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  • Acopian Technical Co.

    Acopian Technical Co. manufactures several rack mountable power supply types including: AC-DC single output, AC-DC dual tracking output, AC-DC wide adjust output, and AC-DC high voltage. Depending on type the power supplies are linear regulated, with output ranges of 0-1000 volts to 0-30,000 volts. Some power supplies include adjustable current limiting, or programmable models with a control voltage or potentiometer.  

  • AJ's Power Source

    AJ's Power Source designs rack mount power supplies used in five different industries including: military, telecommunications, medical, IT, and transportation. The various series of rack mount power supplies are capable of 1 to 6 outputs, 6 outputs, and 16 outputs; and feature output voltages from 1.8 V to 48VDC.

  • Circo Technology Corp

    Circo Technology Corp. distributes 1U power supplies including a 80 plus rackmount power supply with 350W and a rackmount, high efficiency power supply with 400W.

  • Glassman High Voltage Inc

    Glassman High Voltage Inc. designs and manufactures 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U, 5U, 6U, 9U, 10U, 12U, 18U, and 20U rack mount power supplies. Depending on type and model the rack mount power supplies feature voltages of 1kV to 60 kV, 1 kV to 75 kV, 80 kV to 125 kV, 100 kV to 400 kV, 750 V to 1500 V, 1 kV to 150 kV, or 40 kV to 100 kV. Power ranges from 45 W to 50 kW.

  • HiTek Power

    HiTek Power manufactures nine series of high voltage, rack mounted power supplies some of which are designed to meet the requirements of ion and electron beam systems, ion implantation, and x-ray equipment. The company's power supplies are found used in the semiconductor, printing, medical, instruments and inspection, scientific analysis, and specialized industrial industries.

  • Magna-Power Electronics

    Magna-Power Electronics designs two series of rack mount power supplies: a 2kW to 8kW series and a 5kW to 45kW series. The 2kW to 8kW series feature a voltage range up to 100 VDC and 2U rack mount enclosure. The 5kW to 45kW series features a voltage range up to 4000VDC and 3U to 9U rack mount enclosure. 

  • Matsusada Precision

    Matsusada Precision Inc. manufactures 13 series of rack mount, high voltage power supplies that feature output voltages of 1 to 10 kV, 1 to 120 kV, 1 to 150kV, 3100 volts, 600 volts to 20 kV, 10 kV, 30 to 160 kV, 5 to 30 kV, and 100 to 300 volts. Depending on series, the rack mount power supplies are design for a number of applications including x-ray tubes, ultra low ripple, and electrostatic chuck. 

  • Optimal Power

    Optimal Power designs and engineers 19" rack mount power supply types including: OPB300 cost efficient, redundant, linear AC to DC, switching AC to DC, and switching DC to DC. The company's rack mount power supplies are design for universal AC to 5V, 12V, 24V and 48V DC power supply applications.

  • Spellman High Voltage Electronics Corporation

    Spellman High Voltage Electronics Corporation manufactures 11 different rack mount power supply models that feature output voltages from 500 volts to 360kV. Power of each rack mount model ranges from 10 watts to more than 100kW. The company's power supplies are used in a number of applications including: oil well data logging, electrostatic lenses, marx generators, plasma igniters, sputtering, neutron generation, ion milling, electron beam evaporation, electrostatic separators, electron beam welding, and ion beam implantation.

  • TDK-Lambda Americas Inc

    TDK-Lamda Americas Inc. manufactures six types of high voltage rack mount power supplies that feature 1-30kV or 1-50kV outputs, and are used to quickly charge capacitors within various applications.

  • Tessco

    Tessco Technologies Inc. distributes rack mount power supplies with and without meters. The various power supplies are manufactured by DuraComm, Samlex, and Astron.

  • 3Y Power Technology

    3Y Power Technology manufacture 1U, 2U, PS2, redundant module, 1U redundant, 2U redundant, 3U redundant, mini redundant, and DC-DC rack mount power supplies. Depending on type and model, wattage ranges from 150 to 4525; with outputs of 0.5A to 375A.

  • AMETEK Programmable Power

    AMETEK Programmable Power distributes Sorenson half rack mount, programmable DC power supplies that feature voltage of 5V-300V or 6V-600V. The current of the rack mount power supplies ranges from 375W-600W or 670W-850W.

  • Behlman Electronics

    Behlman Electronics designs and manufactures rack mount power supply types including switching AC and linear AC. The power supplies are used for avionics and jet engine control systems, and for conducted emissions testing. The AC power supplies are standard from 45 to 2,500 Hz or 350 to 800 Hz.

  • CCSI (Computer & Control Solutions, Inc.)

    CCSI distributes 1U, 2U, ATX and redundant rackmount power supplies suitable for FCC class B system design and computer systems integration. Features of the power supplies include: an internal and auxiliary fan monitor, a load share sensor, and hot plug design. All the company's power supplies are UL, CSA, and TUV approved.

  • Industrial Test Equipment Co. Inc

    Industrial Test Equipment Co. Inc. produces AC rack mount power supplies that are used in plasma generation, aerospace applications, circuit breaker testing, magnetic field generation, transformer testing, lamp testing, frequency conversion, and laboratory experiments. The power supplies feature a voltage output of 0 to 6 kV.

  • Samlex America

    Samlex America manufactures AC-DC rack mount power supplies that are available as 10 amp, 23 amp, 600 watt, and 1000 watt models. The majority of the rack mount power supplies are designed specifically for use with land mobile radio.

  • Technology Dynamics Inc

    Technology Dynamics Inc. designs 19" rack mount power supplies that feature single/multiple output of 15W-3000W, and 115/230 VAC input or 24/48 VDC input. The rack enclosure contains a standard power supply or DC-DC converter.

  • XP Power

    XP Power manufactures three series of AC-DC rack mount power supplies that feature 350 watts, 1500 watts, or 22-50kW; and high power density up to 11.1 W/in3 or 18W/in3.

  • Allied Electronics, Inc.

    Allied Electronic Inc. distributes rack mount power supplies manufactured by Agilent Technologies Test Equipment, American Power Conversion, Bogen Communications, Bud Industries, Eaton, Hoffman, Schaffner, Staco Energy Products Co., Superior Electric, TDK-Lambda, and Tripp Lite.