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  • Extech

    Manufacturer of test and measurement equipment offering phase and rotation testers. The motor rotation and 3-phase tester indicates the rotational direction of the motor as well as phase orientation and whether each phase is live. The phase sequence tester checks phase sequence and status and can be used on tests up to 690 VAC. A heavy duty phase indicator/multimeter offers phase, capacitance, resistance, and frequency functions. A clamp and phase rotation tester with functions for resistance, frequency and capacitance is also available. 

  • Hioki

    Manufacturer of test equipment for the maintenance of electrical equipment including phase detectors. Two of the phase detector models offer non-metallic contacts for operator safety. The Phase Detector 3129 offers a voltage range of  70 to 600 VAC with a maximum clamp diameter of 17 mm. The Phase Detector 3129-10 offers a voltage range of 70 to 1000 VAC with a maximum clamp diameter of 40mm. The Phase Detector 3126-01 has a metallic clip connection and is designed for 100 to 480 VAC.

  • Ideal Industries

    Manufacturer of electrical test equipment offering 3 phase motor rotation testers. The 61-520 has a broad operating range for use up to 600V. The 61-521 also is for use up to 600V and offers phase sequence and detection.

  • Megger

    Manufacturer of electric test equipment and measuring instruments for electrical power applications. These products include motor and phase rotation testers that are rugged, portable and offer complete phase-sequence and motor-rotation testing. Also offered are phase sequence meters for positive identification of phase sequence of energized lines, as well as indication of any faulty phases. Cable phasing meters that determine phase rotation of underground distribution systems and measure voltage are also available. 

  • Tegam, Inc.

    Manufacturer of test, measurement and calibration instrumentation offering motor rotation and phase sequence testers. The 3 phase, motor rotation tester determines rotational direction and works on most sizes and types of 3 phase motors. Also offered are two types of phase sequence indicators. These are available with operating frequencies of 50/60 Hz or 400 Hz with an operating voltages of 115 V to 700 V.

  • Precision Mastech Enterprises Co.

    Manufacturer of digital and analog multimeters and other test equipment. Precision Mastech offers a hand held, battery-operated instrument designed to determine motor-rotation direction and detect the rotary field of three-phase systems.

  • BK Precision

    Manufacturer of electronic test instruments offering motor and phase rotation indicators. The model offered indicates phase presence and rotation, motor rotation and battery status. It has a frequency range up to 400 Hz and a voltage range up to 600V.

  • Fluke

    Manufacturer of test equipment for electrical applications offering motor and phase rotation indicators. The 9040 Phase Rotation Indicator is for measuring phase rotation and sequence, and has a voltage range up to 700V. The 9062 Motor and Phase Rotation Indicator is a contactless tester of 3 phase rotation and motor rotation on synchronous and asynchronous 3 phase motors.