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  • AEMC Instruments

    AEMC.COM is a manufacturer of Megohmmeters/Insulation Resistance Testers.  Features include test voltages of 50V to 5000V and an insulation resistance measurement of up to 10T?.

  • Megger

    Megger is a manufacturer of several models of insulation testers as well as the 5kV and 10kV insulation resistance testers for electrical equipment diagnostic applications.   The S1 Series features a 5mA output current, measurement range to 15 T? (5-kV models) and 35 T? (10-kV models), and CAT IV 600 V rating.  The Megger S1-5010 features a 5kV tester and displays the test results in graphical form.

  • Electro Rent

    Electro Rent offers a full range of new and used electronic test equipment including oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, function generators, logic analyzers and telecommunication test equipment. Electro Rent also offers rental services for test equipment.

  • Hotek Technologies, Inc.

    Hotek Technologies, Inc. manufactures several different models of insulation resistance testers.   Products include a 50 to 1000 V, 1000 V analog, a 100 V, 500V and 1000 V digital, a milliohmeter, multimeter and data logger, a GenRad Megohmmeter and a Bench insulation resistance tester.

  • BK Precision

    BK Precision is a manufacturer of four models of insulation testers.  The Mega-Ohmmeter Model 300 is used for periodic testing of industrial motors, transformers, electrical wiring and cable insulation for signs of deterioration, and tests up to 2000M ohms.  The 500V/1000M Megohmeter measures AC voltage 600V and tests up to 1000M ohms.  The Analog Insulation and Continuity Meter tests insulation to 400M ohms and offers selectable 250V, 500V or 1000V insulation test.  The Digital Insulation and Continuity Meter tests insulation to 2000M ohms and offers selectable 250V, 500V or 1000V insulation test.

  • Bhumika International Inc.

    Bhumika is a manufacturer of hand held analog and digital insulation resistance testers.  The analog testers feature one or three ranges, DC voltage up to 60 VDC and AC voltage up to 600 VAC, and are equipped with the MW measuring switch that enables both one-shot and continuous measurement with switch lock function.  The digital testers feature two ranges with 500V DC/250V DC or 250V DC/125V DC.

  • Victor Electronics

    Victor Electronics Manufacturer makes digital insulation testers.  Their Digital Megohmmeter Insulation Testers come in three models and feature a range of test voltages from 250V to 5000V, and test ranges of 1M? to 2000M?, 200M? to 20G? and 2G? to 200G?.

  • Tinker & Rasor

    Tinker & Rasor manufactures both above ground and below ground insulation testers.  The Above Ground Insulation Tester/RF-IT is used to test above ground pipeline insulators. This unit is also used for flange bolts shorts. The automatic RF-IT allows the operator to pinpoint the precise contact point. and emits an audible beep. When the operator gets closer to the point of contact the unit starts beeping faster. At the same time, the sliding scale LCD meter moves from left to right.  The Below Ground Insulation Tester/CE-IT is used for the testing of below ground insulators and road crossing casings.  The CE-IT automatically turns itself off in ten minutes to save battery life.

  • Sticht

    Sticht is the manufacturer of the Megohmer Insulation Testers.  These include the Series 800 Megohmer Analog with ranges up to 2000 VDC and megohm ranges up to 5,000; the Digital High Voltage Insulation Testers offer four DC test voltages 0.5kV, 1kV, 2.5kV, 5kV and measures insulation resistance to 250G? and 500G?; the Autoranging Insulation Tester measures insulation resistance to 4000M? with 1k? resolution and 1mA test current; the Megohmmeter offers three test ranges of 2000M?/1000VDC, 200M?/500VDC and 200M?/250VDC; and the 1000V Digital Megohmmeter offers test voltage combinations of 250V, 500V and 1000V, insulation measurements to 4000M? and resistance measurements to 4000?.

  • Precision Mastech Enterprises Co.

    Mastech is the manufacturer of a digital insulation tester featuring 250V to 5000V test voltage and maximum of 5T? insulation resistance measurement.

  • Yokogawa

    Yokogawa is a manufacturer of several different types of insulation testers.   Testers range from 100V/20 megaohm to 500V/100 megaohm in digital, analog and hand driven formats.

  • Hioki

    Hioki is a manufacturer of analog and digital insulation testers.  Products feature one, two, three and four ranges, testing voltage ranges from 25 to 1000 V and 200 mA continuity.

  • Amprobe Test Tools

    Amprobe are manufacturers of digital, hand cranked, and analog battery powered insulation testers. Ground resistance testers and power quality analyzers are also available.