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  • Ericson

    Ericson Manufacturing Co. builds heavy-duty low-voltage transformers for industrial applications. The portable transformers are isolation-types and available as 12 volt models ,with two or four outlets. The low-voltage transformers are designed to protect against extreme environments including boiler inspection, and work inside drums, tanks and vessels. The transformers can be found in damp, confined locations where line voltage must be reduced to eliminate shorts and shock. The company's transformers convert 120VAC/60Hz line voltage to 12 VAC, and feature an outlet rating of 10A. Other features include: corrosion resistant enclosures, receptacle outlets rates at 100 va each, 12.5 amp weather-resistance mil-spec circuit breakers, and a flip seal cover over each outlet.  

  • Amran Inc

    Amran Inc. manufactures low voltage current transformers and low voltage potential transformers. Current transformer types include: general purpose, three phase, IEEE C57.13 Class, IEC 60044 Class, rectangle, split core, switchgear style, auxiliary/summation/ground fault, generator style, and bushing. The generator style current transformers are designed for high current applications and feature current ratings of 5000 to 30000 amps. The company's low voltage potential transformers include three phase models designed for line to line or line to ground connections. The single phase potential transformers can feature a thermal rating up to 750 VA.

  • Bruce Electric Equipment Corp

    Bruce Electric Equipment Corp. distributes industrial transformers including low voltage transformers manufactured by Acme, Rex Power Magnetics, and Sola/Hevi-Duty. The Acme-brand transformer types include general purpose, export and specialty; while the Rex Power Magnetic and Sola/Hevi-Duty-brand transformers include buck boost, general purpose, and general purpose EnergyStar types.

  • Cast Lighting

    Cast Lighting manufactures transformers for low voltage landscape lighting systems. The company's line of transformers includes mini, low voltage transformers designed for applications where 120V lines must be converted at or near fixture locations. The low voltage transformers are available as 75W and 150W models. The company also produces other series of transformers including master, journeyman, power pro and export.

  • GE Digital Energy

    GE Digital Energy manufactures low voltage, 600 volt current transformers and 600 volt low voltage transformers. The voltage transformers are available as single and three phase models, and can be fused or unfused. The voltage transformers feature a 40 to 750 VA thermal rating and are typically installed in low voltage switchgear, switchboards and panelboards. The company's current transformer types include: indicating window, IEEE rated, rectangular, three phase, split core, wound primary/auxillary and ground fault sensors. The majority of current transformers are installed in low voltage switchgear and intended for metering, instrumentation or protection.  

  • Halogen Transformer

    Halogen Transformer distributes low voltage, electronic halogen transformers manufactured by Lightech, Hatch and HT. The low voltage transformers are available by voltages including: 120V/12V AC, 120V/12V DC, 120V/24V AC, 230V/12V AC &Dc, 240V/12V AC. The transformers are available in a number of different wattages ranging from 60 watts to 300 watts, and feature either constant current or constant voltage led drivers.

  • Hammond Manufacturing

    Hammond Manufacturing designs and produces low voltage power transformer types including: P.C. board mount vertical; P.C. board mount low profile; P.C. board mount universal; P.C. board mount epoxy cast; single primary, open style chassis mount; filament, high current chassis mount; filament, enclosed chassis mount, globe use chassis mount; and solder or quick connect terminals chassis mount. The majority of low voltage transformers feature 115 or 230 V.

  • Justin, Inc.

    Justin Inc. manufactures low voltage transformers for the landscape, architectural, LED sign, decorative and track lighting industries. The company's low voltage lighting transformers for garden lighting feature 300 to 12000 watts, while the company's other low voltage landscape transformer features a multi volt output of 11 to 15 volts. The general purpose, step down transformers are for indoor or outdoor use and have 12 and 24 volt outputs. Class 2 AC transformers are available as 60 to 240 watt models, and feature 12 and 24 volt AC outputs.

  • Q-Tran Inc

    Q-Tran Inc. designs and manufactures low voltage transformers for indoor and outdoor use. The company's QT line of indoor, low voltage transformers range in capacity from a 150 watt transformer to a 1500 watt unit. The QT line of transformers also feature multiple taps, which allow the installer to boost up the voltage to 11.4 to 12 volts. The company's outdoor low voltage transformers feature high taps (18 to 22V) and are direct burial transformer types - meaning the transformer can be installed much closer to the load. The outdoor transformers are able to withstand extreme heat, freezing cold, water intrusion, UV degradation, and drainage and shifting soils.

