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  • BK Precision

    B&K Precision manufactures multi-network cable testers that detect miswiring, polarization, and continuity. Auto mode, on their multi-network cable tester scans thin Ethernet (BNC), 10BaseT (UTP/STP), 100BaseTx, RJ45, 356A, TIA 568A, TIA 568B, and Token Ring cables in seconds. This unit can remotely test installed cable either from the wall plate or patch panel.

  • Davis Instruments

    Davis Instruments is a retailer of a variety of cable testers from AEMC, Agilent, Amprobe, BK Precision, ETCOM, Fluke, Megger and Triplett.

  • Wise Components

    Wise Components offers Fluke networks cable testers. Cable testers offer fast, comprehensive LAN Wiremap verification, and Voice/Data/Voice (VDV) verification and troubleshooting. Provides testing of twisted pair cables for open circuits, shorts, crossed pairs, reversed pairs and split pairs.

  • Extech

    Extech Instruments manufactures network cable testers for twisted pair cables and F Type coaxial cables. Tests EIA/TIA568A and 568B and 10Base-T, tests for shorts, opens, miswires and reversals, and tests installed wiring and jumper cables.

  • Agilent Technologies

    Agilent offers a line of handheld network and cable analysis and troubleshooting tools. Products include N2620A FrameScope Pro, N2640A WireScope Pro, N2610A FrameScope 350, and N2600A Wirescope 350.

  • Paralan

    Paralan manufactures the ST1000 hand-held SCSI cable tester that tests cable continuity, and tests the twisted pairs from within the cable for correct connection. They also manufacture the ST123 bench top SCSI cable tester that provides instant analysis for all common SCSI cable types.

  • Rapid-Tech

    Rapid-Tech is a distributor of a line of Fluke data cable testers designed to prevent and solve cable and wire installation problems, allowing the ability to confirm continuity, wiring configuration and the location of cable faults.

  • MB Electronics

    MB Electronics offers a line of Ethernet and coax cable testers that provide an economical way to test cables , networks and more. Coax cable and ethernet testers are specially designed to test the full range of Ethernet, LAN data and cable configurations.

  • Megger

    Megger structured cable testers are designed specifically for cable installers and network owners for certifying cabling installations, troubleshooting problems, immigrating to a high-speed network or recertifying after add-ins, moves or expansions.

  • AEMC Instruments

    AEMC 's line of hand-held cable testers provides direct and simple push button operation. The testers indicate faults, cable length, common wiring faults and more. All models feature a large, blue electroluminescent backlit display.

  • Tenma

    Tenma manufactures multi-network and modular cable testers, HDMI cable testers, universal voltage testers, test telephones and tone test kits.

  • API

    API carries hand-held cable testers designed for testing of UTP, screened (ScTP), and fully shielded (SSTP) cable for opens, shorts, reversals, mis-wires and split pairs.

  • Electro-Meters

    Electro-Meters offers cable testers from AEMC. The AEMC Model CA7024 is designed to measure the length of electrical and communication cables. The CA7024 measures cable length and indicates the distance to open or short circuit faults. to a range of 6000 ft (2000m), on virtually any type of cable.

  • Fluke Networks

    Fluke Networks manufactures the CableIQ cabling bandwidth tester. The CableIQ allows techs to see what speeds existing cabling can support, quickly isolate cabling from network problems, and discover what is at the far end of any cable.

  • Aeroflex

    Aeroflex Incorporated is a designer and manufacturer of microelectronic test equipment. Aeroflex cable testers are used in the wireless communications and broadband industries and display a broad range of patented and proprietary ttechnologies. Aerfolex semiconductor technologies are well known in applications involving radiation hardened products used in satellite communications.