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  • Radiant

    Radiant makes LED light systems and fixtures, including track, power cove interior, serpentine, landscape and marker systems. Their micro LED track fixtures run at 12VDC, 25AMP and either 3W cool or warm white.

  • Cooper Industries

    Cooper offers several LED lighting solutions and fixtures, including channel lights, circular "PuckLights" (recessed or surface mounted), and the LEDEON flexible LED strip for replacing neon lights. The LEDEON LED design is available in blue, green, and 6500K white at 2.4W per foot, and red, amber and yellow at 2.16 watts per foot.

  • Kramer Lighting

    Kramer has several LED products, including recessed designs such as round, square, and rectangle lights, as well as surface products, linear and pendant style. Their linear surface product is available in four, eight, or twelve foot lengths and can be wall or ceiling mount, with a combination of direct and indirect lighting.

  • Philips Lumileds

    Philips Lumileds offers a wide line of LED light products, including the Luxeon high power, their SuperFlux mid-power, SnapLED automotive, and LED dies. Their SuperFlux products are available in red, amber and red-orange, with low thermal resistance, DC forward current of 50-70 mA, and an operating range from -40 to +100 degrees Celsius.

  • Sentry Electric

    Sentry LED luminaires and bollards incorporate the most current light engine technology, thereby delivering both aesthetic appeal with the benefits of LEDs.  Systems are available in a range of light distributions, lumen output, and color temperatures, which deliver results that are flattering to people, objects and structures.

  • Cree

    Cree offers several LED light lighting products, including 6" recessed downlight fixtures, a 4" recessed architectural downlight, and an LED architectural Lay-in. Their 4" recessed downlight is available in moderate or deep recess with 540/515 delivered lumens, 10.5W/11.1W nominal input power, and a CCT of 2700K or 3500K on both, as well as CRI of 94 or 91 on both.

  • Pathway Lighting, Inc.

    Pathway offers square and round LED downlights and fixtures in their Coventry Architectural Series, both with a 4" aperture, 1100 lumens, and operating at 18 Watts. Both products feature a CRI of 80, color temperature of 4000K or 3000K, and have a comparable efficacy of 110lm/W.

  • Allscape

    Allscape makes in-ground fixtures using 25W LED lights at 120V, that are either warm or cool white, or a fixed color of red, green, blue or amber. These products are good for landscape area, wall wash, flagpole, building accents and pedestrian areas.

  • Color Kinetics

    Color Kinetics by Philips offers several LED lighting fixtures, including RGB intelligent systems, linear LED's, direct view systems, wall washing and two white lighting systems (IntelliWhite and the EssentialWhite). Their iW Cove Powercore IntelliWhite model is a linear system for alcove applications, with a color temperature control from 3000K to 6500K, rated for use in dry environments.

  • Blue Sky Lighting

    Blue Sky manufactures  backlit LED lighting for outdoor, architectural, and signage applications. Fixtures include single and double sided signage, cove, billboard, advertisement and display case light products.

  • Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

    Lutron makes the Hi-lume LED driver featuring a lifetime rating of 50,000 hours at the maximum temperature rating of 65 degrees C, a 25W maximum driver rating, and is compatible with 3-wire and EcoSystem digital controls. The Hi-lume driver works with an approved light engine within a recessed downlight fixture.

  • Juno Lighting, Inc.

    Juno makes several LED light fixtures, including a commercial recessed model, a residential recessed model, and undercabinet designs. Their Pro-LED undercabinet products use 1 watt warm-white LEDs for a 50,000 hour service life, with an integral electronic 120-volt to 300mA constant current driver.

  • Larson Electronics LLC

    Larson Electronics LLC offers a wide variety of 12 and 24 volt HID, spot and searchlights for use in the outdoors. Products are constructed with aluminum housings, metalized polycarbonate reflectors, high powered LEDs, 100% optically pure acrylic lenses and shatterproof polycarbonate lens covers.


    QL specializes in LED products that include tube, strip, high power spot, flood, bubbles, modules, wall washers, downlights and light engines.

  • Hubbell Incorporated

    Hubbell Incorporated are distributors of energy efficient LED and HID decorative outdoor lighting from Beacon Products, combination emergency/exit signs from Compass Products, step lights from Devine, and their own brand of flood, landscape/path, step and wall/surface LED lighting.