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  • Acme Electric

    Acme Electric is a full line manufacturer of low voltage (600V maximum) dry-type distribution transformers, using both copper and aluminum conductors. Types include single- and 3-phase stainless steel units, 480V and 600V auto transformers, low noise transformers, and many others. These products range from 0.5 to 100kVA, and cover applications such as commercial general power distribution, industrial motor drive/factory automation systems, and low voltage landscape lighting. All transformers are designed, constructed, and rated to meet or exceed UL, CSA, CE, NEMA, ANSI, and IEEE standards

  • Eaton Corp.

    Eaton provides LV dry-type distribution transformers for lighting, heating, air conditioners, fans, and machine tools in commercial, institutional, industrial, and residential structures. These Cutler-Hammer standard distribution transformers are designed for 60 Hz operation, and feature series-multiple windings that consist of 2 similar coils in each winding, which can be connected in series or parallel. Furthermore, the products exceed the requirements of the Uniform Building Code, California Code Title 24, and BOCA, and produce sound levels lower than NEMA ST-20 maximum levels. Styles include single- and 3-phase buck-boost transformers, drive isolation transformers, harmonic mitigating transformers, and K-Factor transformers for non-linear loads.

  • Hammond Power Solutions, Inc.

    Hammond Power Solutions (HPS) manufactures various dry-type distribution transformers, including 3-phase autotransformers with ratings from 3kVA to 500kVA, buck-boost transformers from 50VA to 5,000VA in three standard voltage groups, and four lines of control transformers:  Imperator machine tool molded, Spartan industrial open core and coil, Q Series enclosed potted, and MVC Series medium voltage control transformers. Also available are both energy efficient low- and medium-voltage products, including the Millennium Series general purpose transformer rated for 601V+. With ratings from 15 to 333kVA single phase and 15 to 1,500kVA 3-phase, the product is designed to step down higher voltage power in order to utilize voltages for commercial, institutional, or industrial applications.

  • Howard Lighting Products

    With five varieties of distribution transformers, Howard Industries has options for many applications. Single-phase overhead distribution transformers are manufactured in conventional, self-protected, step-up/step-down, and micro power configurations, while the three-phase overhead products  come conventional or self-protected, with kVA ratings 30, 45, 75, 112.5, 150, 225, and 300. Next, single-phase pad-mount transformers are produced as ANSI Type 1 or 2, and space-saver models; the former two offer kVA ratings from 5 to 500, while the latter ranges from 5 to 50. Finally, the three-phase pad-mount comes in live or dead front compartment styles, both 45 to 10,000kVA, as well as mobile power and space-saver models.

  • Pacific Crest Transformers

    Pacific Crest Transformers is a designer and manufacturer of liquid-filled distribution transformers with the flexibility to offer custom designs for padmount, substation, and specialty products. Designed for distribution and dedicated load applications, the padmount types come in single- and 3-phase designs, live- or dead-front construction, and 75 to 15,000kVA. Station transformers are used to step up or step down voltages; these products support voltages up to 69kV and 450kV BIL, and offer optional de-energized tapechangers, secondary spade connectors, and more. Next, substation transformers are meant for applications in which the outgoing low-voltage section is rated at or below 15,000V, as needed in industrial plants, electric power generating stations, commercial buildings, and public access areas. Finally, grounding transformers provide a path to an ungrounded Y- or delta-connected system, thereby supplying a relatively low impedance path to the ground and limiting the magnitude of transient over-voltages when re-striking ground faults occur.

  • Powersmiths

    Powersmiths specializes in energy-saving distribution transformers to improve the efficiency and reliability of a building's electrical infrastructure. One choice is the E-Saver-C3, which meets U.S. D.O.E. CSL-3 and exceeds NEMA TP-1 efficiency. Meanwhile, the T1000-C3 reduces electricity waste by more than 60% compared to standard TP-1 transformers; and the N1000, which is a 3-phase common-core, copper-wound, dry-type autotransformer, includes windings that have <0.95% zero sequence impedance

  • Baumer Ltd.

