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Power strips, power supplies, transformers and switchboards help distribute power from one source to multiple electrical units.

Power strips, power supplies, transformers and switchboards help distribute power from one source to multiple electrical units.

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  • Baldor

    Baldor manufactures a complete line of generators including portable, standby, prime power and peak-shaving generator models for use in a wide range of industries. Each generator is design for maximum performance and output.

  • Schneider Electric

    Square D is a manufacturer of metering equipment to address the needs of electrical contractors, utilities, and their customers in residential, multi-unit housing and light commercial applications.  Products include individual meter sockets for single family residential construction; EZ Meter-Pak® Meter Centers - multi-metering equipment for multi-unit residential and commercial construction; EZ Meter-Pak Test Block Bypass Meter Centers which includes Test Block Bypass Meter-Breaker Units and Main Lug Terminal Boxes; MP Meter-Pak Meter Centers; Lever-Type Bypass MP Meter-Pak Meter Centers, an all-in-one multi-metering solution for lever bypass applications; and Underground Service Wireways for MP Meter-Pak Meter Centers for protecting utility underground service conductors that terminate in MP Meter-Pak meter centers.

  • Schneider Electric

    Square D manufactures a variety of safety switches for a broad range of applications. Models include light duty, general duty and heavy duty safety switches, as well as solar installation disconnect switches and double throw safety switches.

  • Automation Direct

    Automation Direct manufactures and distributes various switchgear products including motor control relays, contactors and overloads, ac motors soft starters. compact 3 phase soft starters and 45 mm contactors.

  • Belkin

    Belkin is a manufacturer of one and three metre cable power strips with four or six sockets.

  • TEMCo – Tower Electric Motor Company

    TEMCo is a manufacturer of European Voltage transformers as well as thousands of models of control transformers. We also carry full lines of electrical transformers from Acme, Federal Pacific, and General Electric.

  • Universal Electric Corp/Starline Div

    Electrical manufacturer offering modular busway systems. These busways offer versatile power distribution because their modular design allows for quick expansion, reconfiguration or relocation.  Busway applications include data centers, retail, industrial, laboratories and higher education.

  • Generac

    Generac manufactures residential, commercial and industrial generator sets. Product features include Generac OHVI® industrial grade engines, superior motor-starting capability, easy installation and True Power™ technology.

  • E-Mon

    E-Mon manufactures a wide array of electrical metering products including grade meters and automatic meter reading systems that provide analysis of energy usage patterns to identify failing equipment and inefficiencies and metering and verification of facility conservation products. These products are ideal solutions for both new and retrofit installations.

  • Schneider Electric

    Square D panel board products include several branch-circuit models as well as circuit breaker, fusible, lighting and modular styles. The NF lighting and appliance branch circuit model is designed for commercial and industrial applications up to 480Y/277V and are commonly used for feeding 277V fluorescent lighting and small motor loads. Power load center products are also available for residential, commercial and light industrial applications.

  • R. Stahl, Inc.

    Stahl's 8537 series safety switches come in 3 and 6 pole version and provide IEC certified explosion protection for use in zones 1, 2, 21 and 22. These switches feature motor switching capacity AC 3 and AC 23, rotary handles with clear switch position and are highly corrosion resistant.

  • GE

    GE Industrial makes several switchboards, including the Spectra series group mounted switchboard, individually mounted switchboards, and metering switchboards. All of their switchboard products use GE's own line of circuit breakers, power management components and meters, but can also use non-GE parts if required.

  • Rackmount Solutions

    Rackmount Solutions manufactures power strips including vertical, remote access, rackmount and custom.

  • Eaton Corp.

    Electrical products manufacturer offering busways for power distribution. Low voltage busways, including a 100 Amp busway, are available for 3-phase 3-wire, 3-phase 4-wire, and 1-phase 3-wire applications. The Pow-R-Way is available in three forms, an outdoor feeder, indoor feeder, and indoor plug-in with a rating of 600-5000 amperes. The Pow-R-Way II is a single bolt per bar low voltage busway with a rating of 225 and 400 amperes only, available in feeder and plug-in. For medium voltage, a non-segregated phase bus duct is the connection from transformers to switchgear assemblies in unit substations, the connection from switchgear assemblies to generators, and the tie connection between switchgear assemblies. Eaton also offers aluminum and copper busbar products. Their Mempower busbar trunking systems incorporate a flexible joint for directional or height changes. The PRC25 busbar uses ribbon cable connections from BTB's.

  • Siemens Energy & Automation

    Siemens manufactures generators for residential, commercial and industrial applications as well as portable models and models for use in RVs. Industrial models are suited for a wide range of applications including agricultural, telecom, research, manufacturing, education, municipal, health care, data centers and retail applications.

  • GE

    Ge offers several panel board and power load center products for residential, commercial and OEM applications. OEM power load center products are available in single or three phase models. Three phase commercial power load centers include features such as 100 - 600 Amp main ampere ratings, 60°C/75°C conductor rating, 22 kAIC symmetrical short circuit rating standard and copper to copper stab connections.

  • GE

    GE Industrial Systems' line of switches and disconnects includes a variety of products such as IEC disconnect switches, fusible and non-fusible IEC disconnect switches, double throw safety switches, heavy duty safety switches, general duty safety switches, AC disconnect switches, and medium and high voltage load interrupter switches. GE Industrial Systems also makes a full line of automatic transfer switches.

  • Peterson Electric Panel

    Peterson Electric Panel makes custom wall-mounted and free standing switchboards which can be built from 400A to 4000A, 12V to 600V and up to 200,000 A.I.C. symmetrical amperes. They can make any side of the switchboard an entrance to suit any application you might use it in.

  • Spectrum Power Magnetic Systems

    Spectrum Power Magnetic Systems makes AC power strips that feature 3-phase power, adjustable mounting brackets, circuit protection, compact 0U design, monitored/metered power strips and receptacles and plugs.


    Leviton Manufacturing offers the state of the art Secure Keyed LC Fiber System. This product is an innovative system prevents unauthorized and inadvertent changes in highly sensitive government applications such as data centers, telecommunications rooms, workstation areas, and secure IT networks.