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  • Pearson Electronics

    Pearson Electronics is a manufacturer of high frequency current transformer products that feature pulse-current monitoring down to less than 1ns. Their ultra-thin high frequency current transformers feature apertures ranging in size from 0.25 inches to 2.0 inches. Designs include BNC and SMA connectors depending upon the model. Also available are wide-band and coaxial current monitors.

  • GE Energy

    GE Energy offer variable frequency transformers that enable transmission system operators to control power flows between power grids. The grids do not have to be synchronous. An example would be where two grids of the same nominal frequency cannot be directly connected with AC lines.

  • Mini-Circuits

    Mini-Circuits RF transformers are ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and AS 9100 certified. These are surface mount, configuration H, balanced transmission line with center tap radio frequency transformers that come in either 10 - 2500 MHz or 3300 - 4500 MHz.

  • Cougar Electronics

    Cougar Electronics manufactures a line of transformers that includes high frequency, high voltage, constant voltage, isolation, phase shift, multi-purse and injections types. Specifications include frequencies from 25 to 200 KHz, currents from the milliamp range to over 50,000 Amps, and isolation up to 250 KVDC.

  • Bicron Electronics Co.

    Bicron Electronics is a manufacturer of high frequency power transformers that operate at frequencies up to 1MHz. Power ratings can vary from 5VA to 10KVA. Types of high frequency power transformers include E Core, RM Core, Pot Core, U Core and Toroidal. Temperature ratings range up to 220°C.

  • Triad Magnetics

    Triad Magnetics is a manufacturer of TRIAD audio transformers, available for a wide variety of applications. Frequency response ranges from 300 Hz to 100 kHz. Their Red Spec line of audio transformers are designed to MIL-T-27E. These transformers feature operation from 300 Hz to 150 kHz.

  • GlobTek

    GlobTek offers high frequency transformers and coils. Types include audio, pulse, driver and switching. They can be used for a variety of applications, including switching power supplies, medical equipment, display monitors, communication and radio.

  • Mech-Tronics

    Mech-Tronics is a custom manufacturer of medium and high frequency transformers that serve the aerospace, communications, laboratory and test equipment, lighting, nuclear, security, welding, and PC board mount industries.

  • E Craftsmen

    E Craftsmen are manufacturers of custom high frequency, switching ferrite transformers. Types include switching converter, flyback, forward converter, push-pull, full bridge, high current, buck-boost, surface mount, and encapsulated transformers.

  • MPS Industries

    MPS Industries is a manufacturer and distributor of electronic components such as RF and Balun transformers. These are RoHS compliant frequency transformers with operating temperatures of -40°C to +85°C. They are available in 4.0 mm x 5.0 mm, 6.0 mm x 6.5 mm, and 7.0 mm x 6.5 mm. Custom designs are available.

  • Agile Magnetics

    Agile Magnetics is a manufacturer of custom high frequency transformers, including ferrite, air core, powdered iron, and universal wound types. These high frequency transformers deliver power in a small unit and decrease hysteresis and "skin effect" losses.

  • Communication Coil

    Communication Coil is a designer and manufacturer of custom RF coils, inductors, Baluns, RF transformers and high frequency networks. All products are manufactured to specification. Applications include medical, avionics, industrial, telecom, aerospace, marine, commercial, military, telemetry, and others.

  • Electronetics

    Electronetics is a designer and manufacturer of RF power transformers and high frequency inductors. Their RF power transformers are a special class of high frequency transformer designed for very high operating frequencies.

  • Precision Electronics, Inc.

    Precision Electronics' transformer and magnetic manufacturing capabilities include RF (radio frequency) transformers, audio transformers, hybrids, power distribution, toroidal transformers, and much more. MIL-T-27, MIL-STD-2000, and MIL-I-45208 are available.

  • Austin Insulators

    Austin Insulators are manufacturers of RF isolation transformers, tower base insulators, guy strain insulators, and digital data ports.