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  • Lenco Electronics, Inc.

    Lenco Electronics Inc. manufactures ferroresonant transformers designed to provide a constant output voltage of plus/minus 3 percent with less than 3 percent distortion under full load and under 5 percent no load. The transformers are used to control voltage sags, surges, brownouts, noise and distortion.

  • Utility Systems Technologies

    Utility Systems Technologies Inc. designs and manufactures ferroresonant transformers dubbed Sure-Volt transformers. The company's single phase standard models are available from 5 to 50 kVA, 50 or 60 Hz, with input/output voltages up to 600 V. The three phase models range from 5 to 1,000 kVA, with input/output voltages also up to 600 V.

  • Electron Coil Inc

    Electron Coil Inc. designs and manufactures ferroresonant transformers that provide line regulation, reduce  harmonics, and are current limiting. The transformers feature a power supply of 24 V.

  • Foster Transformer Co.

    Foster Transformer Company manufactures ferroresonant transformers that are used in battery charger, high reliability power supply, medical equipment, inverter and UPS system, line voltage stabilizer, and industrial automation and machine tool control applications. The transformers feature output ratings from 50 VA through 5 kVA.

  • General Transformer Company

    General Transformer Company designs and manufactures ferroresonant transformers that can maintain a desired output voltage within 3 percent despite wide variations in input voltage and load. The controlled ferro of the transformers adds electronic control and can provide an adjustable output with regulation to better than 1 percent.

  • Power Quality Solutions Inc.

    Power Quality Solutions Inc. manufactures ferroresonant transformers that are supplied in a NEMA 1 enclosure with terminal block connections for input and output voltages. The output voltage is regulated plus/minus 3 percent up to the full KVA of the transformers, with voltage surge suppression at 250:1.

  • SNC Mfg

    SNC Manufacturing Co. produces ferroresonant transformers that feature a number of termination types including: terminal blocks, solder terminals, quick connect terminals, flying leads with terminals, and flying leads for soldered-in connection. Available in sizes up to 10 kVA and featuring open frame and molded construction, the transformers are adjusted for line regulation and load regulation.

  • Sun Transformers

    Sun Transformers designs and manufactures custom ferroresonant transformers that are designed so the core reaches a point of magnetic saturation.

  • V & F Transformer Corporation

    V&F Transformer Corporation manufactures simple and complex customized ferroresonant transformers up to 1250 VA, which provide constant output spanning a range of plus/minus 15 percent line voltage fluctuation.

  • Magnetic Windings Co Inc

    Magnetic Windings Co. Inc. designs and manufactures ferroresonant transformers for military and commercial applications. The single phase models are available from 10 VA to 10 kVA, with the three phase models available up to 30 kVA.

  • Transformer Engineering LLC

    Transformer Engineering LLC manufactures ferroresonant transformers for commercial, industrial and energy markets.