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  • Universal Electric Corp/Starline Div

    Electrical manufacturer offering modular busway systems. These busways offer versatile power distribution because their modular design allows for quick expansion, reconfiguration or relocation.  Busway applications include data centers, retail, industrial, laboratories and higher education.

  • Eaton Corp.

    Electrical products manufacturer offering busways for power distribution. Low voltage busways, including a 100 Amp busway, are available for 3-phase 3-wire, 3-phase 4-wire, and 1-phase 3-wire applications. The Pow-R-Way is available in three forms, an outdoor feeder, indoor feeder, and indoor plug-in with a rating of 600-5000 amperes. The Pow-R-Way II is a single bolt per bar low voltage busway with a rating of 225 and 400 amperes only, available in feeder and plug-in. For medium voltage, a non-segregated phase bus duct is the connection from transformers to switchgear assemblies in unit substations, the connection from switchgear assemblies to generators, and the tie connection between switchgear assemblies. Eaton also offers aluminum and copper busbar products. Their Mempower busbar trunking systems incorporate a flexible joint for directional or height changes. The PRC25 busbar uses ribbon cable connections from BTB's.


    Leviton Manufacturing offers the state of the art Secure Keyed LC Fiber System. This product is an innovative system prevents unauthorized and inadvertent changes in highly sensitive government applications such as data centers, telecommunications rooms, workstation areas, and secure IT networks.

  • Schneider Electric

    Electrical products manufacturer offering several busbar lines. The PowerBus 225 Low Amp busway features a 200% neutral and a 100% isolated ground path, and is rated to 600 V. The I-Line busway is available as either plug-in or feeder and is rated 600V maximum for either 30 3W or 30 4W configurations. The PowerZone busway is a non-segregated metal-enclosed busway designed for systems in utilities, municipal facilities, research and development centers, and other industrial or commercial applications. Their QO Load Centers feature a shielded copper busbar that insulates and secures the interior.

  • GE

    Manufacturer offering busbars for a variety of applications. For commercial/industrial use, the Spectra Series Busway is a modular system, is available in both feeder and plug-in styles, and is offered in up to 600V and 225 to 5000A. There is a Low Amp version that is available up to 600V and 225 to 800A. For heavy industrial/utility use, there is a metal enclosed bus duct available from 600 to 34,500V and 1200 to 6000A. The MiniFlux Isolated Phase Bus Duct is designed for power plant and large switching station applications and the Min-I Phase Isolated Bus Duct for AC and DC excitation leads in power plants or industrial applications. The B90 low impedance bus differential system uses a flexible, modular I/O covering a broad range of input signals and tripping schemes.

  • Eldre Corp

    Manufacturers of laminated copper busbar rigid power distribution systems integrating flexible interconnections. These busbars range in size from ¼" square single conductor to multi-layer insulated busbars of over 15 feet in length. Conductor thicknesses range from 0.005" up to over 1", conductor widths are limited by application requirements. Applications include the computer, power conversion, telecommunication, energy management, power supply, military, medical, transportation, and automotive industries.

  • MDF Cable Bus Systems

    Manufacturer of cable bus systems designed for reliability, long service life and low maintenance. These bus systems are designed for use with 1000A to 6000A, 600V to 35KV feeders for various applications, including service entrance, plant distribution, station service, switchgear ties, generator buses and motor/machine feeders.

  • Methode Network Bus Products

    Electronics manufacturer offering a busbar (copper available) and cable interconnect systems capable of rapid connect/disconnect. Systems are available with one, two, or three rails for multiple voltage applications, a power range of 200A to 2000A, and a variety of interconnect options.

  • Rittal Corp

    Electrical manufacturer offering a variety of copper busbar systems. These are modular systems that provide a variety of busbars (including flat and mini), covers and supports to choose from. Amperages range from 250A to 3200A. 

  • Bussco, Div of CCI

    Designer and manufacturer of laminated bus bars, power interconnects, circuit board stiffener/bus bars and power distribution structures. Bus bar construction consists of laminar conductor layers, thin dielectric, and a variety of planar or three-dimensional shapes. Bus bar applications include computers, military, telecommunications, industrial, transportation and IGBT solutions.

  • 24/7 Technology

    Electrical systems manufacturer offering busway systems. Busways are available in easy-to-install 5-foot, 10-foot and 20-foot segments and come with a wide variety of individually fused, plug-in modules. These include 5-15R, L6-30R and L14-30R which snap into the busway system. Applications include in-house corporate data centers, banking and securities operations, computer manufacturing and testing, server farms, Internet hotels,  computer rooms and all mission critical facilities. Copper inter-unit busbars are also available.

  • Storm Copper Components Co

    Copper component manufacturer offering busbars. Custom copper busbars and custom copper busbar assemblies are available for telecommunication, power distribution, computer, printed circuit and transportation applications. Copper grounding busbars, laminated busbars and aluminum busbars are also available.

  • Atlee of Delaware Inc

    Manufacturer of power distribution busing from standard printed circuit board level bus bars to large high current custom designs. Bus bar types include the single layer vertical bus bar and multi-layer vertical bus bar. The DIP Packaging bus bar is desgnied to fit under ICs to save space.

  • Betobar-R, member of the ETAcom Group

    Manufacturer of busbars consisting of copper or aluminium conductors, embedded in an enclosure of an insulation mix based on epoxy cast-resin with mineral fillers ensuring high mechanical strength and chemical withstand. Standard types are available for current ratings up to 6300A and voltage ratings up to 24kV.

  • Gus Berthold Electric Company

    Manufacturer of custom DC busducts used primarily in telecommunications applications. These busducts are sheet metal-enclosed busways manufactured in sections of varying length.

  • Powercon Corp.

    Systems integrators that also manufacture non-segregated phase 5kV-38kV bus ducts that can connect various switchgear together.

  • Busbar Systems Belgium b.v.b.a.

    Busbar Systems Belgium is an independent distributor of EAE-products, mainly the prefabricated power distribution, or busbars, and lighting.