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  • Astro-Med

    Astro-Med makes several portable data loggers such as the Dash 20HF, with 20 analog inputs including 4 high voltage (250Vrms) and 16 differential voltage (35 Vrms) and sample rates up to 500kHz. Also available is the the Dash 8HF high frequency recorder for continuously capturing data at a 2MHz sample rate per channel.

  • AEMC Instruments

    AEMC Instruments has two series of data loggers; the Simple Logger Series, which is a low cost logger with types including thermocouple loggers, 4 to 20mA loggers, DC/AC current or voltage loggers, and flexible current loggers; and the Sentinel Series, a battery powered data logger which includes voltage and current loggers, all with true RMS measurements and USB communication.

  • Logic Beach Inc.

    Logic Beach makes a variety of rugged waterproof housing data loggers with up to 20 bit ADC resolution (1ppm) and isolated analog inputs. Their data loggers are useful in energy reporting, process optimization, environmental chamber monitoring, energy audits, troubleshooting and many other applications.

  • T and D

    T and D makes several series of data loggers such as the RTR-5 wireless compact waterproof logger, the VR-71 voltage logger, the TR-7W network dedicated temperature and humidity logger, and the WDR-3 network-dedicated instrumentation data-logger (which features analog measurements with a low detection voltage of 1V or less, and a high detection voltage of 3V or above).

  • Grant Instruments

    Grant Instruments makes the Squirrel line of data loggers, including the 2010 model which has 4-8 analog input channels. Their most powerful 2040 model has 16-32 analog channels. The Squirrel 2020 has up to 16 universal inputs with high precision of 0.05% and a high speed option at 100Hz.

  • Masterpak

    Masterpak has several models of data loggers, such as the U-Series with a capacity of 21.5k@12 bit to 43k@12bit and uses a USB connection. All of their data loggers measure temperature, humidity and light, and can track readings by any time period.

  • Tinker & Rasor

    Tinker & Rasor makes the DL-1 data logger with analog inputs for recording AC and DC voltages, and is range selectable (300V AC RMS or +/-5V DC to +/- 100V DC (bipolar)). It can store over 550,000 data samples with a sampling frequency as fast as 512Hz or as slow as 99 minutes.

  • Astra Digital

    Astra Digital has the Satec EDL175XR portable event and data logger/powermeter which measures currents from 100mA to 10A with optional flex sensor (30A/300A/3000A) with a current input of 1 ampere.

  • M,C. Miller Co., Inc.

    M.C. Miller's Gatherer One (G1) is a pipeline survey and site survey data logger with selectable input impedance of 10, 75, or 400 M?, high voltage isolation (1kV steady state/15kV transient overload protection), has an IP 67 rating and a -20°C to 60°C operating temperature range.

  • Yokogawa

    Yokogawa makes the Datum-Y Portable Data Station for the maintenance service field with 8 or 16 insulated input channels, and trigger and alarm functions. This data logger supports direct TC, RTD and voltage inputs, and Ethernet, USB, RS232 and RS 485 outputs with 16MB internal memory and the ability to use USB flash drives.

  • Fieldpiece Instruments

    Fieldpiece makes the DL3 data logger with 20,000 data points, DC volt ranges of 200mV, 2000mV and AC volt ranges of 200mV, 2000mV at 50 - 500Hz and overload protection of 30VDC/24VAC. This data logger is operated by connecting a Fieldpiece accessory head so you can measure with a current clamp, wind velocity or a digital sling psychrometer.

  • Meriam

    Meriam is supplier of measurement and calibration equipment, including data loggers. Types include MFT multifunction calibrators, DMS plant asset management systems, MFC Hart communicators, pressure/temperature/loop calibrators, laminar flow elements (LFE), manometers, gauges and transmitters.