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  • Acopian Technical Co.

    Acopian Technical Co. manufactures AC/DC dual and triple output power supplies including AC/DC tracking outputs, AC/DC dual isolated outputs, and AC/DC triple isolated outputs. The company also produces AC/DC single output power supplies, and AC/DC wide adjust output power supplies. The various AC/DC power supplies can be mini encapsulated, low profile, narrow profile, plug-in, rack mounted, or gold box types. All the power supplies are linear or switching regulated, or unregulated. 

  • AMETEK Programmable Power, Inc.

    Ametek Programmable Power Inc. manufacture modular, programmable AC/DC power systems that feature up to 95 assets across 8 mainframes, and can control multiple AC/DC power supplies in one or more mainframes. The AC/DC systems feature voltages of 33-450V, 16-65V, 140-280V, 500V, and 115-400V; with power of 1,000 watts, 330 watts, 875 VA, and 375-705 watts. The AC/DC supplies are used for ATE and production test environments; and have currents of 2.3-3.0A, 5.1-20.6A, 3.5-7A, or 15-30A.

  • Astrodyne Corp

    Astrodyne Corp. designs and manufactures AC/DC switch power supplies including: open frame power supplies, medical power supplies, enclosed power supplies, encapsulated power supplies, LED power supplies, DIN rail mount power supplies, and alternative energy power supplies. 

  • Automation Direct

    Automation Direct manufactures a number of AC/DC power supplies including 5V, 12V, 15V, and 24V AC/DC encapsulated mini power supplies for space limited applications. The low-profile, compact AC/DC power supplies feature universal input of 85 to 264 VAC, 47-440 Hz. The power supplies can be chassis mount, panel mount or 35mm DIN rail mount. Available with 15 watts to 60 watts, the power supplies are suited for use in computer rooms, handheld machine tools, and aircraft and military applications.

  • Bear Power Supplies

    Bear Power Supplies designs and manufactures encapsulated AC/DC power supplies for commercial, industrial and medical applications. temperature range of -40 to 70C. The company's AC/DC chassis mounted switching power supplies, AC/DC DIN rail mountable power supplies, and AC/DC PCB mountable switching power supplies feature temperature ranges of -40 to 70C and 90V to 264V input. The power supplies have outputs of 5W, 10W, 15W, and 30W, and are available with mini-IEC input option, which eliminates exposed high voltage traces from a printer circuit board.

  • Cosel Co Ltd

    Cosel Co. Ltd. manufactures power supply products including a number of AC/DC power supplies. Various types of AC/DC power supplies built by the company include: unit type (single and multi), modular, PC board type (single and multi), power module type, and on-board type (single and multi). The unit type power supplies feature outputs from 3.3 volts to 1,000 volts. The PC board type power supplies have outputs ranging from 3.3 to 48 volts, with the onboard type power supplies featuring outputs of 3.3 to 24 volts.

  • CyPower LLC

    CyPower LLC distributes AC/DC supplies manufactured by Artesyn, Astec, Cosel, Digital Power, Recom, Excelsys, Phihong, Sparkle, APX, TDK-Lambda, and Vicor. Various AC/DC power supply categories include open/enclosed frame, ATX PC, compact PCI, modular, front end rackmount, external, DIN rail, LED linear, microTCA, and PCB mount. Chassis, desktop, rack, rail, wallmount, and thru hole represent the various mounting types for the AC/DC power supplies.

  • Emerson Network Power

    Emerson Network Power manufactures and designs AC/DC power supplies that carrying the Astec or Artesyn brand name. The company's product line includes: low to medium AC/DC power supplies, medium to high AC/DC power supplies, medically-approved AC/DC power supplies, distributed power front-end power supplies, DIN rail mount AC/DC power supplies, PFC modules AC/DC power supplies, and microTCA power modules AC/DC power supplies. The various power supplies are used in the healthcare, communications, computing, storage, business systems, test and measurement, instrumentation, and industrial equipment industries.

  • Excelsys Technologies

    Excelsys Technologies designs and manufactures high efficiency, low profile AC/DC power supplies that feature between 200W to 750W or 400 W to 1450W. The 200W to 750W AC/DC power supplies feature 8 isolated outputs, while the 400W to 1450W AC/DC power products are used within industrial equipment, test and measurement, automation equipment, printing, and telecommunications applications.

