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  • Erickson Electrical Equipment Co

    Erickson Electrical Equipment offers a variety of current transformers that are either wall- or pad-mounted, and suited for use as service equipment. Wall-mounted choices include the 400A, which has a 200,000 AIC rating and switches that accept Class T type fuses, and the 400A-800A top entry-bottom exit transformer, with NEMA 3R-constructed enclosures and switches that accept Class J or L type fuses. Pad-mounted combination current transformers are available, as well, with meter sockets side- or front-mounted, and with switches that accept Class J or L type fuses; they come in either 400A-800A or 1200A-4000A.

  • ABB

    Three main types of current transformers are carried by ABB. First, they sell gas-insulated TG current transformers that have cores and secondary windings located inside the transformers' heads; high voltage insulation is fully obtained with SF6 gas instead of paper and oil. Second, the company offers oil-insulated IMB units that are based on a tank-type (hairpin) design; customer requirements can be met from 36 up to 800 kV, with choice of porcelain or silicone rubber insulators. Third, magneto-optic MOCT current transducers provide sensoring for revenue metering or protective relaying; they are suitable for outdoor applications and have an accurate metering current range from <5 A to 2,000 A.

  • Amran Inc

    Amran produces miniature, low voltage, and medium voltage current transformers using low-loss electrical steel and annealed cores, designed to meet with ANSI C57.13 or IEC 60044. The miniature CTs are typically used for current measuring or monitoring in energy meters. These units can be manufactured with low or high levels of accuracy and linearity; the high accuracy CTs are made with a specially formulated Ni-Fe material or high grade silicon steel. Low voltage CTs come with a variety of primary configurations (e.g., window-type, wound primary, bar-type primary, etc.), secondary terminations (e.g., lead wires, brass studs, pins, etc.), and outer encapsulations (e.g., plastic cased, cast resin, tape-insulated, paper-insulated, resin-dipped, etc.). Lastly, medium voltage CTs offer class system voltages from 5 kV to 35.5 kV, and are encapsulated with epoxy or polyurethane resin cast construction.

  • CR Magnetics

    CR Magnetics supplies an extensive line of current transformers, with offerings measuring from 10,000 A to a few mA. Choices include the 500 Series split-core current transformer, designed to be assembled around an existing conductor or bus bar in metering applications, with 50 to 400 Hz frequency. The 600 and 601 Series are designed for integration on an existing electrical installation without needing to dismantle the primary bus or cables. These products offer the same frequency and thermal current rating factor as the 500 Series, but are meant for energy management systems and instrumentation. Other selections include the snap fit 610 Series and 613 Series, which are both intended for use with high input impedance devices that require signal voltages up to 5 VAC. Most of these CTs provide continuous thermal current rating factors of 1.33 at 30 degrees Celsius and 1.0 at 55 degrees Celsius.

  • Electro Industries/GaugeTech

    Electro Industries stocks a complete range of solid and split-core current transformers for metering and protective relaying applications. Solid core CTs are available in a variety of window sizes from 1" to 3.25", and accuracies from +/-3% to +/-1%, while ratios begin at 50/5A and end at 1,600/5A. Split core CTs have ratios between 100/5A and 4,000/5A, accuracy of either 1% or 3%, and burdens between 1 and 25.

  • Foster Transformer Co.

    Foster Transformer Company provides a line of current transforms for measuring the amount of current passing through a conductor while isolating the measurement from the source. Their CTs utilize either an EI or a toroidal core, usually with a single-turn primary winding and multi-turn secondary winding; typical turn ratios are 1:500 or 1:1,000. Designed for currents from 0.1 A to 30 A and operating frequencies from 50 Hz to 400 Hz, and with a typical output of 100 mV/Ampere, the CTs are appropriate for monitoring equipment, gas appliances, load sensing, motor control, and UPS systems.

  • GE Digital Energy

    GE Digital Energy features 600 V bushing current transformers designed for indoor (taped) and outdoor (cast resin) metering and relaying applications for high voltage circuit breakers and power transformers. Although they are custom-designed, all BCT units are rated 600 (IEEE) or 720 (IEC) volts, available in 5 and 1 amp secondary designs, and offered in single and multi ratios.  The BCTs can replace existing substation CTs or be installed over high voltage bushings through 800 kV in order to provide standard 0.3% and high accuracy 0.15% ratings for metering applications.

