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Motor Protection Relays

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  • Automation Direct

    Automation Direct offers a full line of motor protection relays and motor control relays including phase monitoring relays, alternating relays and pump seal failure relays. These products are available in 120V AC configurations and 600v Phase models for a wide range of applications.

  • Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

    Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories manufactures motor relays and motor protection relays.  Motor relay features include true temperature based thermal overload protection, comprehensive start reports and trends, increased operating time due to the use of complete reporting, and extensive communications and software capabilities.  Motor Protection Relays come in two models. The SEL-701 offers complete motor protection, programmable RTD's, and event reports and trends.  The SEL-710 offers optimized start times, advanced protection, easy communication and rugged controls.

  • ABB

    ABB manufactures motor protection relays in three models.  The RM 543 is used as the main protection system of generator and generator-transformer units in small and medium-power diesel, hydroelectric and steam power plants. The REM 545's protective functions are designed for selective short-circuit and earth-fault protection of rotating machines, and measures phase currents, phase-to-phase or phase-to-earth voltages, neutral current, residual voltage, frequency and power factors.  The REM 610 is part of the RE_ 610 series of numerical relays for the protection and supervision of utility substations, and industrial switchgear and equipment.

  • Startco

    Startco is the manufacturer of feeder and motor protection units, as well as motor protection systems.  Feeder protection units provide current-based feeder protection, data logging and metering.  Motor protection units provide current and temperature protection, data logging and metering for three-phase motors.  Motor protection systems provide current and temperature protection, voltage, data logging, and metering for three-phase motors.

  • Cincinnati Babbitt, Inc.

    Rockwell Automation manufactures motor protection relays offering supplementary protective functions that are easily added and applied to motor control circuits.  Features include a built-in LCD and keypad giving a precise digital settings, wide adjustment ranges to allow for application flexibility, current monitors that provide the added benefits of under-current and over-current detection, phase monitors that guard against the damaging effects of phase loss, under-voltage and over-voltage, phase imbalances, and phase reversal and thermistor monitors that protect equipment from over-temperature conditions.

  • Macromatic Industrial Controls, Inc.

    Macromatic is a manufacturer of phase monitor relays that provide motor protection against premature equipment failure caused by voltage faults on 3 Phase systems.  These units are designed to be compatible with most Wye or Delta systems. In Wye systems, a connection to a neutral is not required. Phase Monitor Relays protect against unbalanced voltages or single phasing regardless of any regenerative voltages.

  • Strike Technologies

    Strike Technologies is a distributor of the Protecta range of protection relays, as well as the RES range of injection and protection test equipment.  Three different models of motor protection relay units are available.  A three phase programmable relay for medium and high voltage shunt capacitor banks and harmonic filter circuits; a feeder protection relay that provides comprehensive protection for medium and high voltage incoming and outgoing feeder circuits; and a motor protection relay that incorporates all required functions for protection of medium and high voltage motors with ranges from 300kW to 5,000kW and 3.3kV to 11kV.

  • E-Power Technology

    The ECM800 low voltage motor protection and control device is designed for protecting low voltage motors from various fault conditions. It is an intelligent unit with high cost-effective and stability that integrates relay protection, measurement, control and communication all in one. The ECM800 samples the 3- phase current, 3-phase voltage and zero-sequence current. The data are then applied to the algorithms and compared to the devices configuration information. Based on the result of the comparison, the controller may trip one or more of the on-board control relays.

  • Omron

    Omron is a manufacturer of motor protection relays that are available from low to high voltages. These devices monitor the status of main power supply circuits to protect electrical circuits and manufacturing facilities from over-currents, Earth-faults, under-voltages, phase loss and other adverse conditions.

  • Siemens

    Siemens is a manufacturer of a motor protection relay system that is designed to protect both small and large power generation systems. This system can be used in any type of power plant, and can be deployed for the protection of motors and transformers.

  • Motortronics

    Motortronics/Phasetronics manufactures motor protection relay units that provide maximum motor and system protection.  Units offer built-in control features including a 24 hour/7 day Real Time Clock on board that allows for several additional features that can eliminate the need for other discrete devices.

  • Eaton Corp.

    Eaton is a manufacturer of micro-processor-based motor protection relays that eliminate unnecessary trips, isolate faults, protect motors and breakers, and provide system information.

  • Solcon

    Solcon is a manufacturer of motor protection and control relays for large, low voltage AC motors, medium voltage motors and motors in the processing industries.  Six different styles are available.

  • Crown Controls, LLC

    Crown Controls manufactures digital motor relays and motor protection relays.  Digital motor relays provide comprehensive protection for the motor and incorporate 36 to 51 protective functions for voltage, current, power and temperature. 

  • GE

    General Electric manufactures a wide variety of motor protection relay units.   Models include a low voltage, modular low voltage, remote module, synchronous motor protection relay and many others.

  • Toshiba

    Toshiba is a manufacturers a three phase overload relay, single-phase protection motor protection relay.  Ground fault and phase reversal modules are available.

  • Cook Industrial Electric Co Inc

    Cook Industrial is the manufacturer of several models of motor protection relay units featuring 240 VAC control power.  Types include Tunnel, Tunnel REV, Screw and Screw REV.

  • Yash Traders

    Yash Traders is a manufacturer of the MCS-300 Smart Motor Control System, a motor protection control unit.