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  • AEMC Instruments

    Luxmeters and lightmeter products from AEMC come in several models including digital lightmeters and multimeters. Models include the CA811, CA813 and the 810 Model. The Lightmeter Model CA811 is a portable, easy-to-use instrument which features optical sensors that are designed to match the response of the human eye. Features include a hold function, max function and 2000 count backlit LCD for easy to read measurement.

  • Hotek Technologies, Inc.

    Hotek Technologies sells luxmeters and light meters. The Martel LLX 102 digital light meter measures lux and foot-candle units and has an LCD display. The Gossen digital luxmeters also measures in lux and footcandles, uses cosine correction, and meets standards DIN 5032-7 and CIE no. 69.

  • Bhumika International Inc.

    Bhumika sells SANWA lux meters, including a standard lux meter, an analog lux meter measuring up to 10,000 lux, and an Si photodiode. Their portable lux meter offers a digital readout with data hold, auto power save, and a measuring range of 400.0/4000/40.00k/400.0klx.

  • Extech

    Extech Instruments makes a wide line of light meters featuring foot candle or lux measurements, and digital or analog readouts.  They also offer heavy duty versions such as their Heavy Duty Light Meter with PC Interface. This unit has a built in RS-232 pc serial interface and data-hold. Additionally, their Foot Candle/Lux meter with an analog output of 1mV per count is available.

  • DER EE

    DER EE makes digital and analog light meters which measure both lux and foot candles. Their analog model can measure to 1000, 5000, 10000, or 20000 lux with an AC Volt range from 0 - 300V @ 50 or 60Hz. The digital model features data hold, a range mark of 400-700nm, and a peak wavelength of 550nm.

  • Yokogawa

    Yokogawa makes luxmeters and digital light meters. Their portable luxmeter can read 0-300, 0-1000, and 0-3000 lx and their high sensitivity luxmeter can read 0-3, 0-10, 0-30, 0-100, and 0-300 lx.

  • Hanna Instruments

    Hanna Instruments makes the HI 97500 Portable Lux Meter which can measure a range of 0.001 to 1.999Klux, 0.01 to 19.99 Klux, or 0.1 to 199.9 Klux with an accuracy of ±6% of reading ±2 digits, and a human-eye-response silicon photodiode with 1.5m coaxial fixed cable sensor.

  • Victor Electronics

    Victor Electronics makes the VC1330 3 1/2 Lux meter with a range of 20/200/2000/20000 lux and features data hold, auto zero, and an accuracy of ± 3.0%.

  • Anchor Optics

    Anchor Optics sells a Luxmeter which measures from 0 to 100,000 Lux, with a resolution from 1 to 100 lux, an accuracy of ±2%, and operates in less than 80% relative humidity.

  • BK Precision

    B&K Precision makes the Model 615 compact digital light meter that has a measurement range from 20 lux to 20klux/20fc to 20kfc, an accuracy of +3%rdg + 10dgts, and a sample rate of 2.5/sec. It also features a backlit display for 3.5 digits, peak hold and data-hold. There are a variety of temperature probes available for use with this light meter.