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  • Vandal Shields

    Manufacturer of polycarbonate shields for various high abuse lighting applications. Products are designed to absorb energy from the impacts of objects such as bullets from small arms (22 to 44 caliber), rocks, pellets, small projectiles, etc.

  • Cooper Industries

    Cooper offers their Failsafe high abuse light products. Architectural vandal resistant lighting fixtures combine strength with aesthetics. Commercial vandal resistant fixtures provides a more heavy duty solution. Other products are available for cleanrooms, food processsing, medical, correctional, task and transit applications.

  • Kenall Manufacturing

    Kenall is a lighting manufacturer whose high abuse products include those that resist or reduce physical abuse from tampering, corrosion, insects, dirt, water and microbial contaminants, and RFI and EMI interference. Fluorescent, compact fluorescent (CFL), and HID are among the products that use high impact polycarboonate, single piece design and tamperproof screws to deal with high abuse.

  • Eclipse Lighting

    Manufacturer of vandal resistant, high abuse lighting fixtures. Various options include compact fluorescent (CFL), fluorescent, HID, and induction types, as well as bi-pin lamps. These products are suitable for a wide range of commercial, institutional and security applications.

  • Lithonia Lighting

    Lithonia is a lighting manufacturer offering rough service (high abuse) light products for architectural and utilitarian purposes. Linear fluorescent rough service products are available in wraparound, industrial, troffer, surface and special environment types. Architectural rough service products are designed for schools, recreation areas, bus and train stops, and other public facilities.

  • Crescent/Stonco

    Crescent is a manufacturer of vandal resistant, high abuse lighting. These products are designed to withstand impact and resist prying, and are offered in round and linear configurations.

  • Stewart R. Browne Mfg.

    Manufacturer offering a variety of hand held hazardous light products. These high abuse products include hand held explosion proof designs for high impact strength (sometimes chemical resistance depending upon the model). Applications include tank cleaning, confined spaces of all types, industrial and aircraft maintenance.


    AZZ R-A-L provides Rig-A-Lite professional lighting products for industrial and commercial high abuse applications. Products include exit, florescent, high bay, flood, weatherproof and high pressure sodium lights in various voltages and lamp wattages.

  • LaMar Lighting Co., Inc.

    Lamar Lighting offers vandal proof, high abuse fluorescent lighting fixtures. Products are available with tamper proof screws and latches. Optional gasketing are moisture, vapor and dust resistant. Applications include correction facilities, public buildings, schools, recreational areas, institutions, hotels, shopping centers and apartments.

  • Exceline

    Exceline offers vandal proof, high abuse lighting under it's ProTector series. Designs include round and linear fluorescent products designed to take up to 100 joules of impact on the front and side, and can also resist up to 600 pounds of prying force.

  • Bock Lighting

    Manufacturer offering the G12 vandal resistant, high abuse garage light. These products can be used with triple tube 4-Pin compact fluorescent, high pressure sodium, metal halide or pulse start metal halide bulbs. Applications include maintenance and industrial areas, parking garages, corridors, storage areas and areas prone to vandalism.

  • H.E. Williams, Inc.

    H.E. Williams is a manufacturer offering vandal resistant, high abuse outdoor lighting fixtures. Architectural fluorescent products are made with a die cast, marine grade aluminum housing, and a polycarbonate lens and shield. They are available in an oval or round shape.

  • Rough Service Lighting

    Manufacturer of portable rough service, high abuse lignting. Products consist of a 13 watt compact fluorescent light encased in a lexan replaceable lens. This oil and water resistant product is in the automobile, marine and aircraft industries.

  • LDPI Incorporated

    LDPI is a manufacturer of high abuse light products. Products are designed for vapor/dust proof, troffer (for cleanrooms), paint booth, marine, wet/damp and explosion proof applications. Types include fluorescent, compact fluorescent, HID and incandescent.

  • Luminaire Lighting Company

    Manufacturer of vandal resistant, high abuse light fixtures for public areas. Products include architectural, commercial and decorative designs, and feature injection molded polycarbonate lenses. Housings are constructed from heavy gauge aluminum, zinc coated automotive quality steels and high pressure die cast aluminum.

  • W.F. Harris Lighting

    Manufacturer offering high abuse wall and ceiling mounted light fixtures. These products are made of polycarbonate and include shrouded and HID designs. Also offered are high abuse flood and rough service fixtures.

  • Hubbell Incorporated

    Hubbell Incorporated are distributors of explosion proof and extreme environment, high abuse lighting from Killark, and manufactures of classified fixtures for extreme applications (class 1, division 1 and 2).