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  • GE

    GE Industrial makes several switchboards, including the Spectra series group mounted switchboard, individually mounted switchboards, and metering switchboards. All of their switchboard products use GE's own line of circuit breakers, power management components and meters, but can also use non-GE parts if required.

  • Peterson Electric Panel

    Peterson Electric Panel makes custom wall-mounted and free standing switchboards which can be built from 400A to 4000A, 12V to 600V and up to 200,000 A.I.C. symmetrical amperes. They can make any side of the switchboard an entrance to suit any application you might use it in.

  • General Switchgear

    General Switchgear makes 600V Dead Front Switchboards with amp ratings up to 6000A and features a copper bus, 14 gauge HRPO steel enclosure, and lugs on the load terminals. Also available as switchboard options are bottom plates, shunt trip on breakers, motor operated breakers and utility metering.

  • Gus Berthold Electric Company

    Gus Berthold Electric makes low and medium voltage switchboards for almost any AC application using silver-plated copper bus minimally rated at 1000A/in2 current density. These can be engineered to custom configurations to fit in whatever space you need it in. Additionally, they can modify existing switchboard installtions.

  • Power Controls Inc.

    Power Controls makes low voltage switchboards up to 600V, 6000 Amps, rated indoor NEMA 1 or 12. There are several switchboard types available, including outdoor construction protected aisle, walk-in, or self-contained powerhouse construction. Switchboards use molded case circuit breakers, fusible switches, and insulated and air C/B's.

  • Gavan-Graham

    Gavan-Graham makes custom switchboards up to 6000a max bus rating in both AC and DC voltages, front and rear accessible. Additionally, they can meet utility metering provisions and come with 65kA standart bus bracing with optional 100 or 200kA/C. Some switchboard applications are maintenance bypass switchboards, input/output switchboards and load bank switchboards.