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  • Extech

    Extech is a manufacturer of several different models of tachometers.   Tachometer products include a mini laser photo, a combination tachometer and IR thermometer, a mini photo, a mini contact, a contact, a laser photo, a non-contact photo and a combination photo tachometer/stroboscope.

  • Checkline Europe

    Checkline Europe manufactures a range of portable digital inspection stroboscopes, including a Standard Pocket-Size Stroboscope in three models with ranges of  30 - 12,500 RPM/FPM and 40 - 12,500 RPM/FPM; an Advanced Stroboscope with a range of 40 - 35000 RPM/FPM; and stroboscopes with a high flash rate featuring a range of 60 - 120,000 RPM/FPM.

  • Monarch Instrument

    Monarch Instrument manufactures portable tachometers in three models.  The PLT200 Laser Tach is a digital battery powered portable optical tachometer that operates up to 25 feet from a reflective target using a laser light source. The PT99 operates up to 36 inches from a reflective tape target using an LED light source.  The Phaser Laser combines the accuracy and safety of a non-contact optical tachometer with the convenience and ease of operation of a pistol grip instrument. Monarch Instrument also manufactures portable stroboscopes in five models including a basic, a digital, a pocketsize and a digital portable model.

  • Bhumika International Inc.

    Bhumika is a manufacturer of hand held tachometers including a pen type and a speed/tachometer.  The pen type tachometer comes in two models with standard and optional accessories.  The speed/tachometer also offers two models and is used for liner speed of elevators and rpm's of motors.

  • Sticht

    Sticht is a manufacturer of several models of tachometers including Hand, Laser, Vibrating Reed and Panel-Mounted tachometer models.  Hand Tachometers measure from 0.1 to 25,000 RPM with a floating decimal for automatic indication in tenths from 0.1 to 999.9.  Laser Tachometers measures RPM from 1 to 99,999 as well as FPM, mPM and IPM. They can also measure the length of moving surfaces in feet, meters or inches. 

  • Reliability Concepts

    Reliability Concepts manufactures portable stroboscopes offering features for both diagnostic inspection and speed measurements.  Stroboscope products include a battery operated stroboscope that weighs 2.5 lbs. (1.2kgs) and can run continuously for 1 hour on a single charge. A fast charger is included and the percentage charge remaining may be displayed. The unit is CE certified.   An AC powered stroboscope (115 or 230 Vac) is designed for continuous cool operation and weighs 1.5 lbs. (0.72 kg). This product is also CE certified.

  • Ono Sokki

    Ono Sokki manufactures digital hand held tachometers in both contact and non-contact models.  Their contact model tachometer features include a contact method using r/min measurement contact tip, a measurement range of 1.5 to 2000.0 r/min, a 5 digit LCD display type and an operating temperature of 0 to +40°C.  Non-contact model features include an optical measurement method, a measurement range of 30 to 50000 r/min, a 5 digit LCD display type and an operating temperature of 0 to +40°C.

  • Seedburo Equipment Company

    Seedburo Equipment Company is the manufacturer of a hand tachometer system which incorporates contact and non-contact measurements in a single instrument.  Non-contact measurement is made with a photoprobe that detects a reflective target on a rotating object. On-contact measurement is made using an adapter with a rubber tip (for shaft rotation) or a wheel (for surface speeds). The tachometers feature measurement ranges of 60 -19,999 RPM with a resolution of 1 RPM.

  • Hand Tach

    Hand Tach manufactures tachometers that combine features of both contact and non-contact models to accurately measure RPM, surface speed and length.  Other tachometer features include speed measurements from 1.00 rpm up to 99,999 rpm, accuracy of 0.02% with a resolution of 0.01 RPM, and includes NIST Certificate of Calibration.

  • Kernco Instruments

    Kernco Instruments is a manufacturer of portable stroboscopes that offer phase shifting and delay features, external triggering and synchronous output signal, are available in AC or DC, offer 5-digit LED updates every 0.2 seconds, output signal, low battery indicator, and a removable handle for permanent or temporary installation.

  • Precision Mastech Enterprises Co.

    Mastech is the manufacturer of portable digital photo tachometers.  Tachometer features include a wide measuring range, a test range of 5 ~ 99999RPM±0.05%, a sampling time of 1 sec. (over 60RPM), a detecting range of 50 ~ 150mm / 2 ~ 6 INCH (MAX. 300mm / 12 INCH), and a maximum display / LCD size of 99999/18.5mm x 48mm.

  • Automatic Controls

    Automatic Controls manufactures portable stroboscopes that feature battery operation, a 115 VAC recharger, flash rates from 30 to 14,000 flashes per minute, internal phase shifting to jog the target for easy viewing, times 2 and divide by 2 push buttons for immediate check of actual RPM verses harmonics, and N.I.S.T. Certificate of Calibration.

  • Check-Line

    ELECTROMATIC Check Line manufactures stroboscopes, including portable, AC powered and battery powered.  Stroboscope types include digital, LED, linear, splash-proof digital, pocket strobe, machine vision and chassis mount machine vision.  Ranges go from 30 up to 35,000 RPM/FPM.


    GENEQ is a manufacturer of portable digital industrial stroboscopes.  Stroboscope features include removable battery packs, flash rates to 12,500 fpm, tachometer mode, remote triggering / pulse output, digital display with back light and an LED light to indicate battery status.

  • Line

    Line is a manufacturer of contact and non-contact measurement tachometers.  Tachometer measuring ranges include 0.10-1666.66 r/s to 6.0-99999.9 r/min with a resolution of 0.1 r/min.

  • Victor Electronics

    Victor Electronics Manufacturer makes non-contact digital photo tachometers that come in a test range of 5 ~ 100,000 RPM or 2.5 ~ 99,999 RPM and a resolution of 0.1RPM/1RPM. Accuracy: ± 0.05%.