    Relectric Supply Company is a distributor for Hammond distribution transformers, including dry-type, oil-filled padmount, and oil-filled substation varieties. The dry-type transformers are sold in several hundred models, from 9kVA to 750kVA, 1-phase or 3-phase, and other variations. Their oil-filled padmount and substation transformers are reconditioned units, 100% copper rewound, in both single- or 3-phase and any voltage.

  • SolaHD

    SolaHD features a broad line of distribution transformers from 15 to 500kVA. Dry-type isolation transformers are for general purpose applications in the 600V class. Available in single- and 3-phases, these products also have a UL Class 220 degree Celsius insulation system and are compliant to NEMA TP-1 Standards. Low temperature rise transformers feature a 200 degree isultation system, as well, and temperature rise of 80 or 115 degrees Celsius under full nameplate load; the result is 13-21% lower operating costs compared to conventional 150 degree rise units. To reduce the heating effects of harmonic currents created by solid state loads, K-Factor transformers are offered in UL ratings of K-4, K-13, and K-20. Finally, copper wound styles are also manufactured by SolaHD, and feature UL-3R ventilated outdoor enclosures and myriad optional design styles.


    Electric Service Company (ELSCO) has been working with transformers since 1912. Their line of distribution transformers includes dry-type units from 500 to 5,000kVA, with high voltage ratings from 2,400 through 14,400 delta, and low voltage ratings from 208Y/120 up to 4160Y/2400. Available enclosures include NEMA 1 indoor, NEMA 2 drip-proof, and NEMA 3-R outdoor. Th distributor also provides oil-filled padmount transformers with the same specifications. These products are commonly used in hospitals, prisons, steel mills, power plants, high rises, and Internet hotels.


    ERMCO specializes in distribution transformers in a variety of styles and configurations. The single-phase, pole-mounted transformer is oil-filled, 65-degree Celsius rise, and designed for usual service conditions, per ANSI C57.12.00; ratings include 5 through 333kVA, with primary voltages 2.4 to 19.9kV and low voltages up to 600V. A 3-phase model is also sold, with an optional round or rectangular tank. In addition, single- and 3-phase pad-mounted transformers are in-stock. These include the TrimLine, a mid-size product for customers that want lower cost and a blend between small size and operating room, and the MicroTrim, a compact, low-cost unit equipped with a hinged hood and removable sill. Furthermore, a 3-phase pad-mount is carried, which features 30 through 2,500kVA ratings, high voltages between 2.4 and 19.9kV, and low voltages up to 480V.

  • GE

    GE Industrial features a host of distribution transformers for various applications. They offer single-phase, pad-mounted units in 10kVA through 167kVA in ANSI Types 1 and II; their standard features are a recessed tank bottom, electrostatically-applied corrosion-resistant paint, and a removable sill. Single-phase pole-type transformers  are also carried, from 10kVA through 100kVA, for installation on utility overhead systems; standard features include tin-plated bronze terminals for connection to copper or aluminum, non-PCB insulating oil, and low-voltage ground provisions. In addition to these single-phase products, GE Industrial produces 3-phase pad-mounted and pole-type distribution transformers, as well.

  • Intermountain Electric

    Intermountain Electronics specializes in the design and manufacture of custom dry-type distribution transformers for the mining, industrial, and utility markets. Their capabilities for single-phase transformers are 5 to 3,333kVA, while for 3-phase transformers the range is 50 to 7,500kVA. Moreover, voltage is possible from 120 to 21,000V. In general, the use of M-6 grade core steel stacked in a butt-lap construction, as well as step-lap mitre construction, produces greater dependability and reduced core losses greater than 50%.

