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  • Schneider Electric

    Square D is a manufacturer of metering equipment to address the needs of electrical contractors, utilities, and their customers in residential, multi-unit housing and light commercial applications.  Products include individual meter sockets for single family residential construction; EZ Meter-Pak® Meter Centers - multi-metering equipment for multi-unit residential and commercial construction; EZ Meter-Pak Test Block Bypass Meter Centers which includes Test Block Bypass Meter-Breaker Units and Main Lug Terminal Boxes; MP Meter-Pak Meter Centers; Lever-Type Bypass MP Meter-Pak Meter Centers, an all-in-one multi-metering solution for lever bypass applications; and Underground Service Wireways for MP Meter-Pak Meter Centers for protecting utility underground service conductors that terminate in MP Meter-Pak meter centers.

  • E-Mon

    E-Mon manufactures a wide array of electrical metering products including grade meters and automatic meter reading systems that provide analysis of energy usage patterns to identify failing equipment and inefficiencies and metering and verification of facility conservation products. These products are ideal solutions for both new and retrofit installations.

  • GE

    GE is the manufacturer of energy management systems for residential, commercial and institutional applications.  These products represent a collection of power distribution and control products using state-of-the-art technologies to gather, sort and analyze information derived from facility power. Consisting of a network of power management devices, coupled with advanced software running on a PC, a GE Energy Management System provides a fully integrated solution for simple metering to advanced waveform analysis and control of a facility-wide power distribution.

  • Cincinnati Babbitt, Inc.

    Rockwell Automation is a manufacturer of power and energy management solutions.  Products include a Powermoniter 1000 which integrates into existing energy monitoring systems; Powermonitor 3000 that provides electrical consumers with real-time power quality data, harmonics analysis, oscillography, and sub-metering via a variety of communication protocols; Powermonitor II that monitors real-time readings, including harmonics and waveform analysis at incoming feeders and major transformers via several modes of communication protocols; Minipowermointor; PowerPad Portable Powermonitor which allows the user to monitor power anywhere in their facility; Current Transformers, a full line of low voltage CTs for various power measurement devices and applications; Line Synchronization Modules that provide an integrated power generation control solutions; Combination Generator Control Module which is a multi-function digital device for generator control and protection; Capacitor Bank Controllers; and HVAC Sensors designed for commercial and industrial HVAC and air handler applications.

  • Secure Meters

    Secure is a manufacturer of industrial and commercial metering products, including the I-Credit 300, a programmable digital meter for measuring electrical energy in single phase 2-wire network; the Liberty 1P, a pay-as-you-use system; the Liberty 3P, a 3-phase multi-functional prepayment meter; the Liberty Dual Register for measurement of both mains supply and DG supply; the Lightchek, a composite solution to automate the operation of lighting for varied applications; Maxchek, specifically designed for industries to keep a check on their maximum demand; the Premier, a digital energy meter for the 3-phase CT/ PT operated electricity metering segment; the Prodigy, an integrated meter with built-in current transformers; and the Sprint, a digital multifunctional whole current energy meter to measure all types of electrical energy and maximum demand.  

  • Eaton Corp.

    Eaton is a manufacturer of metering products for the residential and commercial markets.  These products provide accurate real-time system values, capture waveforms and system events (including transients, flicker, other voltage disturbances and harmonic distortion), and graphically display this data directly on the device and/or through a variety of software products. These products are designed for additional and more detailed evaluation, including communicating directly to the meters via the Internet through a standard web browser.  The commercial metering switchboards provide electrical system distribution and metering for shopping centers, office buildings and other commercial multi-metering applications.

  • Cyber Sciences Inc

    Cyber Sciences offers metering equipment designed from an engineer's perspective. Their two main products are a Satellite Time Reference unit for power system synchronization that utilizes GPS and a Sequence Event Recorder for critical application event recording via 32 high speed digital inputs.