  • GMW Associates

    GMW Associates carries Bergoz current transformers for accurate, ohmically isolated measurement of unipolar, bipolar pulse, or alternating currents. The products provide measurement of currents from microamps to 20 kA, at frequencies from 0.5 Hz to 500 MHz. The standard CTs are available in seven ranges, five case sizes, and SMA or BNC connector terminations. Other features include a response accuracy of +/-0.5%, up to five times more sensitivity for low intensity signal measurement, a higher frequency cutoff, and lower phase shift over the nominal bandwidth.

  • Magnelab Inc

    Magnelab features an assortment of split core current transformers for a broad range of AC current measurements. The SCT-0750 measures AC currents from 1 to 200 A, the SCT-1250 does the same for 50 to 600 A, the SCT-2000 for 100 to 1,500 A, and the SCT-0400 for 1 to 75 A. Solid core sensors are also available, such as the UCT-0750 for currents from 30 to 100 A, SCT-3000 for 400 to 3,000 A, UCT-1000 for 50 to 200 A, UCT-0300 for 5 to 30 A, UCT-1250 for 70 to 400 A, and UCT-0500 for 15 to 60 A. In addition, Magnelab carries flexible core sensors such as the RCT-1800, for 250 to 10,000 A AC current measurement.

  • Midwest Current Transformer, Div. of Anderson Engineering of New

    Midwest Current Transformer manufactures a variety of CTs, with VA output capacities that range from 2VA to 15VA, and standard 24" leads. These donut-type transformers are available in ratios ranging from 5:5 to 4,000:5, with standard 600 V insulation and optional high-voltage insulation also available. Other options include mounting brackets, special lead lengths, extra taps, and fungus treatment to meet military specifications. All CT cores are made from grain-oriented steel that is then insulated, wound with secondary windings, and covered with a PVC coating.

  • Sentran Corp.

    Sentran Corporate is an American manufacturer of current transformers and current transducers. Among the many configurations they produce is the 4LS split core busbar CT with a full scale current range covering 100A to 6,000A for UL recognized versions; standard voltage outputs are 250, 333, 500, and 1,000mV. Also available is the 5A output ratio CT model that is made to exact size requirements of customers; standard features are 600VAC rating, 4' 14AWG leads, and ETL recognition. Two other models are the BC Big Snapper and LC Little Snapper; the first is used for the main breaker for up to 300A, while the second is used for all other circuits, from 5A to 100A.

  • Taehwatrans America Inc

    Taehwatrans manufactures a broad assortment of current transformers, from highly accurate models to zero phase versions. Supreme accuracy CTs come in Class 0.1, with a ratio error within +/-0.05%, and Class 0.2, with a ratio error within +/-0.1%. DC Immune CTs are another option; these RoHS-compliant units feature a high potentional voltage of 4KV/min and a 2,500:1 current ratio. Split-core, clamp-on, outdoor CTs offer better than 1.0 class metering accuracy, with nominal linearity within +/-1% and a frequency range from 20Hz to 400Hz. Finally, zero phase CTs provide minimum output voltage tolerance and almost no load shift, which makes them ideal for use as residual current or earth leakage circuit breakers, or application leakage circuit or ground fault interrupters.

  • Technology Research Corporation

    Technology Research Corporation designs current transformers for various military applications. These products are rated from 1.5 VA to 25VA and offer accuracies from +/-0.07% instrument class to +/-1% general use. There are also many mounting style choices, and through hole sizes ranging from 0.25" to 2" with typical phase angle lag <1 degree. Possible designs include toroidal, split, powder, and laminate core, possible terminations include flying lead, screw terminals, and specialty plug connectors, and available configurations are 40, 60, and 400Hz.

