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  • ABB

    ABB engineers and manufactures dry-type transformers with primary voltages through 46 kV in ANSI standard, and primary voltages through 52 kV in IEC standard. The company's various dry-type transformers minimize environmental contamination and fire hazards. The company's product line of dry-type transformers includes: dry distribution transformers, groundmount IEC transformers, marine distribution transformers, padmount ANSI transformers, railway transformers, special transformers, substation primary unit ASI transformers, variable speed drive transformers,dry large distribution transformers, load tap changing transformers, marine propulsion transformers, padmount IEC transformers, rectifier transformers, substation ANSI transformers, substation secondary unit ANSI transformers, and windmill transformers.

  • Eaton Corp.

    Eaton manufactures a number of dry-type transformers for lighting, heating, air conditioners, fans, and machine tools found within commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential environments. The company's dry-type transformers are designed for 60 Hz operation, and are seismically tested and seismically qualified. The product line of dry transformer types includes: drive isolation, class I division 2, buck boost, energy efficient, filtered noise isolation, general purpose, harmonic mitigating , K-factor, low sound, marine duty, mini-power centers, open core coil, industrial control, medium voltage, and totally enclosed non-ventilated.

  • Hammond Power Solutions, Inc.

    Hammond Power Solutions designs and manufactures a number of dry-type transformers including dry-type medium voltage transformers, which feature three phase ratings up to 34 MVA, 46kV, 250 kV BIL; and single phase ratings to 5 MVA. The company's line of dry-type transformer products includes: auto-transformers, buck-boost transformers, drive isolation transformers, energy efficient low voltage distribution transformers, general purpose enclosed transformers, line reactors, low voltage lighting transformers, motor starting transformers, and specialty/custom dry-type transformers.

  • Jefferson Electric

    Jefferson Electric designs and manufactures dry-type standard and custom transformers, and industrial control dry-type transformers. The company's line of transformer types includes: single-phase encapsulated, single-phase ventilated, three-phase encapsulated, three-phase ventilated, floor mount encapsulated, drive isolation, non linear, buck boost, industrial control, pool and spa, outdoor lighting, and custom solution. The various transformers and dry-type transformers are used for industrial, lighting, commercial, refinery, chemical plant, and marine applications.

  • Baumer Ltd.

    Relectric Supply Co. distributes more than 800 dry-type transformer models manufactured by Hammond, Rex Power, and Magnetics. The various dry-type transformers are single or three-phased, and feature KVAs of 9, 10, 15, 25, 30, 37, 37.5, 45, 50, 75, 100, 112, 112.5, 150, 167, 225, 300, 500, and 750. All the dry type transformers feature 60 Hz.

  • Square D

    Schneider Electric manufactures Square D power, dry-type transformers that feature primary voltages from 2.4 kV to 35 kV in 112.5 through 13,000 kVA sizes, with a 220C insulation system. The transformers feature secondary voltages up to 15 kV, and are used in various commercial and industrial applications.

  • SolaHD

    SolaHD manufactures dry-type general purpose transformers and dry-type automation transformers. The company's general purpose transformers are energy efficient, single and three phase dry-type transformers that feature 15 Kva through 500 Kva. Other features include: a UL Class 220C insulation system, 150C temperature rise under full load, and UL-3R ventilated outdoor enclosure. All the general purpose dry-type transformers feature 60 Hz, and power of 480 volts, 600 volts, 240 volts, 208 volts, or 120/208/240/277 volts primary. The dry-type automation transformers are single or three phased, and non-ventilated 50 VA to 45 Kva. They are used in harsh industrial environments.

  • US Electrical Services Inc

    US Electrical Services Inc. distributes single phase dry-type transformers and three phase dry-type transformers manufactured by General Electric/ED&C and Jefferson Electric. The three phase dry-type transformers feature 480 volts, while the single phase dry-type transformers feature .250 to 1 Kva.

  • Acme Electric

    Acme Electric manufactures low voltage - 600 V and below - dry-type distribution transformers, products between 0.50 and 1000 KVA, found in commercial general power distribution, high harmonic conditions, industrial motor drive/factory automation systems, and low voltage landscape lighting applications, the company's dry-type transformers are between 0.50 and 1000 KVA. Dry transformer types include: single phase (.05 to .150 KVA, .250 to 25 KVA), three phase stainless steel (3 to 75 KVA), three phase low noise (30-225 KVA), commercial grade three phase, and auto-transformer.


