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  • Schneider Electric

    Square D panel board products include several branch-circuit models as well as circuit breaker, fusible, lighting and modular styles. The NF lighting and appliance branch circuit model is designed for commercial and industrial applications up to 480Y/277V and are commonly used for feeding 277V fluorescent lighting and small motor loads. Power load center products are also available for residential, commercial and light industrial applications.

  • GE

    Ge offers several panel board and power load center products for residential, commercial and OEM applications. OEM power load center products are available in single or three phase models. Three phase commercial power load centers include features such as 100 - 600 Amp main ampere ratings, 60°C/75°C conductor rating, 22 kAIC symmetrical short circuit rating standard and copper to copper stab connections.

  • Eaton Corp.

    Eaton offers assembled panelboards designed for sequence phase connection of branch circuit devices featuring rigid chassis, 4 point in and out adjustment of panel interior and solder-less main lugs approved for copper or aluminum conductors. Panelboard products are also seismically tested and qualified.

  • Peterson Electric Panel

    Peterson Electrical Panel Manufacturing panel board products are built with a 600A main breaker with all tin plated copper bus in 1PH 2W, 1PH 3W, 3PH 3W, 3PH 4W configurations, AC or DC with flush or surface mounting. Free standing switchboards are also available with 400A to 4,000A and 12V to 1.5 K.V. ratings.

  • Gavan-Graham

    Gavan-Graham offers panel board products specifically for sequence phase connections. Products feature enclosure boxes made from galvanized steel or stainless steel, a door with rounded corners, flush latch and lock assembly, as well as wiring gutters with proper wire bending space.

  • Power Controls Inc.

    Power Control Inc. offers panel board and power load center products up to 600V and 6000 Amps in indoor NEMA 1 or 12 enclosures. Outdoor models are also available. Panel board and power load center product features include molded case circuit breakers, fusible switches, insulated and air C/B's, and optional metering provisions.

  • Gus Berthold Electric Company

    Gus Berthold Electric Co. offers panelboards designed to fit into existing enclosures. Panelboard products are rated up to 600V AC and 250V DC, with current capacities up to 2000A MLO or 1200A MCB, and are built with either circuit breaker or fusible type mains and distribution devices.