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  • Badger Magnetics

    Badger Magnetics manufactures Class 2 energy limiting transformers used in 24 VAC control circuits and rectified DC circuits. The transformers feature input voltages from 120 V to 240 V, and input frequency of 50/60 Hz.

  • Foster Transformer Co.

    Foster Transformer Company produces Class 2 transformers that are low voltage/low power; and are used in residential, commercial, and industrial control applications including HVAC controls, vending machines, appliances, low voltage lighting, alarm and intercom systems.

  • Honeywell Power Products

    Honeywell Power Products manufactures Class 2 AC plug-in transformers with output ratings of 20 VA to 50 VA. The transformers are used in a range of applications in CCTV, access and security systems, and feature case mounting tab for power lead wires.

  • Justin, Inc.

    Justin Inc. manufactures Class 2 AC transformers with 60 through 360 watts, and AC outputs of 12 and 24 volts. The transformers feature manual reset overload protection, mounting brackets, 1/2" input and output nipples, and core and coil-split bobbing isolation.

  • Signal Transformer

    Signal Transformer produces Class 2 transformers that are available in printed circuit and chassis mount versions. Features include power from 2.5 VA to 50 VA, and split or dual bobbin construction.

  • Triad Magnetics

    Triad Magnetics produces two Class 2 transformer types: inherently limited protected and non inherently limited protect. Both designed and approved to UL standard 5085-3, the inherently limited transformers have a high internal impedance that limits the current to a maximum value.

  • TE Connectivity

    TE Connectivity manufactures Class 2 transformers with primary voltage ranging from 25 VAC to 575 VAC, secondary voltage of 12 or 24 VAC, and transformer rating of 10 VA to 75 VA. Transformer termination types include: lead, PC pins, primary leads/secondary screw terminals, quick connect-one side, and quick connect-top.

  • Wabash Transformer

    Wabash Transformer manufactures a number of Class 2 transformers that feature power ratings of 5 VA to 30 VA, 10 VA to 30 VA, 6 VA, 40 VA, 40 VA to 50 VA, 60 VA to 75 VA, 80 VA to 100 VA. All the transformers feature a frequency of 50/60 Hz.

  • Hammond Manufacturing

    Hammond Manufacturing Inc. produces Class 2 energy-limiting transformer types including small box mount transformers with 5-40 VA, large box mount transformers with 70 VA, and small plug in transformers with 20 or 40 VA.

  • MCI Transformer

    MCI Transformer manufactures Class 2 transformers including quick connect transformers - 20 VA to 80 VA or 25 VA to 80 VA - and mount transformers, which feature 2.5 VA to 50 VA.