    ELSCO builds and replaces dry-type transformers from 500 kVA to 5000 Kva. The various dry-type transformers feature high voltage ratings from 2400 delta through 14,400 delta, and low voltage ratings from 208Y/120 up to 4160Y/2400. These transformers are designed to meet all NEMA, ANSI, and IEE standards.

  • GE

    GE Industrial designs and manufactures dry-type vented transformers, dry-type non-ventilated transformers, dry-type encapsulated and enclosed transformers, and dry-type encapsulated core and coil transformers. Dry-type vented transformer types include ultra efficient, general purpose, K-factor, low noise, noise isolation, harmonic mitigating, and drive isolation. Single phase, three phase, and buck boost represent the types of dry encapsulated, enclosed transformers. The single phase dry-type transformers feature .050kVA-3kVA and 5kVA-15kVA, while the three phase dry-type transformers feature 3-15kVA.

  • MGM Transformer Co

    MGM Transformer Co. manufactures dry-type isolation transformers from 15kVA to 7.5 MVA.The transformers are found in applications ranging from pumps and fans, to heavy duty-cycle steel rolling mills. The company also builds 600V class general purpose dry-type transformers and 600V class special purpose transformers, which can single or three-phased. The manufacturer's dry-type substation transformers range from kV to 34.5kV, 500kVA to 10,000 kVA.


  • MTC Transformers

    MTC transformers manufactures dry-type transformer products including traction power transformers (up to 43.5 Kv, 175 Kv BIL.), auxiliary power transformers, reactors, inter-phase transformers, rolling stock, drive duty, exciter duty, low-profile mining transformers, outdoor pad-mounted transformers, and military specifications transformers.

  • Olsun Electrics Corp.

    Olsun Electrics Corporation manufactures standard and custom design dry-type transformers including: substation transformers (up to 10,000 kVA), castcoil transformers, padmount transformers, harmonic mitigating transformers, K-factor transformers, silica/resin encapsulated transformers ( up to 500 KVA), hazardous location transformers, drive isolation transformers, general purpose transformers, and motor-starting auto transformers (up to 7,500 HP).

  • Acutran

    Acutran designs and manufactures dry-type transformers to 3000 KVA. The dry-type transformers are available as low, medium or high-voltage models. Applications of the dry-type transformers include: control-power transformers, special voltage transformers, step-up and step-down transformers, rectifier transformers, mine transformers, and furnace transformers.

  • Alfa Transformer

    Alfa Transformer builds, remanufactures and reconditions dry-type transformers including 600V class general purpose and drive isolation transformers through 440 KVA.

  • Delcor Power Products

    Delcor Power Products manufactures dry-type transformers from 1 KVA to 5,000 KVA, with tap voltages of 600/480/240/208. The company's product range of dry-type transformers includes: motor starting auto transformers, auto test transformers, welding transformers, motor drive isolation transformers, rectifier duty transformers, pad mount transformers, NEMA 1 enclosed transformers, NEMA 3R enclosed transformers, and stainless steel or aluminum enclosed transformers.

  • Federal Pacific

    Federal Pacific manufactures dry-type transformer products including industrial control transformers, type FB encapsulated transformers, type FH ventilated transformers, high voltage general purpose transformers, padmounted transformers, unit substation and HV power transformers, VPI and VPI/epoxy transformers, specialty transformers, and ABS marine-duty transformers.

  • Intermountain Electric

    Intermountain Electric designs and manufactures custom dry-type transformers that feature a voltage range of 120 to 21,000 volts. The dry-type transformers can be single phase (5 KV- 3333 KVA) or three phase (50 KVA - 7500 KVA) and are used in mining, industrial and utility market applications.

  • Marcus

    Marcus Transformer manufactures a number of dry-type distribution transformers including: single phase, three phase, three phase K-factor, single phase K-factor, double harmonic mitigating, drive isolation, single phase outdoor, three phase outdoor, three phase auto wound, single phase auto wound, single phase epoxy encapsulated, three phase epoxy encapsulated, open type core and coil, and custom transformers.