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  • Boddingtons Electrical Ltd

    Boddingtons Electrical Ltd. manufactures and supplies electrical safety rubber gloves, undergloves, leather overgloves, pneumatic rubber glove testers, and rubber glove storage boxs/bags. The company's electrical rubber HV & LV safety gloves are for working voltages ranging from 500V to 26,500V. Their undergloves are 250mm in length and used to protect against mechanical hazards and electrical arcing; with the leather undergloves available in sizes from 300mm to 330mm.



  • Magid Glove and Safety Manufacturing Company LLC

    Magid Glove and Safety Manufacturing Company LLC manufactures protective leather gloves including low voltage protector gloves, leather linesman's gloves, high-voltage protector gloves, and brown goat leather protector gloves. The company also distributes insulating rubber electrical gloves manufactured by Honeywell. The various gloves are for use up to 500 volts, 1,000 volts, 1,700 volts, 7,500 volts, and 17,00 volts. The majority of electrical gloves are available in sizes ranging from 7 to 12.


  • Professional Equipment, a division of GHC Specialty Brands, LLC

    Professional Equipment distributes more than 20 different electrician's safety gloves and insulated gloves manufactured by Salisbury. The electrician's safety gloves are available in 0 to 14 inch sizes, while the insulated gloves come in 2 to 14 inch sizes. The company also distributes Salisbury-brand glove liners, insulated glove kits, leather glove protectors with pull strap, electrician's glove kits, glove inflator kits, and glove bag.

  • Best Value Supply Inc

    Best Value Supply Inc. distributes electrican's and lineman's rubber insulating gloves manufactured by Novax. The electrician's gloves come in Class 0, Class 00, 11" length, Class 1, Class 2, and 14" length sizes. The arc flash electrician's linesman's gloves and electrician's rubber insulated gloves are for electrical hazards and arc flash protection. The various safety gloves are used in power generation, electrical contractors, construction electric, maintenance electrician, hybrid automotive repair/service, hybrid automobile manufacturing, industrial plant maintenance, and utilities applications.

  • Salisbury by Honeywell

    Salisbury by Honeywell manufactures work gloves, sleeves, and electrical insulating rubber gloves. The company's work gloves include cut-resitant, all-purpose Kevlar utility gloves; abrasion-resitant, all-purpose utility gloves; maximum abrasion resitant, all-purpose utility gloves; waterproof, winter all-purpose utility gloves; and waterproof, winter gauntlet-style utility gloves. The sleeves provide coverage of the arm from the cuff of rubbing insulating gloves to the shoulder. The electrical insulating rubber gloves available in three styles: straight cuff, contour cuff, and bell cuff.

  • Bashlin Industries

    Bashlin Industries distributes linemen's rubber gloves manufactured by White Rubber Corporation. The Type 1 gloves can be used for working voltages ranging from 1,000 volts to 36,00 volts, depending on model. The various gloves are available in 10-1/02" to 18" sizes. The company also supplies free thumb, leather protector gloves manufactured by Kunz. The protector gloves are for use with either low or high voltage.

  • Supply Line Direct, a div of NCH Corporation

    Supply Line Direct distributes Novax-brand rubber, electrical insulating safety work gloves in orange and black. The company also supplies top-grain cowhide protective gloaves, goatskin protector gloves, and electric safety kits. The safety gloves are for use by utility linemen and telecommunications technicians.

  • Gloves-Online Inc

    Gloves-Online Inc. supplies electrician's gloves manufactured by Go Gloves. The rubber insulating gloves are used in power generation/power utility, communication utilities, plant and facility maintenance, electrical contractor, hybrid automotive manufacturing, and hybrid automotive repair/service applications. The gloves are rated up to 1,000 volts and available in sizes 8 through 11.

  • Enviro Safety Products

    Enviro Safety Products distributes a number of arc flash gloves including 500 volt, 1,000 volt, 7,500 volt, 17,000 volts, 26,500 volt, and 36,000 volt rubber insulated electric gloves. The various electric gloves are available in 11", 14", 16", and 18"inch sizes.  The company also supplies 14-inch ultra soft arc flash gloves, goatskin leather gloves, and cow grain leather gloves.

  • Cole-Parmer

    Cole-Parmer Instrument Co. Ltd. distributes insulating rubber glove kits manufactured by Salisbury. The kit includes a pair of insulating rubber gloves, a leather protector, and a storage bag. The Class 00 rubber gloves are size 9 and 11 inches in length.

  • Broner Glove and Safety Company

    Broner Glove and Safety Company is a supplier of industrial hand and arm protection including: cut protective gloves and sleeves, disposable gloves and sleeves, general purpose gloves, heat protective/arc flash gloves and sleeves, cold protective gloves and sleeves, and liquid/chemical resistant gloves and sleeves.

  • Burlington Safety Laboratory, Inc.

    Burlington Safety Laboratory Inc. distributes natural rubber gloves, EPDM rubber low-voltage gloves, leather protector gloves, and industrial workplace gloves. The company is also a supplier of glove accessories, sleeves, and sleeve accessories.

  • Cementex Products Inc

    Cementex Products Inc. manufactures rubber insulating gloves for use around electrical hazards and arc flash protection. The Class 00 gloves have a maximum use voltage of 500 AC, with the Class 0 gloves featuring a maximum use voltage of 1,000 AC. The Class 1 and Class 2 model gloves have maximum use voltages of 7,500 AC and 17,000 AC.

  • Certified Insulated Products

    Certified Insulated Products is a supplier 58 types of low and high voltage safety gloves. The low voltage gloves feature a maximum voltage of 500 or 1000 AC, while the high voltage gloves have a maximum voltage of 7.5 KV or 17 KV.The gloves are available in 11 inch and 14 inch lengths.

  • High Voltage Safety Supplies

    High Voltage Safety Supplies is a distributor of Salisbury insulating gloves including Class 00, 1, 2, 3, and 4 models that are available in 14", 16" or 18" sizes. The company also distributes glove kits, leather protectors, and sleeves.

  • JM Test Systems

    JM Test Systems distributes Salisbury-brand arc flash personal protective equipment including rubber gloves, rubber glove kits, Chance gloves, insulating sleeves, and leather protectors/gloves.