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  • Solar Street Lights

    SSL is a division of Green Energy LLC and manufactures solar powered street light products for commercial systems, residential streets, parking lots and security systems. Models include sodium vapor and LED street designs.

  • Kamal Solar

    Kamal offers solar street lights, lanterns, home designs, water pumping (for agricultural applications, etc.), and power packs (large scale power systems).

  • Shantou Right Forth Trade Co

    Shantou Right Forth Trade Co. offers solar lawn lighting, emergency lamps, floating balls, street lights, road and staircase lamps, mobile chargers, cylinder and hexagonal assemblies, light strings and road studs.

  • Silicon Solar Inc

    Manufacturer of solar commercial billboard, sign, landscape, garden, and educational and commercial grade panels. Also available are evacuated tube collectors, prepackaged radiant heating kits, commercial hot water systems, domestic hot water prepackaged kits, and commercial grade storage tanks.

  • Togo Technology

    Togo offers light sets, as well as lawn stake, outdoor table, garden and floating lighting. They also offer five models of solar street lights and eight different panels to choose from. Other products include chargers, energy systems, power traffic systems, and spring and summer lamps.

  • Eco Green Energy Corp.

    EGE offers solar street lighting (single and double head) and power generation systems (panels and power supply systems for vehicles, power generation for civil and industrial applications).

  • MG Solar

    MG manufacturers solar street and garden lights, and lanterns. Street designs are white, super bright, and are specifically designed for large areas like campuses. Garden models are available in various colors and come with 10Wp solar modules. Lanterns are designed as utility and emergency lights.

  • Pecan Engineering

    Pecan Engineering manufactures solar street, park, security and area lights. Their street designs are grid tied, connected to the mains power and do not require batteries. They generate energy when the sun shines and exports energy to the electricity grid.

  • Savant Solar

    Savant's solar street lights come in a variety of sizes. Panels are designed for differing locations with unique requirements. Savant can make specific systems to suit nearly any requirement.

  • Sol

    Sol Inc manufactures a variety of solar powered lighting products, including roadway, parking lot, bus stop, street sign, and other designs.

  • Sunseap

    Sunseap offers PV (photovoltaic) solar post and street lamps. They can custom make lamps to your power and size requirements.

  • Glamor LED

    Glamor offers LED solar garden lights. Products come in many varieties, including 3D LED motif, LED rope, LED solar garden, and LED tree designs.