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  • Lenco Electronics, Inc.

    Lenco Electronics Inc. custom designs AC and DC constant voltage transformers that are available from 50 VA to 1500VA, in 120,250 and 480 volt 60 Hz configurations. The company also designs constant voltage transformers with special voltages and frequencies.

  • SolaHD

    Sola/Hevi-Duty designs and manufactures constant voltage transformers that feature voltage inputs/primary voltages of 120, 240, 480, and voltage regulation of plus or minus one percent. The CVS hardwired transformers are suited for applications where even a small change in voltage level can lead to downtime, misoperation, incorrect data or scrapped production.

  • TSi Power Corp.

    TSi Power Corporation manufactures constant voltage transformers including 2 to 30 kW output single phase models, and 6 to 90 kW output three-phase models. The transformers provide output voltages within plus or minus 3 percent of nominal for input voltage that varies from 172 to 276 VAC.

  • Utility Systems Technologies

    Utility Systems Technologies Inc. designs and manufactures constant voltage transformers dubbed Sure-Volt. The transformers are for single and three phase applications, with 50 or 60 Hz and 5 to 2,000 kVA. The transformers are available with any combination of input of output voltages up to 600V, and with any type of load or load power factor.

  • Allied Electronics, Inc.

    Allied Electronics distributes constant voltage transformers manufactured by Sola/Hevi-Duty. The various transformers are available as 500VA, 1000VA, 120VA, 3000VA, 120VA, 2000VA, 250VA, 750VA, 1500VA, 60VA, 30VA, 5000VA, 5000VA, 7500VA, 10000VA, and 15000VA models.

  • Electronetics

    Electronetics designs and builds CVTs for applications with regulation profiles as tight as plus/minus 3 percent over wide line and load variations up to plus/minus 15 percent.

  • Foster Transformer Co.

    Foster Transformer Company manufactures CVTs that feature output ratings from 50 VA through 5 kVA, with square wave or sine wave outputs. The 50 and 60 Hz models are UL recognized Class 130(B) through Class 220(R) insulation systems.

  • General Transformer Company

    General Transformer Company manufactures CVTs with ratings from 100 VA to kVA for 50/60Hz. The CVTs are used as line conditioners to protect computers and other electronic devices. Applications that utilize the transformers include power supplies, battery chargers, inverters, pre-regulators, and lighting.

  • Newark

    Newark distributes constant voltage transformers manufactured by Eaton Powerware/MGE Office Protection, Emerson Network Power, Sola/Hevi-Duty, and Tripp Lite. The various transformers feature output power from 30VA to 15000 VA, input voltage from 120V to 600V, and output voltage from 110V to 240V.

  • Osborne Transformer

    Osborne Transformer designs and manufactures quasi square wave constant voltage transformers that feature primary voltage ratings of 1 to 10,000 volts and secondary voltage ratings of 0.1 to 20,000 volts. The capacity of the constant voltage transformers ranges from 0.001-50 kVA.

  • Power Quality Solutions Inc.

    Power Quality Solutions Inc. manufactures CVTs with VA ratings of 500-5000, input voltages of 120 VAC or 480 VAC, and output voltage that is regulated plus/minus 3 percent up to the full KVA rating.

  • SNC Mfg

    SNC Manufacturing Co. produces square wave, harmonically corrected, and controlled constant voltage transformer types. Available in sizes up to 10 kVA, the transformers are found in medical equipment, battery charger, power supply, industrial x-ray system, machine control, and RF amplifier applications.

  • V & F Transformer Corporation

    V&F Transformer Corporation manufactures constant voltage transformers that feature up to 1250 VA and can maintain plus/minus 3 percent constant voltage for voltage-sensitive equipment.

  • AAA Acme General Electrical Power Transformer Distribution

    Acme Electric Corporation offers single phase constant voltage transformers and line power conditioners as true-power portable and true-power hardwired models. The portable transformers feature primary voltage of 95-132 and secondary voltage of 120. The hardwired transformers feature primary voltages of 95-132, 166-228, 192-264, 384-528; with secondary voltages of 120/208/240.

  • Hammond Manufacturing

    Hammond Manufacturing designs and produces constant voltage transformers that feature input voltage of 120 VAC, output voltage of 120 VAC, and capacities of 300 VA, 600 VA, 1200 VA, and 1800 VA. The transformers also feature 2, 4, or 6 rear outlets, and 2.5-15 amps.