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  • AEMC Instruments

    AEMC manufactures a variety of cable locator products including the CA7024 Fault Mapper, CA7026 Fault Mapper Pro and CA7028 Wire Mapper Pro. These units feature hand-held operation with cable measuring capabilities up to 6000 ft in length, manual selection of Vp for all cable not found in library and la large high-visibility blue electroluminescent backlit display. These units are used for detecting cables, tracing cables to identify runs and location and determining the length of cables on reels, coils or in boxes.

  • Ideal Industries

    Ideal Industries manufactures a full line of cable testing and cable locating equipment including multimeters, clamp meters, electrical testers, thermal imagers, circuit tracers, SureTest analyzers, specialty meters, power quality meters, insulation an earth testers and a full line of accessories.

  • Megger

    Manufacturer of cable locators and route tracers. Cable route tracers are available with both inductive coupling or an energized connection, or just an energized connection. Inductive coupling does not require a connection to the line which permits a buried line to be traced without de-energizing or uncovering it. Energizing the line conductively provides increased tracing distance and minimizes signal coupling to other lines. Also available are cable height meters as well as pipe and cable locators in a split box configuration.

  • Amprobe Test Tools

    Amprobe manufactures a variety of cable testing electronic handhelds including the AT-5000 professional underground cable and pipe locator system. This product locates underground energized and de-energized wires, cables and pipes, eliminates exploratory digging in parking lots or under floors for buried pipes and wires.

  • Aqua-Tronics Inc

    Aqua Tronics is a manufacturer of a variety of electrical tools including cable locators, primary cable fault locators, secondary cable fault locators and a full line accessories including inductive couplers, sewer snoopers and stirrup probes. For exceptionally sensitive pipe (or cable) searching, the A-6 Tracer offers both conductive, inductive, and on-handle searching

  • Fluke Corporation

    Manufacturer of testing equipment offering cable locators. This general purpose cable locator can trace cables in walls and underground, locate fuses/breakers on final circuits, and locate interruptions and short-circuits in cables. It can also be used to trace metallic pipes.

  • Hipotronics Inc

    The Hipotronics 5250 Systems meet electrical utilities and contractors specifications where a highly portable, easy to use, complete cable fault location system is required. The 5250 system utilizes TDR techniques, battery operated, portable compact thumper. This system reduces fault location time by up to 80% allowing quick and easy sectionalizing of faulted loop feed URD installations with out disconnecting transformers.

  • Tempo, a Textron Co.

    Manufacturer offering locators for wire, cable, coils and markers. The cable locator can determine the depth of wire or metallic pipe and trace the path of either active or dead systems without having to deactivate. The wire locator is a smaller system used for finding in-wall wires. The electronic marker detector has the capability of simultaneously detecting all seven application-based electronic marker types.The load coil detector identifies the presence of and counts the number of load coils on active or inactive circuits.

  • Farwest Corrosion Control Co.

    Distributor of electrical test equipment including cable locators. These cable locators are all portable and of rugged design. They include the Nilsson 715, the Tinker and Rasor 505 GO-fer and the Magnetomatic.

  • Radiodetection, an SPX Co.

    Manufacturer offering cable locators, cable testers and cable avoidance tools. Various models of cable locators are offered for construction, water, power and telecommunications applications. Ground penetrating radar equipment is available which can find non-conductive materials including plastic pipes. Also a locator for underground water pipes using a transonde (used to vibrate the water as it passes through it and across an internal spring system sending a minute sound wave back along the pipe) is available.

  • Schonstedt Instrument Company

    Manufacturer of underground location instruments offering pipe and cable locators. Cable and pipe locators come in two types. One type is a simpler portable locator for less complex cable and pipe locations and smaller excavation projects. The other type is a multi-frequency unit for more complex environments with larger projects.

  • AEA Technology Inc

    Manufacturer of RF and cable test equipment offering cable fault locators. The Step TDR (Time Domain Reflectometer) is designed to determine lengths of coaxial or twisted pair cables and to pinpoint faults. The Vector Impedance Analyzer can be used as a frequency domain reflectometer (FDR) for transmission line testing and fault finding.

  • JDSU

    Manufacturer of cable fault locators. The cable fault locator is a microprocessor-controlled cable measuring instrument designed for finding discontinuity in balanced telecommunication cables. Its is hand held and can measure TDR cable parameters.

  • Tinker & Rasor

    Manufacturer of pipe and cable test equipment including pipe and cable locators. The pipe and cable locator has a rugged housing and using a quartz controlled transmitter is able to reach depths of 20 feet.

  • Nilsson Eletrical Laboratory Inc

    Manufacturer of electrical test equipment offering pipe and cable locators. Pipe and cable locators are solid state, rugged lightweight units which allow the operator to adjust the variable signal frequency and interrupter rate.