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  • LA Lighting

    L.A. Lighting offers commercial and industrial fluorescent fixtures for lighting specifiers, electrical distributors and electrical contractors involved in new construction, reconstruction and retrofit, and industrial hi-bay upgrades. Industrial fixture products come in 1 to 4 lamp configurations.

  • LaMar Lighting Co., Inc.

    Lamar builds fluorescent lighting fixtures for office buildings, hospitals, hotels, retail stores, shopping malls, schools and colleges, factories and warehouses, and for residential applications in apartments and single family homes. Available products include strips, industrials, recessed, surface, architectural, task, outdoor, display and decorative designs.

  • Cooper Industries

    Cooper offers a vast array of fluorescent lights and lighting fixtures for commercial, industrial, residential and utility markets. Available products include industrial, parabolic, recessed air, recessed static (compact available), residential, strips, surface fixtures, and more.

  • Brodwax Lighting

    Brodwax provides fluorescent lights to electrical distributors. Available fixtures offered are decorative fluorescent, commercial, kitchen, under cabinet, display, large surface mount (all electronic fixture products are supplied with bulbs that provide a neutral 3500k color temperature), small surface mount (120 volt, 60 hertz electronic ballast is used on all fixture units), bathroom brackets, wall sconces, outdoor and other types.

  • Videssence

    Videssence manufactures fluorescent light fixtures for television, HDTV, studio, ENG, mobile media and corporate video conferencing. Offerings include units and systems for studio, broadcast and video, portable kits for studio, ENG and mobile media, and corporate video conference and distance learning fixtures for architectural spaces.

  • Northwest Lighting Systems Co.

    Northwest manufactures a variety of fluorescent lighting systems, including highbays in several sizes. Northwest also offers wire guards, plastics lens and cable hanging kits.

  • American Fluorescent

    American manufactures residential and commercial fluorescent lighting fixture products for kitchens, hallways, bath and industrial applications. Commercial fixtures offer Class P electronic ballast, commercial E8 electronic ballast, efficiency lights in either T5 or T8 models, and special formed reflectors to achieve maximum output.

  • Holophane Lighting

    Holophane's high bay fluorescent light fixtures come in many varieties, including the Intellibay with P.O.L.A.R. technology. P.O.L.A.R. stands for Passively Optimized Lumen output with Automated Regulation. Applications include light industrial, specialty retail, institutional, industrial, commercial, gymnasiums and auto service centers.

  • Lithonia Lighting

    Lithonia offers fluorescent light fixtures for low or high mounting heights, warehouses, distribution centers and retail facilities. Their I-BEAM© is designed to dissipate heat (UL/C-UL Listed up to 65°C/149°F), making it suitable for high ambient applications in partially and non-conditioned spaces.

  • LDPI Incorporated

    LDPI offers fluorescent light fixtures for general purpose and industrial applications. Offerings include vapor and dust proof desings for cleanrooms, or with increased photometric output for locations with combustible paint particles. Also available are wet, damp, marine IP 55 and IP 65, UL rated enclosures designed to be part of the fixture rather than a rain cover.

  • Royal Pacific

    Royal Pacific offers fluorescent lighting in many styles. Their flush mount fixture comes in six sizes ranging from 1 X 13W to 2 X 26W. Two cloud sizes are available in 2 X 32W and 4 X 32W. There are also two opal wraparound designs available, three models of prismatic wrap, and three models of strip units.

  • Duray Inc.

    Duray are manufacturers and designers of standard and custom fluorescent lighting fixtures for commercial, industrial, institutional and educational, retail, display, hospital and extended care, and residential markets. Duray offers a wide array of types, including industrial (T8 electronic), utility (units wired with ballasts incorporating Class P thermal protection, for 120 volt, 60 cycle AC), surface (electrostatically sprayed with white enamel and baked at 320°F, minimum of 90% reflectivity), recessed, task, strip and others.


    Relight Depot offers lighting fixtures for warehouses, and  commercial and industrial facilities. They can deliver unbiased lighting recommendations and turn-key lighting retrofits nationwide.

  • Hubbell Incorporated

    Hubbell Incorporated are distributors of compact, indoor, institutional, industrial fluorescent lighting from such brands as Alera, Columbia, Hubbell, and Precision-Paragon [P2].

  • Shat-R-Shield

    Shat-R-Shield is a manufacturer of shatter-resistant, shatterproof lamps and light bulbs. Available products include fluorescent lights in a variety of stlyes including T5, T6, T8, T12, compact CFLs, black lights, gold lamps, germicidal and U-bend. Shatter proof coating reduces output by only less than 1% and is a minimum of 16 mils thick.