and slings.