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  • Hammond Power Solutions, Inc.

    Hammond Power Solutions (HPS) manufactures NEMA 3R style encapsulated lighting transformers to supply low voltage for recreational, light duty industrial, and pool and spa applications.

  • Technomagnet, Inc

    TechnoMagnet manufactures a complete line of indoor and outdoor magnetic core and coil transformers for the low-voltage lighting industry. They make indoor, outdoor, megatap and class II designs, as well as custom configurations, in 150W through 1200W. All lighting transformers come with 6" wire length. UL (US & Canada) listed custom designs are available.

  • Cast Lighting

    CAST manufactures low voltage lighting transformers, including their multi-tap low voltage series of mini-transformers. CAST Master Series Transformers have voltage taps of 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18V with extra-large 125-amp terminal blocks to accommodate up to (10) #12/2 wires.

  • Sebco

    Sebco manufactures low-voltage lighting transformers. Magnetic designs range from 100W to 1200W rating and 8lbs to 28 lbs in weight. Their electronic transformers from 40w, 60, 80, 105, 150 and 300 watts, range from 2.4 oz to 15 oz in weight. LED drivers start at 3 watt and 3.5 watt moving up to 90 watt and 240 watt. Class 1 or 2, all come standard with secondary protection.

  • Emcod

    EMCOD manufactures transformers, ranging from 150W through 1200W, for indoor and outdoor lighting. They also make Class II and multi tap design transformers with multi-voltage outputs of 12V, 13V, 14V & 15V. EMCOD also manufactures custom designs, chokes, and autotransformers.

  • Justin, Inc.

    Justin manufacturers low voltage transformers for the landscape, architectural, LED sign, decorative and track lighting markets. They are a turn-key operation with complete product design capabilities.

  • Juno Lighting, Inc.

    Juno manufactures electronic and magnetic transformers for use with track lighting. Models come in 1 and 2 circuit, 120VAC or 277VAC, and include surf mount, canopy and low voltage miniature designs.

  • Acme Transformer Pro

    Acme manufactures UL Listed low voltage lighting transformers with ranges of 100, 300 and 500 watts, 100 thru 1000 VA, and .05 thru 10 KVA. Inputs are available in 120 volts or 240 volts and each has a product warranty of 10 years.

  • Hatch Transformers, Inc.

    Hatch manufactures electronic, and magnetic, low voltage lighting transformers. Wattage ranges are available from 20, 50, 60, 75, 80, 105, 150 and 300 watts, including a 108 W hardwire design for a range of 50 - 108 W, and 120, 230, or 277 voltages.