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    Leviton manufactures a variety of occupancy lighting sensor products, including residential and commercial grade models. Residential models include outdoor and wall mount designs, while commercial models include fixture mount, ceiling mount, wireless and wall mount sensors.

  • Watt Stopper

    Watt Stopper manufactures a variety of lighting products, including wall switch, ceiling and outdoor sensors utilizing passive infrared or dual ultrasonic technologies.

  • Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

    Lutron manufactures a variety of occupancy sensors for lighting applications, including wall switches, wall mount and ceiling mount products that help meet energy code standards.

  • Hubbell Building Automation Inc

    Hubbell manufactures a variety of wall light switch sensors. IntellADAPT technology is used to continuously analyze occupancy patterns and adjust the sensitivity and time settings to provide maintenance free reliability.

  • EFI

    EFI is a distributor of a wide range of products, including light switch sensors and occupancy wall switches from Hubbell and Watt Stopper.

  • Pass & Seymour/Legrand

    Legrand manufactures a wide range of lighting products including sensors like the WSP200W. This occupancy sensor features high immunity to RFI and EMI for accurate detection, compact design to fit in existing wall switch cavities, no minimum load requirement, adjustable sensitivity, patented voltage drop protection, and 180 degree coverage of up to 900 square feet.

  • Lightolier

    Lightolier manufactures Energos Control System occupancy sensors offering field adjustability from 30 minutes to 30 seconds. These products can be set so that luminaires cannot re-energize when enough daylight is present.

  • Sensor Switch

    Sensor Switch manufactures a wide variety of sensor based lighting equipment, including wall switches, standard range 360° and extended range 360° sensors, high bay products, daylight controls, motion controlled dimmers, and a full line of accessories.

  • Lumisys

    Lumisys manufactures a variety of wall and ceiling mount integrated occupancy sensors for lighting applications.

  • Hubbell Incorporated

    Hubbell Incorporated are distributors and manufacturers of their own brand of lighting sensors (wall switch, wall mount, ceiling mount), as well as distributors of sensing products from Bryant.