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  • Automation Direct

    Automation Direct carries a wide selection of motor control products including various motor starters including fuju manual motor starters in 45mm and 55mm frame widths and compact 3 phase AC soft motor starters as well as a full line of mounting and connection accessories for motor starters.

  • ElecDirect LLC

    No overload motor starters from ElecDirect come in 9 amp 120V, 12 amp 120V, 12 amp 220V, 18 amp 120V, 18 amp 220V and 25 amp 120V models. Models feature NEMA 4 rated plastic enclosures, a green flush push button and raised red release/reset e-stop button.

  • Siemens

    Siemens makes standard and high feature motor starters, including the Simatic ET 200pro for motors up to 5.5kW. This unit comes with optional 400V brake control with rapid mounting and high system availability, as well as a high degree of protection IP 65.

  • Benshaw

    Benshaw makes several low voltage solid state starters including wound rotor, synchronous, DC injection braking and two-speed models, as well as a prepackaged severe duty starter with ATL bypass, NEMA12 rated and features analog input and output.

  • Motortronics

    Motortronics makes low-voltage starters including compact, configured, heavy duty and advanced digital models, as well as their MVC Plus Series medium voltage soft starter with ratings up to 7500 HP at 7.2kV and 15,000HP at 15kV, and overload ratings of 500%/60 seconds and 600%/30 seconds.

  • Crown Controls, LLC

    Crown Controls makes several digital and analog soft starters, including their RVS-DX model for motors 8 to 820A, 220 to 600V. This unit has earned an explosion proof certificate with motor protection, including phase loss, undercurrent, shorted SCR and load loss.

  • Cincinnati Babbitt, Inc.

    Allen Bradley makes AC and reduced voltage contactors and starters, such as their Bulletin 520 Multi-speed model with eutectic alloy overload relays in class 10, 20, or 30, and solid-state relays in class 10, 15, 20 or 30.

  • Fuji Electric

    Fuji Electric makes contactors and motor starters, such as their Orange Line up to 10HP at 480VAC, with logic level auxiliary contacts for consistent use down to 5VDC 3mA, as well as 2 million electrical operations.

  • DNH Industries

    DNH Industries makes solid state motor starters from 30 HP to 6750 HP in low and medium-voltage configurations. Starters come with NEMA 1, 12, 3, 3R, or 4 rated construction (or open chassis).

  • Moeller

    Moeller makes tool-less plug connection motor starters for current ranges up to 12A, as well as high-capacity compact starters for rated operation currents up to 40A/30kW at voltages of 500V and 690V.

  • Schneider Electric

    Square D makes IEC style contactors and starters for applications up to 600HP at 460V. Their F-Line comes available with class 10 or 20 solid state overload relays with ratings from 30 to 630 amps and resistance loads up to 1350 amps.

  • ABB

    ABB makes manual motor starters for group or single motor applications. Features include up to 100kA, 35mm DIN rail snap-on mounting, and use with 3-phase motors up to 10, 15, 75, or 100HP at 480V or 600V.

  • Havells

    Havells makes motor starters with direct online ranges up to 100HP, as well as manual star delta starters up to 20HP with wide voltage band coils for agricultural applications while meeting IEC 60947-4-1.

  • TEMCo – Tower Electric Motor Company

    TEMCo is a distributor of high-quality motor starters. Products include the WEG PESW Washdown NEMA 4X line and TEMCo’s custom MAG series for our rotary phase converter lines.