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  • Easy Rack

    Easy Rack is a manufacturer of canopy lights and lighting products used in car lots, truck stops, and filling stations.  The Easy Rack Small Canopy design is suitable for smaller gas stations and over lighting walkways of single site buildings.  These products deliver 360 degree (Type V) illumination through a segmented, specular aluminum reflector. The Easy Rack Large Canopy designs are good for loading docks, car dealerships, truck stops, and factory and warehouse outdoor walkways.

  • Howard Lighting Products

    Howard manufactures garage and canopy lighting products, including the Vandal-Resistant Garage Lighter in 70, 150 and 175 watts. Accessories include a zinc-plated steel reducer bushing that reduces 3/4” to 1/2”, a swivel pendent mount round plate with ball allows fixture to hang straight (mount to standard electrical box; fits 3/4” conduit), and a swivel pendent mount square plate with ball that allows the fixture to hang straight (mount to standard electrical box; fits 3/4” conduit).

  • ECO Parking Lights

    ECO manufacturers five models of parking garage lights.  The ECO Wallpack parking garage design features an induction high frequency electronic ballast with an input voltage range of 120V - 227V.  The ECO Quad is a parking garage light housed in cast aluminum (Alloy #319) one piece construction.  The ECO Cone offers parking garage lighting in flat one-piece cold rolled steel painted with high gloss, high heat resistant white TGIC polyester powder for 90% reflectance.

  • LSI Industries

    LSI Industries is a manufacturer of several types of canopy lights and products.  Canopy models include the Crossover Ambient 50 and 100, Encore Top Access, Scottsdale Recessed, Scottsdale Surface Mount, Encore Top Access Hazardous Location, Masters, Richmond and others.

  • RLLD

    RLLD is a manufacturer of parking garage lighting products, including metal halide and high pressure sodium HID fixtures in semi cutoff or refractor designs. They also specialize in parking lot and car dealership parking lot fixtures.

  • Bock Lighting

    Bock offers lighting products for the Commercial and Hospitality markets, including decorative, design, outdoor area, ceiling, canopy, flood, wall mount, and emergency and exit lighting.

  • Eclipse Lighting

    Eclipse is a manufacturer of a range of luminaries, including interior parking lot lighting. These products are used to illuminate underpasses, rest stops, exit/entry doorways, institutions, stairwells, elevator lobbies, main entrances and exterior facades.  All products are designed to withstand harsh environments and vandalism that can occur in public low mounting height locations.

  • Cooper Industries

    Cooper offers canopy, parking garage, and wall mount lighting units from McGraw-Edison. There are a half dozen wall mount units available, as well as four parking garage models to choose from.

  • Venture Lighting International

    Venture is a manufacturer of parking garage lighting products used in airport parking areas.  Products feature 125, 200 and 300-watt Uni-Form® pulse start metal halide lamps to provide energy savings up to 113 watts per luminaire and increased output.

  • Ruud Lighting

    Rudd is a manufacturer of canopy and parking lot lighting products.  Canopy light optical systems include quadrate vertical, up/down cutoff or prismatic reflector and refractor.

  • Hubbell Incorporated

    Hubbell Incorporated are distributors of parking garage luminaires from Devine and Kim Lighting.