  • Globtek Inc

    Globtek Inc. manufactures AC/DC power supplies with Australian blade, China blade, European blade, Korean blade, NA wall plug-in, open frame, table top, wall plug-in and UK blade output configurations. The input voltages of each AC/DC power supply range from 0 to 340V, while the output voltage spans -24 to 50. Depending on type the AC/DC power supplies have a power range of 0 to 500W, and are used for ITE and medical applications.


  • Jameco Electronics

    Jameco Electronics distributes single output, AC/DC power supplies manufactured by Advanced Power Solutions, Arndt Electronics, Artesyn Technologies, Astec Power, Ault Inc., Autec Power Systems, Condor Power Supplies, Delta Electronics, Dee Van Enterprise USA, EDAC Inc., Extech Electronics, Globtek Inc., Horizon/Ever-Glow Electronic, Mean Well, Metapo, Phihong, Potrans Electrical Corp. Power-One Inc., Samlex America, Sparkle Power Inc. and Tyco Power Systems.

  • Jerome Industries

    Jerome Industries designs and manufactures switchmode regulated AC/DC power supplies for medical, military and general use/ITE applications. The company's line of power supplies include single output isolated models, multiple output isolated models, and ultra low leakage current models. Depending on power supply type wattage ranges from 10W to 180W.

  • Kepco Inc

    Kepco Inc. designs and manufactures AC/DC power supplies for motor testing, magnet drive, medical imaging, automotive component testing, solar cell test, panel drive, piezoelectric devices, semiconductor, MIL aerospace test, bench top, high voltage (150V-2KV), and OEM applications.  

  • Lineage Power

    Lineage Power manufactures custom, standard and modified 12V front end, 24V/48V front end, and 24V/48V rectifier type AC/DC power supplies. Designed for use within datacom, telecom, medical and industrial environments, the various AC/DC power supplies feature 800 to 2500 watts, 1200 to 4000 watts, and 800 to 400 watts. The company also produces power shelves, open frame switchers, and compact PCIs.

  • Martek Power

    Market Power design and manufactures AC/DC power supplies for military, aerospace, medical, railway, automotive, computing, data storage, telecom, networking, instrumentation, and industrial applications. Available as modules, chassis mount and rack mount, the various AC/DC power supplies feature output power ranges from 20 watts to more than 10,000 watts. Input voltage ranges from 50 to 400 Hz and from 40 VAC to 530 VAC.

  • Mean Well USA Inc

    Mean Well USA Inc. manufactures a number of AC/DC power supply types including: enclosed switching power supplies, LED, DIN rail power supplies, modular, 19" rack power, open frame switching power supplies, external switching power supplies, and specific purpose power supplies. Depending on AC/DC power supply type wattage ranges from 6 watts to 1,500, with the 19" rack power supplies featuring wattage from 1,000 watts to 8,000 watts.

  • Power Sources Unlimited Inc

    Power Sources Unlimited Inc. distributes AC/DC power supplies manufactured by Cincon, Tracopower, Cotek, Integrated Power Designs, and Unipower Corporation. The AC/DC power supplies are available from 5-35 watts, 40-75 watts, 100-185 watts, 200-800 watts, and more than 1,000 watts. 

  • Power-One

    Power-One manufactures linear topology AC/DC power supplies that provide low noise outputs coupled with low leakage currents. Other AC/DC power supplies produced by the company include single and multiple output AC/DC chassis mount solutions available in board only, U channel, and fully enclosed configurations, and AC/DC power supplies that feature DIN rail mounting.

  • SynQor

    SynQor manufactures and supplies industrial and medical grade AC/DC power supplies. The industrial grade AC/DC power supplies feature single and triple outputs of 48V, 36V, 24V, or 12V, and facilitate the use of distributed power architectures and battery backup. Featuring a universal input range of 85-264 Vrms and 47-63Hz, the AC/DC power supplies can directly drive components including fans, motors, actuators, pumps and lamps.

  • TDK-Lambda Americas Inc

    TDK-Lambda America Inc. manufactures single output enclosed AC/DC power supplies, 1-5 outputs open frame AC/DC power supplies, DIN rail mount AC/DC power supplies, 1-16 outputs modular AC/DC supplies, 1-3 outputs linear AC/DC supplies, hotswap rack mount AC/DC power supplies, multiple output AC/DC power supplies, PCB mount AC/DC power supplies, programmable AC/DC power supplies, LED drive AC/DC power supplies.