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Electrical equipment that works with motors, such as controls, drives, starters and relays.

Electrical equipment that works with motors, such as controls, drives, starters and relays.

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  • Automation Direct

    Automation Direct offers a variety of motor control equipment including phase monitoring relays, motor control relays, alternating relay and pump failure relays. Other products include Fuji contractors and overloads, manual motor starters, Eaton starters and overloads, auxiliary contacts and AC motor soft starters.

  • Automation Direct

    Automation Direct manufactures a variety of AC variable frequency motor drives, including single phase drives, 3-phase drives, sensorless vector drives and mini AC drives for a broad range of applications.

  • Automation Direct

    Automation Direct offers a full line of motor protection relays and motor control relays including phase monitoring relays, alternating relays and pump seal failure relays. These products are available in 120V AC configurations and 600v Phase models for a wide range of applications.

  • Automation Direct

    Automation Direct carries a wide selection of motor control products including various motor starters including fuju manual motor starters in 45mm and 55mm frame widths and compact 3 phase AC soft motor starters as well as a full line of mounting and connection accessories for motor starters.

  • Automation Direct

    Automation Direct carries a variety of motors including general purpose and inverter duty AC motors from fractional horse power up to 300 horse power models as well as general purpose DC motors such as permanent magnet DC motors with a horsepower range of .33 - 2 horse power. Automation direct also offers NEMA standard motor bases.

  • General Reliance Corp

    Baldor manufactures several industrial AC motor drives for harsh processing environments with a range of 1/4 HP up to to 400 HP.

  • Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

    Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories manufactures motor relays and motor protection relays.  Motor relay features include true temperature based thermal overload protection, comprehensive start reports and trends, increased operating time due to the use of complete reporting, and extensive communications and software capabilities.  Motor Protection Relays come in two models. The SEL-701 offers complete motor protection, programmable RTD's, and event reports and trends.  The SEL-710 offers optimized start times, advanced protection, easy communication and rugged controls.

  • ElecDirect LLC

    No overload motor starters from ElecDirect come in 9 amp 120V, 12 amp 120V, 12 amp 220V, 18 amp 120V, 18 amp 220V and 25 amp 120V models. Models feature NEMA 4 rated plastic enclosures, a green flush push button and raised red release/reset e-stop button.

  • Baldor

    Baldor manufactures various single phase and three phase AC and DC electric motors.  Their motor product line includes enclosed fan cooled and open drip proof, automotive motor types, brake motors, commercial definite purpose motor products, explosion proof motors, F-2 mounting, farm dut, general purpose, severe duty, HVAC, inverter duty, metric, pressure washer, pump, servo, two-speed, unit handling, vecto and washdown motors.  All three phase motor products are Inverter Ready according to NEMA Standard MG1, Part Their 230 volt and 460 volt motor configurations meet NEMA's corona inception voltage requirements and can handle peak voltages of up to 1600 volts.

  • WEG Electric Corp.

    Weg manufactures variable frequency motor drives, including 3 horse power, 10 horse power and 500 horse power models, as well as a variety of frequency inverters with high-tech built in features such as plug and play technology to automatically detect accessories and options.

  • ABB

    ABB manufactures motor protection relays in three models.  The RM 543 is used as the main protection system of generator and generator-transformer units in small and medium-power diesel, hydroelectric and steam power plants. The REM 545's protective functions are designed for selective short-circuit and earth-fault protection of rotating machines, and measures phase currents, phase-to-phase or phase-to-earth voltages, neutral current, residual voltage, frequency and power factors.  The REM 610 is part of the RE_ 610 series of numerical relays for the protection and supervision of utility substations, and industrial switchgear and equipment.

  • Siemens

    Siemens makes standard and high feature motor starters, including the Simatic ET 200pro for motors up to 5.5kW. This unit comes with optional 400V brake control with rapid mounting and high system availability, as well as a high degree of protection IP 65.

  • GE

    GE offers low and medium voltage motor control centers for applications such as water and waste water, manufacturing, chemical, oil and gas, mining, utilities and others. Medium voltage motor controls feature high interrupting capacity, wound rotor and synchronous motors. Low voltage motor control models feature vertical bus, plug in feeders to 600A and snap in shelves.

  • IPC Automation

    IPC Automation manufactures a variable speed brushless DC motor drive designed for 5A continuous operation with brushless motors containing hall-feedback devices. This drive incorporates regeneration to control the motor during deceleration, and features factory adjustable acceleration and deceleration.

  • Startco

    Startco is the manufacturer of feeder and motor protection units, as well as motor protection systems.  Feeder protection units provide current-based feeder protection, data logging and metering.  Motor protection units provide current and temperature protection, data logging and metering for three-phase motors.  Motor protection systems provide current and temperature protection, voltage, data logging, and metering for three-phase motors.

  • Benshaw

    Benshaw makes several low voltage solid state starters including wound rotor, synchronous, DC injection braking and two-speed models, as well as a prepackaged severe duty starter with ATL bypass, NEMA12 rated and features analog input and output.

  • Hansen Motors

    Hansen Corporation manufactures AC synchronous electric, stepper electric and DC permanent magnet electric motors.  Their motor product line includes geared hysteresis, permanent magnet and geared permanent magnet motors.  The geared hysteresis motor has low cogging torque, round 2-hole or 4-hole AC motors, pear shallow or deep motors, and air brakes.  The permanent magnet motor has high torque and is available in 19, 23, and 28 sizes.  The geared permanent magnet motor incorporates a gearbox for reducing speed and multiplying torque.  It is available in reversing size 19 deep and shallow, size 25 shallow, and non-reversing PMAC. 

  • ATech

    ATech manufactures the SmartMove line of electronic motor controls for small power DC motors used in the home appliance industry. They also make advanced microcontroller based motor control units with 3rd harmonic suppression. SmartMove motor control products allow precise regulation of speed, position and torque, and diminish energy consumption.

  • Square D Co.

    Schneider Electric manufactures a variety of AC motor drives, including panel models and packaged models for complex motor drive applications with coordinated motions and network connectivity. Packaged AC drives feature standalone enclosures and short circuit protection.

  • Cincinnati Babbitt, Inc.

    Rockwell Automation manufactures motor protection relays offering supplementary protective functions that are easily added and applied to motor control circuits.  Features include a built-in LCD and keypad giving a precise digital settings, wide adjustment ranges to allow for application flexibility, current monitors that provide the added benefits of under-current and over-current detection, phase monitors that guard against the damaging effects of phase loss, under-voltage and over-voltage, phase imbalances, and phase reversal and thermistor monitors that protect equipment from over-temperature conditions.