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  • Automation Direct

    Automation Direct offers a variety of motor control equipment including phase monitoring relays, motor control relays, alternating relay and pump failure relays. Other products include Fuji contractors and overloads, manual motor starters, Eaton starters and overloads, auxiliary contacts and AC motor soft starters.

  • GE

    GE offers low and medium voltage motor control centers for applications such as water and waste water, manufacturing, chemical, oil and gas, mining, utilities and others. Medium voltage motor controls feature high interrupting capacity, wound rotor and synchronous motors. Low voltage motor control models feature vertical bus, plug in feeders to 600A and snap in shelves.

  • ATech

    ATech manufactures the SmartMove line of electronic motor controls for small power DC motors used in the home appliance industry. They also make advanced microcontroller based motor control units with 3rd harmonic suppression. SmartMove motor control products allow precise regulation of speed, position and torque, and diminish energy consumption.

  • Schneider Electric

    Square D offers low voltage motor control centers and medium voltage motor controllers. Low voltage motor controls feature network communications, compact AC variable speed frequency drives and intelligent components. Medium voltage motor control products are available with features such as isolated switches, vacuum isolation contractors, as well as soft start ramping and arc resistant enclosure options.

  • Hubbell Industrial

    Hubbell manufactures a variety of motor control products including AC magnetic motor controls for use with new or existing wound rotor or squirrel cage motor drives, AC/DC solid state motor control products, DC magnetic motor controls and drum controllers.

  • Power Controls Inc.

    PCI offers both low and medium voltage motor control products. Medium voltage motor control models feature ratings thru 4160V and up to 3000A with fusible vacuum contractors and thermal-magnetic of solid-state overloads. Low voltage motor controls are rated thru 600V and 4000A with indoor and outdoor models available that feature air vacuum and/or solid state starters. Synchronous, reduced voltage, reversing and multi- speed controllers are available.

  • American Electric Technologies, Inc.

    American Electric Technologies is a custom designer and manufacturer of motor and generator controls for industrial applications up to 34KV, specializing in products for the marine industry. Some custom features available on motor control centers include custom wiring schemes, variable frequency drives, solid state starters, PLC control products, and microprocessor based metering and protection.

  • Gavan-Graham

    Gavean-Graham offers custom low voltage motor control centers in both plug-in and drawout designs. All motor controls are built to be maintenance free.

  • Gus Berthold Electric Company

    Gus Berthold Electric custom designs and manufactures motor controls for a wide variety of applications. Motor control products can be housed in any type of NEMA rated enclosure, and can be designed to any size and layout. Berthold Electric has extensive experience in working with a wide range of both AC and DC control voltage requirements.

  • LCR Electronics

    LCR Electronics designs and manufactures standard and custom electronic motor controls for a variety of motor types, including DC brush, brushless, AC induction, universal, split phase AC and stepper motors.

  • Star Delta

    Star Delta manufactures a variety of custom and standard motor controls ranging from a simple single motor manual control to a complex multi-motor control for a wide range of applications.

  • California Motor Controls, Inc

    California Motor Controls manufactures motor control products with soft-start starts, variable frequency drives and programmable controllers.

  • DNH Industries

    DNH Industries manufactures motor control centers and switchboards with solid state motor controllers, relays, PLC, integral PID control, and AC drive units with continuous forward/reverse capability. Typical pump station controls feature a utility metering section, low voltage lighting panel, 75 HP variable speed drive and two 75 HP Digi-Fire solid state starters.

  • Applied Power Systems

    APS specializes in designing and manufacturing leading edge, high technology power electronics control solutions. Control products include high power IGBT Inverterss, AC-DC Converter and AC Phase Controller power building blocks for industrial OEMs. APS produces a complete line of rectifier bridges and high power semiconductor assemblies, and designs Gate Driver Circuits for IGBT & MOSFET devices, SCR Firing Boards, fiber-optic interfaces, high voltage drivers and snubber boards.

  • Time Mark

    Time Mark is a manufacturer of motor control alternating relays. Types available include series alternating relays, 3-stage and multi-stage alternators, alternating controllers, and 6-point load sequencers.

  • Adalet

    Adalet is a manufacturer of motor controls, including circuit breaker handles, NEMA rated IEC sized motor starters, XP circuit breakers, and XP combination starters.

  • TEMCo – Tower Electric Motor Company

    TEMCo is a distributor of soft starters, motor starters, and variable frequency drives. Brands include: Anacon, Baldor, Leeson, Minarik, and WEG.