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  • AEMC Instruments

    AEMC designs and manufacturers a variety of power analyzers and meters including digital mutimeters, clamp-on harmonic meters and the AmpFlex series flexible current probes.

  • Electro Rent

    Electro Rent Corp distributes a variety of electrical equipment and tools including a variety of power analyzers for industrial measurement applications. Products include monitors from manufactures including Dranetz, Fluke Mfg, Hioki USA, Megger and Power Monitors Inc. Electro Rent also offers products for lease and rent.

  • Extech

    Extech Instruments makes a variety of power meters including 3 phase power and harmonics analyzers, 3 phase analyzers with data loggers, AC/DC clamp-on watt meters, clamp on power meters and AC power analyzer dataloggers.

  • Xitron Technologies

    Xitron Technologies manufactures several general purpose power analyzers, including advanced single and two channel power analyzers, and three phase analyzers for transducer applications that offer graphically displayed waveforms, bar graphs and numerical data that can be sent directly to a computer or printer.

  • Summit Technology, Inc.

    PowerSight products from Summit Technology are among the smallest, most cost effective instruments for measuring and analyzing three phase electric power. These products come in three models and are capable of monitoring, logging and analyzing voltage, current and power for three phase, two phase, single phase and 4 wire data.

  • Electro Industries/GaugeTech

    Electro Industries/Gauge Tech manufacturers power meters, energy meters and power analyzer products, including power and energy meter combos, revenue meters with power quality analyzers, multi-function data logging and waveform recording meters, multi-function transducers and submetering equipment.

  • Motech

    Motech manufactures the MT1010 Power Analyzer, a hand-held unit offering harmonic analysis up to 40th harmonic, 14 bit resolution, measurement accuracy down to the mA level, and inrush current and voltage measurements. This unit is designed for UPS manufacturers, light ballast makers, copy machine repair engineers and the avionics industry.

  • Hotek Technologies, Inc.

    Hotek Technologies manufactures a variety of hand held single and three phase power analyzers that provide simultaneous measurements in 3 phase systems and efficient data transfer to computer monitoring stations compatible with Windows 95 and up.

  • Hioki

    Hioki's line of power measuring instruments includes products for power quality problems and power supply maintenance, including power quality analyzers, clamp on power testers, DC and AC power line measurers, and production line power testers.

  • Duncan Instruments Canada Ltd.

    Duncan Instruments offers a variety of power analyzing equipment including power meters, harmonic distortion analyzers, power factor meters, power quality analyzers and energy loggers.

  • Valuetronics

    Valuetronics manufactures the Tektronix THS720A, a hand-held battery operated oscilloscope and power analyzer with 2 channels and a bandwidth of 100 MHz.