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  • H.E. Williams, Inc.

    H.E. Williams lighting products include incandescent, fluorescent, and HID models, as well as architectural T8 and T5 high bay, indirect/direct, and luminous acrylic flat panel designs.

  • Cooper Industries

    Cooper makes recessed and track lighting, including energy star and title 24 products. Products include art glass pendants, flatbacks, gimbal rings and roundbacks, as well as downlighting products in 3, 4, 5, and 6 inch fixtures for incandescent, low voltage, and compact fluorescent designs.

  • BEGA

    BEGA makes recessed wall and ceiling luminaires, including round, square, and rectangular models. Products come in stainless steel, die-cast aluminum, with guards, with louvers, and those with asymmetrical distribution.

  • Sea Gull Lighting

    Sea Gull makes recessed fixtures, including incandescent, low voltage, fire barrier, and Energy Star models, as well as track lighting, heads and rails. Their fire barrier housing fixtures use one medium Par30 75W max bulb and are cUL listed for damp locations.

  • Etlin-Daniels

    Etlin makes recessed lighting housings, fixtures and trims. Products include 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 inch housings for compact fluorescent, incandescent, and HID fixtures, as well as a 5" x 5" and a 5" x 7" square apertures for TRT lamps. Their trims include white gimbal, polished brass eyeball, pin hole, clear reflector, specular cone, and others.

  • Juno Lighting, Inc.

    Juno makes residential and commercial recessed and track lighting. Their residential models include 3", 4", 5", and 6" designs in incandescent, LED, vertical compact fluorescent, and low voltage models. Their commercial products include LED, compact fluorescent, metal halide, and incandescent models. Track lighting includes the Designer Busway 60-Amp Line voltage system and others.

  • Royal Pacific

    Royal Pacific makes track lighting, including line voltage, low voltage, BIAX fixtures, HID fixtures, and track packs. Recessed lighting includes incandescent, fluorescent, low voltage, and slope ceiling models. They also make HID housings with trim sizes of 4", 6" and 8", and both vertical and horizontal lamp mounts.

  • Pathway Lighting, Inc.

    Pathway makes a wide variety of recessed downlighting, including square aperture, round aperture, and modular accent models, as well as those that fit incandescent, metal halide, shallow plenum, and compact fluorescent lamps.

  • Edison Price Lighting

    Edison Price makes a wide line of track lighting, including surface track, pendant track, and recessed track fixtures. One model is the Autotrack PZ, a pendant mounted system operating on two 20 amp 120V circuits.

  • Lightolier

    Lightolier offers retail, commercial and specification grade track lighting, including miniature line-voltage systems, museum grade, and high capacity two-circuit track light products.

  • Kramer Lighting

    Kramer makes a large line of recessed light products and fixtures, as well as suspended designs. Their recessed models include square, round, and rectangular shapes fitting incandescent, HID, compact fluorescent, and LED sources. They make three suspended systems, all round with LEDs, in either direct/indirect or downlight configurations.

  • Thomas Lighting

    Thomas makes many recessed fixtures, including circular and square models, baffle trims, remodel models, clear reflector trims, and gold reflector trims.

  • Duray Inc.

    Duray's recessed lighting series includes flange-type, lay-in, narrow-lume, spot/flood, and industrial designs. Their Genesis model has a perforated baffle with two or three biax 40W lamps for use with 120V, 60 cycle AC current.

  • ELCO Lighting

    ELCO makes recessed, track and suspended (pendants). Products include sloped downlights, including those with baffle trims, phenolic baffles, and regressed eyeball models with wattages from 40 to 150. All models are all circular.

  • Crownlite

    Crownlite makes several types of recessed lighting, with models such as lensed, parabolic, louvered, perforated basket, and wet location/critical environment designs.

  • Hubbell Incorporated

    Hubbell Incorporated are distributors of recessed lighting, including mounting from Alera, indirect architectural fixtures from Columbia, downlight products (incandescent IC and non-IC housings and trims) from Compass, fixtures from HomeStyle. They also offer track lighting and recessed downlights from Prescolite.