  • Abracon Corporation

    Abracon Corporation offers 12 selections of current transformers. The ACST-001 through ACST-008 have dimensions of 6.35 x 10.16 x 23.44 mm, but different maximum OCL, DCR, and ET ratings. The ACST-001 and -005 features 5mH, 0.7 ohms, and 150 V-ms; the 002 and 006 provide 20 mH OCL, 1.4 ohms, and 300 V-ms; the 003 and 007 feature 80mH, 4.5 ohms, and 600 V-ms; and the 004 and 008 provide 180 mH, 11 ohms, and 900 V-ms. Four other CT choices are available, including the ACST-120, which has an OCL range from 5 to 2,000mH; the ACST-118 that goes up to 4,000mH; the ACST-11, which ranges from 0.3 to 29mH; and the ACST-112, which offers 0.6 to 10mH OCL.

  • AYA Instruments

    AYA Instruments offers solid core and split core transformers with current ranges from 1 to 50,000 A at full scale, with voltage ratings from 600 V to 36.5 KV. Solid core CTs are meant to continuously monitor currents delivered to a load in an electric power installation. The company carries them in a 600 V class as well as a 5.6 KV to 36.5 KV class, with window sizes as small as 0.6" and as large as 8.13" for round units, and 1" x 2" to 4" x 11" for rectangular units. Split core CTs, for use in energy management systems and instrument applications, are designed to be mounted on cables as large as 18" and bus bars as wide as 30". Capable of measuring AC currents up to 30,000 A peak-to-peak, they also offer outputs from 1 A to 5 A.

  • Butler Winding

    Butler Winding designs and produces custom-made current transformers for isolating measurement and controlling circuitry from high voltages on the circuit being measured. They manufacture, for example, toroidal CTs for measuring alternating currents flowing through a conductor, and U- and C-core split core CTs that have a design that allows them to be assembled around a bus bar without disconnecting the latter. The split-core CTs generally use grain oriented silicon steel or nickel alloys for their core material; these metals are wound in strips ranging in thickness from 0.025" to 0.0005", for high frequency applications up to 10 kHz.

  • Competitive Magnetics

    Competitive Magnets builds custom-designed current transformers in a wide variety of types, including "core and bobbin" structures (E, EP, EFD, PQ, POT, U, etc.), toroids, and some custom designs, up to a maximum weight and power of 40 lbs. and 2 kW. With experience in foil windings, litz wire windings, and perfect layering, as well as sector winding, progressive winding, bank winding, and progressive bank winding for toroids, the company is able to accommodate any dielectric, creepage distance, capacitance, or leakage inductance requirement.

  • Continental Control Systems LLC

    Continental Control Systems manufactures several types of current transformers. Split core CTs provide 0.333VAC output at rated current, accuracy +/-1% from 10% to 130% of rated current, and a phase angle <2 degrees. Furthermore, they have no exposed metal and are UL- and CE-recognized for voltages up to 600VAC. Solid core CTs have many of the same characteristics as the split core, but are more compact and have a phase angle <1 degree. Lastly, though similar to split core CTs, bus bar CTs are available in a wider range of shapes and sizes. In addition, they have current ratings from 100A to 3,000A, accuracy +/-1.5%, and a phase angle <1.5 degrees.

  • Dent Instruments

    DENT Instruments offers three types of current transformers: split core, clamp-on, and flexible, all of which produce 333 mV when at full scale. The split core series is available in several window sizes, for loads from 5A to 1,200A. Other characteristics include an epoxy-encapsulated housing, shrouded core blades for protection during installation, a snap closing/opening feature, accuracy +/-1%, and phase shift <2 degrees. Mini hinged and high accuracy models are also available in split core designs. Next, clamp-on CTs are designed for current ranges from 2A to 150A, 10A to 600A, or 10A to 1,200A AC, with a working voltage of 600Vrms. Lastly, the company's Rogowski rope-style CTs are designed to take measurements where standard current sensors cannot; models include the RoCoil mV, RoCoil (for use with PowerScout), and FLN 3000A CT.

  • Energy Tracking

    Energy Tracking provides solid and split core current transformers for metering that reduce the primary current and create a secondary current of either 5A, for noisy environments, or 333mV, for situations in which the meter and CTs can be closely mounted near the load. Low-cost solid core units are recommended where power can be shutdown, whereas split core units are preferred where power cannot be shutdown.