  • Square D

    Schneider Electric manufactures a number of low voltage transformer types including: energy efficient, sealed general purpose, buck and boost, non-linear energy efficient, harmonic mitigating energy efficient, mini power-zone, non-ventilated general purpose, and drive isolation. The non-linear energy efficient transformers are designed to withstand harmonic heating and high neutral currents found within computer equipment. The non-ventilated transformers are for use in contaminated or dust-laden environments.

  • SolaHD

    SolaHD manufactures buck boost transformers, a type of low voltage transformer that is single phase and dry-type. The buck boost transformers are designed to supply power to low voltage lighting circuits, control panels and other systems that require 12, 16, 24, 32 or 48 volts. The transformers are also suited for low voltage landscape lighting and feature a dual voltage primary and dual voltage secondary. When connected as an autotransformer the buck boost transformers can handle loads up to 20 times the nameplate rating.

  • Technomagnet, Inc

    Technomagnet Ltd. manufactures a line of indoor and outdoor magnetic core and coil transformers for low voltage lighting industry-related applications. The company's low voltage transformer line includes indoor remote transformers, outdoor megatap transformers, outdoor remote transformers, and surface mount transformers. The indoor transformers feature 150-750W and have 12V or 24V output. The outdoor transformers feature 150-1200W and outputs of 12V or 24V.

  • AAA Acme General Electrical Power Transformer Distribution

    AAA Acme General Electrical Power Transformer Distribution supplies low voltage transformers manufactured by Acme, GE, Marcus, TEMCo, Sola and Hammond. Transformer types include: electrical, step up, step down, buck boost, single phase, three phase, and power.

  • Alfa Transformer

    Alfa Transformer repairs and remanufactures 600V class, three- and single-phase low voltage transformers. The dry-type transformers the company repairs feature ventilated, encapsulated, open core and coil, and comb-wound designs. The company remanufactures low voltage transformers for majority utilities, industries, governmental agencies, and transformer dealers.

  • Coilcraft

    Coilcraft Inc. designs and manufactures low voltage transformers including miniature step-up/flyback types. The company's low voltage transformers are used in harvesting applications and feature only 3.5mm high and 6 mm square. Additionally the transformers feature 100 V winding-to-winding isolation and a coupling coefficient of K > 0.95.

  • Hatch Transformers, Inc.

    Hatch manufactures 28 types of low voltage electronic transformers that feature output voltages of 12 volts or 24 volts. Wattage for each transformer ranges from 60 Watts to 300 Watts, with input voltages of either 120 volts or 277 volts. Available mountings include bottom feed, side leads without feet, side leads with dimming loop, and side leads with feet.

  • Midwest Electrical Testing & Maintenance Co., Inc.

    MIDWEST tests and distributes low voltage, dry-type transformers up to 600 volts. The various low voltage transformers are manufactured by Jefferson, RIS, Westinghouse, SOLA, GE, Acme, Edwards, Square D, Sorgel and Deltec.

  • Nuvotem Talema

    Nuvotem Talema designs and manufactures a number of magnetic components including low voltage toroidal transformers that are open style with 230 VAC primary winding and single 11.8 V secondary winding for 12V halogen lamps. The low voltage transformers feature output voltage of 11.8 +/-1.5% and a low level radiated magnetic field.

  • Pegasus Associates Lighting

    Pegasus Associates Lighting sells electronic low voltage transformers and magnetic low voltage transformers that supply 12 volts or 24 volts AC or DC. The electronic low voltage transformers feature 120 VAC input and are available as 60W, 75W, 105W, 175W, and 300W types. The magnetic low voltage transformers feature input of 120 VAC or 277 VAC, and a toroidal magnetic core. The magnetic transformers are available as 300W, 600W, 900W and 1200W models. 

  • PowerSelect

    PowerSelect Inc. designs and manufactures electronic, low voltage transformers. These halogen transformers feature 75 watt or 300 watt maximum lamp wattage, and are rated 12V or 24V. The low voltage transformers with input voltage of either 120Vac. or 277Vac, with surface mount or J box mount enclosures.