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  • Toroid Corporation of Maryland

    The Toroid Corporation of Maryland manufactures AC current sensing transformers in standard design with a line frequency of 50 - 400 Hz. Applications include power limiting controllers for air conditioning equipment, electrical heating systems, electrical furnaces, and motor drives.

  • West Coast Magnetics

    West Coast Magnetics is a supplier of standard current sensing transformers to OEM manufacturers. The 601 Series is a 100 kHz model that can sense current to 20 amps. The 602 Series current sensing transformer can sense current up to 45 amps. The 603 Series is an SMD transformer that can sense current up to 20 amps with a sense frequency to 1 MHz.

  • Ice Components

    Ice Components is a supplier of current sensing transformers in five series'. The CT01 is an SMT type with a current rating of 6 amps. The CT02 is also an SMT current sensing transformer, but has a current rating of 15 - 18 amps. The CT03 are encapsulated transformers with a 16 amp rating. The CT04 is an SMT type with a 20 amp rating. The CT05 is a standard current sensing transformer with a current rating of 25 amps.

  • Alfa Mag Electronics

    AlfaMag is involved with sales, distribution, engineering, and rapid prototyping of current sensing transformers. Their ASM Series is a current sensor for 50/60 Hz that are fully encapsulated for optimal PC board mating. They offer primary current ratings from 1 to 100 amps. Their AS Series are designed as a low cost method of controlling, monitoring or measuring AC currents.

  • Triad Magnetics

    Triad current sensing transformers detect currents passing through a conductor. They operate between 50-400 Hz and are constructed of UL rated 130C° materials. The CSE187L is designed to monitor current in low frequency applications (current from .1 to 30 amperes, frequencies from 50 Hz to 400 Hz).

  • Coil Winding Specialist Inc.

    CWS (Coil Winding Specialist) is a manufacturer of current sensing tranformers for 50/60 Hz and SMPS. The CT and CT-100X Series are for 15Hz to 50Hz/60Hz to 200 Hz line applications. The 72-000, 72-100, 72-200, 72-300, 72-400 and 72-500 Series current sensing transformers are for 20 Khz or higher switching frequency applications.

  • Standex Electronics

    Standex Electronics offers custom and standard current sensing transformers for many applications. Their CSB Series is PC mount design where the primary and secondary windings are PC integrated. Custom current sensing transformers can be toroidal, three phase, heavy duty for severe environments, or encapsulated ground-fault designs.

  • Coilcraft

    Coilcraft offers their CST Series of high frequency SMT current sensing tranformers that sense current to greater than 10 amps. These transformers are for use between 50 kHz to 1 MHz and feature eight different turns ratios to meet a variety of applications. All Coilcraft current sensing transformers are RoHS compliant and 260°C compatible.

  • Digi-Key

    Digi-Key is a distributor of current sensing transformers, including inductor types from Coiltronics, and Transf current sensing transformers from EPCOS Inc. There are over a dozen models available.

  • BH Electronics

    BH Electronics is a manufacturer of current sensing transformers for regulating switch mode power supplies. These are surface mount (SMT) for compact size or through-hole for heavy current, and offer isolation to 3000 VAC. The operating frequency range is 50 Hz to 500 KHz.

  • Vishay Intertechnology, Inc.

    Vishay is a manufacturer of surface mount current sensing transformers in five standard turns ratios (from 30 to 125). They are designed for frequencies of 100 kHz and greater. Applications include switching power supplies, AC current detection, and output supplies for control circuitry in medical and office equipment.

  • Endicott Coil Co.

    Endicott Coil Company specializes in designing custom current sensing transformers to meet specific needs. Endicott transformers use a single turn primary which is not a part of the transformer itself, but usually a heavy cable or buss bar passing through the core.

  • Electronetics

    Electronetics designs current sensing transformers that sample high current through the primary and deliver a lower current to the secondary, frequently in the 10KHz to 1MHz range.

  • Design Criteria

    Design Criteria builds planar current sensing transformers for DC to DC converter applications. These are surface mount, with turns ratio of 100:1, a temperature range of -55°C to 125°C, 500 VDC isolation, and 10 amp peak primary current.

  • Datatronic Distribution Inc

    Datatronic designs and manufactures wirewound magnetic devices, including current sensing transformers, switch mode power supply transformers and inductors, RF magnetics, common mode chokes, and many other products.

  • Communication Coil

    Communication Coil manufactures custom toroidal transformers, chokes, inductors, baluns and power magnetics, including current sensing types.

  • Electronic Expediters, Inc.

    Electronic Expediters is a distributor of Gowanda Electronics Corp. current sensing transformers, toroidal chokes and inductors, and other electronic products.