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  • West Coast Magnetics

    West Coast Magnetics is a supplier of standard current sensing transformers to OEM manufacturers. The 601 Series is a 100 kHz model that can sense current to 20 amps. The 602 Series current sensing transformer can sense current up to 45 amps. The 603 Series is an SMD transformer that can sense current up to 20 amps with a sense frequency to 1 MHz.

  • Triad Magnetics

    Triad current sensing transformers detect currents passing through a conductor. They operate between 50-400 Hz and are constructed of UL rated 130C° materials. The CSE187L is designed to monitor current in low frequency applications (current from .1 to 30 amperes, frequencies from 50 Hz to 400 Hz).

  • Coil Winding Specialist Inc.

    CWS (Coil Winding Specialist) is a manufacturer of current sensing tranformers for 50/60 Hz and SMPS. The CT and CT-100X Series are for 15Hz to 50Hz/60Hz to 200 Hz line applications. The 72-000, 72-100, 72-200, 72-300, 72-400 and 72-500 Series current sensing transformers are for 20 Khz or higher switching frequency applications.

  • Datatronic Distribution Inc

    Datatronic designs and manufactures wirewound magnetic devices, including current sensing transformers, switch mode power supply transformers and inductors, RF magnetics, common mode chokes, and many other products.

  • Electronic Expediters, Inc.

    Electronic Expediters is a distributor of Gowanda Electronics Corp. current sensing transformers, toroidal chokes and inductors, and other electronic products.