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  • 3M Electrical Markets Division

    3M manufactures a variety of power supply products including adapters for the Wrist Strap Workstation Monitor 790, Wrist Strap And Footwear Tester 740, 3M battery chargers and various other 3M products.

  • Advanced Power Solutions

    Advanced Power Solutions designs and manufactures general purpose AC power supplies available as 8-50 watt, 50-150 watt, and 200-800 watt models. The power supplies feature universal AC input of 85-264VAC, or auto ranging AC inputs of 90-132VAC or 180-264VAC.

  • Allied Electronics, Inc.

    Allied Electronics distributes AC power supplies manufactured by Sola/Hevi-Duty. The single phase power supplies feature DIN rail or flange mounting, 120V or 240V, and noise and EMI noise filters.

  • AMETEK Programmable Power, Inc

    AMETEK Programmable Power Inc. manufactures AC power supplies that feature voltages of 0V-135V, 135V-270V, 150V-300V, 132V-528V, and 156V-312V. The various AC power supplies also feature currents of 0A-4A, 5A-10A, 9A-28A, 14A-28A, 10A-40A, 3A-19A, 7A-64A, 0A-120A, 4A-133A, 0A-50A, 0A-20A, 0A-160A, and 150A-4000A.

  • Associated Power Technologies

    Associated Power Technologies manufactures modular, automated, manual, and linear AC power supplies. The various AC power supplies feature input voltage of 115/230 VAC, and output voltages of 0-300 VAC, 1-300 VAC, 600 VAC, or 3-530VAC. The modular AC power supplies feature up to 18kVA of AC power.

  • Marlon P. Jones & Associates Inc

    Marlon P. Jones & Associates' Power Supply Depot distributes single output AC power supplies, dual output AC power supplies, three output AC power supplies, and four or more output AC power supplies. The various AC power supplies are available as 5 volt, 12 volts, 24 volt, 5/5 volt, 5/12 volt, 5/24 volt, 5/12/12 volt, and 5/15/15 volt models. 

  • Neeltran, Inc.

    Neeltran Inc. designs and manufactures custom AC power supplies that feature voltages of 1-300 kV and power of 156-3500 kVA. The companies AC power supplies are used in a number of applications including: capacitor charging, fiber flocking, paint spraying, x-ray, spectroscopy, electron beam, hipot testing, plasma torch, sputtering, precipitators, laser energizers, ionizers, electron beam welding, mineral separation, precious metal recovery, food processing, ion implementation, desalting, oil processing, and hazardous locations.

  • Pacific Power Source, Inc

    Pacific Power Source Inc. manufactures high performance AC power supplies rated from 500VA to 625kVA. The AC power supplies are design for industrial, military and commercial applications; and feature fast transient response, tight regulation, high peak current capability, and low impedance.

  • QuadTech

    QuadTech offers a line of AC programmable power supplies for single and three phase applications within commercial, medical, avionic, and military applications. The company's 31000A series AC power supply features single phase 500VA-4kVA, with the 31120/31180 series featuring 12 kVA-90kVA. The 33000 series is three phase and features 1.5 kVA-12 kVA.

  • Advanced Energy

    Advanced Energy manufactures AC power supplies suited for large-area glass coating, including architectural, automotive, anti-reflective, and mirror applications. The AC power supplies include 60 kW, 120 kW, and 180 kW models that are designed for use in a plasma environment.

  • Behlman Electronics

    Behlman Electronics designs switching AC power supplies and linear AC power supplies. The switching AC power supplies are used for different types of avionics and jet engine control systems that require testing and simulation spanning 350 to 800Hz. The linear AC power supplies can be used as a power source for conducted emissions testing at 50 Hz, 60 Hz, and 400 Hz. These power supplies are standard from 45 to 2,500 Hz, and available up to 10,000 Hz.

  • BK Precision

    BK Precision Corp. manufactures two models of 0 to 150 VAC AC power supplies: a 2-amp model and 3-amp model. Both models are variable isolated types, with the 3-amp power supply featuring the ability to measure leakage.

  • Chroma Systems Solutions

    Chroma Systems Solutions designs and manufactures single and three phase programmable AC power supplies. The majority of the company's AC power supplies provide 0-300 VAC or 0-424VDC. The power supplies are used in automatic testing equipment and bench top applications including: avionics testing, IEC testing, Mil-std-704 avionics, DO-160 shipboard testing and power supply testing.

  • Compact Power Company

    Compact Power Company offers single phase, AC power supplies that feature line voltage of 105 to 135 Vrms and 47 to 63 Hz.

  • Electronix Express

    Electronix Express distributes AC power supplies manufactured by BK Precision and Global Specialties. The BK Precision AC power supplies are variable isolated and feature 0-150VAC. One of the Global Specialties AC power supplies is triple isolated adjustable with current indication and line leaker tester.

  • High Voltage Inc

    High Voltage Inc. manufactures custom AC power supplies for industrial OEM applications that are available up to 20 kVA. According to the company, Corona-free AC power supplies are available.

  • Newcastle Systems

    Newcastle Systems manufactures a variety of mobile powered workstations designed for integrated rechargeable power with the ability to charge multiple devices simultaneously. Newcastle's NB series mobile power work station can run up to 4 devices at once for 8 - 12 hours of normal use with a number of optional accessories available for smooth integration.