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  • Butler Winding

    Butler Winding designs and manufactures high current transformers used in metering and protecting relaying within the electrical power industry. The company can make current transformers in a variety of shapes and sizes including: toroids "U" and "C" cores for split-core applications; and types of core with bobbins structures (E, EP, EFD, PQ,and POT).

  • Foster Transformer Co.

    Foster Transformer Co. designs and builds high current transformers for industrial and commercial applications including: monitoring equipment, gas appliances, load sensing, motor control, and UPS systems. The transformers feature rated current up to 30A, operating frequency of 50 Hz to 400 Hz, and typical output 100mV/ampere.

  • Hill Technical Sales

    Hill Technical Sales supplies a number of high current transformer types including: metering current transformers, large-frame current transformers, split-core current transformers, relay class protection current transformers, three-phase current transformers, miniature current transformers, PC mount 50 to 400 Hz current transformers, and PC mount 20 kHZ to 200 kHz current transformers.

  • Industrial Controls Supply

    Industrial Controls Supply Co. distributes industrial control power transformers that feature VA ratings of 50-5000. These high current transformers also feature primary voltages of 240 x 480, 230 x 460, and 220 x 440.

  • ABB

    ABB manufactures high current transformers used in control equipment. The company's line of current transformers includes an oil-minimum transformer that's based on a tank type design and ranges from 36 to 800 kV. Another current transformer features core and secondary windings that are located on the top, inside the head of the transformer.

  • Surplus Sales of Nebraska

    Surplus Sales of Nebraska distributes high current transformers manufactured by GB International, Airpax, Vitec, Coil Craft, Pulse Engineering, Hical, Electromagnetic Industries, Square D, General Electric, Simplex, BBC, Weston, Instrument Transformers Inc., Keytronics, and I-T-E Circuit Breaker.

  • Sentran Corp.

    Sentran produces precision split current transformers designed for fault recording and measuring the 5A output leg of standard current transformers. These high current transformers feature current ranges from 1 A to 500 A, with accuracy of plus of minus 0.5 percent over full range.

  • Competitive Magnetics

    Competitive Magnetics build custom-designed current transformer including high current transformers used to cause secondary current to product current from the transformer.

  • Power Meter Store

    Power Meter Store supplies split-core high current transformers manufactured by Dent Instruments, Fluke, Magnelab, Optimum Energy Products, and Veris Industries.

  • Flex-Core

    Flex-Core manufactures transformers with high current capabilities including low ratio split-core current transformers, AC voltage output split-core current transformers, split-core current transformers, removable leg current transformers, and flexible split-core current transformers.

  • Southern Transformer

    Southern Transformer is a supplier of high current transformers including: specialty current transformers, solid core current transformers, specific mounting current transformers, rectangular current transformers, wound primary current transformers, split-core current transformers, three-phase current transformers, and multi-ratio current transformers.

  • Cougar Electronics

    Cougar Electronics designs OEM and industrial transformers including high current transformers with up to 50,000 amps. Featuring voltages up to 300 KV, the company's current transformers are designed to meet physical dimensions, terminal layouts, electrical specifications, and ergonomic safety features.

  • Gettysburg Transformer

    Gettysburg Transformer designs and manufactures high current power transformers with up to 50 amps and up to 5000 VA power ratings. The transformers are available in EI, three phase and UI-lamination shapes. The company also produces industrial control transformers, medical/dental transformers, and ferroresonant transformers.

  • Romanoff Industries

    Romanoff Industries distributes high current transformers that feature more than 500 kVA, and are manufactured by Square D, C-H, A-C, MGM, Westinghouse, and General Electric.

  • Power Quality International, Inc.

    Power Quality International Inc. produces high current transformers for a number of industries including: commercial and industrial, school and university, hotel, casino, mission critical facilities, and military vessel.

  • Power Magnetics

    Power Magnetics high current transformers for commercial and industrial applications that feature 1 kva through 2500 kVA.

  • Magnelab Inc

    Magnelab designs and manufactures custom made transformers, including high current transformers, for the power and energy monitoring industry. The company's transformer offering includes opening current transformers and non-opening toroidal current transformers.

  • Lofa Industries

    Lofa Industries manufactures engine components including high current transformers that feature frequencies of 50 to 400 Hz and a rating factor of 2.0 at 30 degrees C ambient. The current transformers are insulation class 600 volts 10kV BIL full wave.