  • Marcus

    Marcus Transformers offer distribution transformers made from copper that are compact and incorporate wall mounting brackets or integral floor channels for easy installation. Due to the company's utility grade wound-core construction, the flow of magnetic flux is always in the direction of the grain, reducing core losses. Furthermore, the transformers are built with Class 200 degree Celsius materials and designed to operate below the maximum 150 degree Celsius temperature rise; special 80- and 115-degree units are also available when specified. In total, 14 stock versions are carried, include the MS single-phase, MT 3-phase, MTZ harmonic mitigating, MDI drive isolation, and RES/RET single- and 3-phase epoxy encapsulated.

  • MGM Transformer Co

    MGM Transformer offers a variety of distribution transformers, including general purpose, dry-type, and liquid-filled selections. The general purpose units are 600V with 200 degree Celsius UL insulation, and 150 degree temperature rise; models include 1-phase 10kVA to 100kVA and 3-phase 9kVA to 500kVA. Dry-type and liquid-filled substation designs cover a full range of requirements, from 5kV to 34.5kV, and 500kVA to 10,000kVA. Additionally, both dry and liquid-filled drive transformers, from 15kVA to 7.5MVA, can be acquired for applications that require them (e.g., pumps, fans, heavy duty-cycle steel rolling mills).

  • Mirus International Inc.

    Mirus International offers several distribution transformers, including Ulltra Series low loss units that exceed NEMA STD TP1 energy efficiency guidelines, and Harmony Series harmonic mitigating isolation transformers to replace standard and K-rating units in order to save energy when servicing 1-ph (120V L-N) non-linear loads. Other choices are the Eliminator Series 3-phase, 3-wire, phase-shifting autotransformers for creating quasi-12, 18, or 24-pulse systems, and Drive 12/24 Series multiple output, phase shifting autotransformers for VFD harmonics.

  • MTC Transformers

    MTC Transformers is a source for dry-type distribution transformers, from rectifier duty to custom-built ones. Rectifier duty transformers are designed for variable speed drive applications and inherent harmonics, as well as minimal space requirements. Winding configurations are suited to 12-, 18-, and 24-pulse applications. Also, as a U.S. government contractor, MTC offers the U.S. Navy QPL line of 60 Hz and 400 Hz distribution transformers that conform to Mil Spec MILT-15108 and 17221.

  • Northeast Resource Group

    Northeast Resource Group manufactures EPA Energy Star-compliant, NEMA TP1-1996-compliant harmonic mitigating filtering transformers. These products are available in 3-phase, 3- or 4-wire shielded isolation units that are able to mitigate power quality problems associated with non-linear, load-generated harmonic currents. In addition, they are copper-wound and capable of replacing K-13 and K-20 rated distribution transformers in commercial, government, and industrial facilities.

  • Olsun Electrics Corp.

    Olsun Electrics Corporation manufactures a range of standard and custom-design dry-type transformers. Their unit substation transformers are 3-phase with phase voltages through 34,500V, and power between 112kVA to 7,500kVA. Padmount transformers also go up to 34,500V, but with a range from 30kVA to 5,000kVA. Lastly, 600V and below Drive-Pac drive isolation transformers are available from 11kVA to 770kVA, with frequencies through 400 Hz.

  • Sunbelt Transformer Ltd

    Sunbelt Transformer offers an array of new and reconditioned distribution transformers. Their inventory includes padmounts and dry-types up to 7,500kVA and substations from 500kVA to 100mVA. Standard features for the liquid-filled padmount and substation models are no-load tap changers, stainless steel nameplates, provision for jacking and lifting, and secondary spade connectors. Finally, both encapsulated and ventilated construction is offered for dry-type models, in addition to 600V, 5/15kV power center dry-type, and high voltage general purpose dry-type models.

  • Power Quality International, Inc.

    Power Quality International (PQI) offers many distribution transformer models for a large set of industries. The Type EY, e-Rated, ultra-efficient transformer for 15kVA to 500kVA is appropriate for use in both commercial and industrial applications, as well as in schools and universities. Type GY distribution TransFilter harmonic mitigating transformers are another option; these 240V models are specific to casino gaming machines. One final example of PQI's inventory is the Type SVY TransFilter harmonic mitigating transformer for 120/240V loads, to be used in mission critical facilities.