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  • E Craftsmen

    E Craftsmen designs and manufactures a number of ferrite transformer types including: switching converter transformers, flyback transformers, forward converter transformers, push-pull transformers, full bridge transformers, high current transformers, buck-boost transformers, surface mount transformers, planer transformers, and encapsulated transformers.

  • Communication Coil

    Communication Coil designs and manufactures ferrite core transformers, e-core transformers, and pot-core transformers used in a number of applications including: medical, industrial, GPS, instrumentation, switch mode power source, aerospace, telecommunications, RFI, UPS, marine, avionics, commercial, military, EMI, telemetry, and satcom.

  • Electro Assemblies Corporation

    Electro Assemblies Corporation manufactures a number of ferrite transformer core components including: pot cores, U, E and I cores, toroids, sleeves, RM cores, rods, strips, beads, baluns, cross cores, bobbin cores, touch tone cores, permanent magnet cores, and surface mounts.

  • RF Parts Co.

    RF Parts offers broadband ferrite transformers that are used in linear and Class C amplifiers. The transformers are built in lengths ranging from 1/4" to 2" and are also used in commercially built amplifiers using MRF454, MRF455, 2SC2290, 2SC2879, and similar transistors.

  • i-tech

    i-tech manufactures pot-core transformers from 47 uH to 2200 uH. The transformers feature current ratings from 0.42A to 3A, high inductance to space ratio, and low heat and noise emission. The transformers are also built to meet UL Class B requirements.

  • Magnetics

    Magnetics manufactures ferrite cores that are used in switched mode power supply and RF transformers and inductors. The company offer nine materials that range in permeability from 900 u to 10,000 u, and are available in a variety of geometrics including toroids, shapes, and pot cores.

  • Custom Transformers Limited

    Custom Transformers Limited designs and manufactures ferrite transformers including switch mode, inductor and power ferrite transformers. A variety of range styles are available including RM, ETD, EFD, and EE.

  • G.T. Digital Technology

    G.T. Digital Technology manufactures and supplies four types of ferrite transformers: LED lighting ferrite transformers, ballast ferrite transformers, solar lighting ferrite transformers, and CFL ferrite transformers.

  • Beverly Manufacturing

    Beverly Manufacturing designs and builds bobbin-wound transformers including ferrite/balun transformers and pot core transformers. All the company's products are tested 100 percent including inductance, hi pot, turns ratio, and dimensional verifications that meet custom requirements.

  • Mech-Tronics

    Mech-Tronics manufactures miniature and medium-size transformers including e-core, ferrite, and pot-core transformers. The company manufactures all types of bobbin and torodial magnetic coil windings to customer print or specs.

  • Torelco

    Torelco manufactures custom wound magnetic transformer components including E cores, EC cores, pot cores, RM cores, EP cores, "C" cores. The company utilizes ferrite materials.

  • GlobTek

    Globtek manufactures core transformers that feature power rating from 1-500w and are used in a number of applications including: switching power supply, medical equipment, display monitor, B/W and color tv, terminal, communication, and radio.

  • Lenco Electronics, Inc.

    Lenco Electronics designs custom transformers including pot core transformers, and R-core transformers. The company's transformers can be single phase from 10 mW to 25 kVA, or three phase from 7VA to 75kVA.

  • Able Coil & Electronics

    Able Coil & Electronics manufactures a variety of transformer assemblies including ferrite core transformer and pot core transformer assemblies. Power ratings range from microwatts to 5 kVA, and operating frequencies range from DC to 125 kHz.

  • Schott Magnetics

    Schott Magnetics custom designs a host of transformers including pot core transformers used for power supply, avionics, military, medical, test and measurement, industrial, automotive, and commercial applications.

  • National Magnetics Group

    National Magnetics Group manufactureds ferrite (balum/multi-hole cores) used in emi suppressor, choke, wide band, pulse and power transformers, and inductor applications. The ferrite cores feature magnetic tolerance of plus or minus 25 percent or 30 percent.

  • Sun Transformers

    STC Inc./Sun Transformer custom designs and manufactures ferrite/flyback transformers that generate high voltage signals at a relatively high frequency, they are also used in DC/DC converters.

  • Electronic Transformer Corp.

    Electronic Transformer Corp. manufactures a number of transformer types including ferrite transformers. The company's various transformers feature power rangings from microwatts to 20 kW, voltage from millivolts to 10 K, and current from microamps to 500A.

  • Actown

    Actown manufactures ferrite E-core transformers, ferrite EFD-core transformers, ferrite EP-core transformers, and ferrite ETD-core transformers for the power supply, medical, audio, test and measurement, and industrial markets.

  • South Haven Coil

    South Haven Coil designs ferrite transformers and inductors that feature ferrite cores, which build audio, switched-mode, and pulse width modulation transformers and inductors. The company offer special custom design utilizing E, EC, ETD, PQ, RM, U, POT, BEAD, and other special cores.