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  • Boddingtons Electrical Ltd

    Boddingtons Electrical Ltd. manufactures protective footwear including electrical safety, dielectric insulating boots that are certified for use up to 1000 V AC and 1500V DC. Used to protect against electric shock, the boots are capable of withstanding more than 35kV on the sole and 20kV on the complete boot. All the company's dielectric boots are fitted with an oil-resistant, vulcanized rubber sole for slip, wear and cut resistance.

  • Alper-Gold Specialty Websites, a subsidiary of Alper's Jobbing

    Alper-Gold Specialty Websites is an online supplier of various protective footwear including electrical hazard boots manufactured by Carhartt, Converse, Dr. Martens, John Deere, Mechanix Wear, Rockport Works, Thorogood Electrical, Wolverine, Servus, Wesco, Rocky, Michelin, LaCrosse, Florsheim, Danner, Caterpillar, Chippewa, Dickies, Georgia Boot, McRae Industrial, Nautilus, Terra, Work One, and Carolina.

  • Salisbury by Honeywell

    Salisbury fabricates protective footwear including ASTM F1117 and ASTM F2413-05 dielectric footwear designed to provide utility workers and contractors additional protection from electrical hazards. Both types of dielectric footwear feature premium grade ozone-resistant rubber and are 100 percent waterproof.

  • Wolverine

    Wolverine designs and manufactures protective footwear including DuraShocks electric hazard, steel-toe, 6" work boots. Made of full-grain leather, the boots have a pigskin upper. The boots feature a permanent direct-attach molding - to seal out water - and a removable double density footbed. The steel toe is rated ASTM F2413-05.

  • Saf-Gard Shoe Company

    Saf-Gard Shoe Company is a maker of steel toe shoes, metatarsal guard footwear, static dissipative shoes, conductive shoes, composite toe shoes, electric hazard safety footwear, slip resistant shoes, and puncture resistant footwear. The metatarsal guard footwear is primarily used in foundries, welding, air product distribution, and other heavy manufacturing environments. The static dissipative shoes regulate the build up of electrical charge in a person's body, and are used when manufacturing computer components, solvent-based paints, explosives and plastics. The conductive shoes protect against the hazards of static electricity build-up.

  • is an online supplier of men's electrical steel-toe safety shoes. The company's stock of electrical steel toe shoes includes Converse-brand C4240, C4444, C4555, and C6880; Florsheim F963 and FE665; and Gearbox GB1644, GB1645, and GB1834. The company also distributes men's lightweight 6" and 8" safety toe shoes produced by American Heritage and Thorogood.

  • Sketchers

    Sketchers produces 64 types of electrical hazard safety shoes and boots for various industrial environments. The majority of the company's protection footwear represents shoes, most of which are slip resistant. Types include: men's and women's work Shape-Ups, Caviar, Rockland, D'lite, Gibson, Phranz, Energy and Soft Stride.

  • Burlington Safety Laboratory, Inc.

    Burlington Safety Laboratory Inc. tests and supplies Salisbury-brand dielectric protective footwear - specifically deep heel overshoes  used for climbing ladders and poles. Available in four styles -with or without buckles or with two buckles - the boots conform with ASTM F1117 and is 100 percent tested to ASTM F1116 at 20,000 volts.

  • Cementex Products Inc

    Cementex Products Inc. manufactures dielectric footwear that is 100 percent waterproof, ozone resistant, and conforms with ASTM F1117 standards. The boots are tested to ASTM F1116 at 20 kV.

  • Hubbell Power Systems

    Hubbell Power Systems manufactures Chance 8-inch leather, conductive protection footwear. The boots feature a leg harness and black conductive sole that has a wire molded into the rubber. The sole of the boot is vulcanized under 20,000 pounds of pressure to the welt, not to the upper. The boots are available in sizes 6-14 and feature a tempered steel shank for proper arch support. The Chance boot meets ANSI specifications Z41 for safety-toe footwear.