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  • Jefferson Electric

    Jefferson Electric manufactures single phase ventilated transformers that are general purpose 25KVA through 100KVA. Other features of the ventilated transformers include: 150C, 115C, and 80C temperature rises, aluminum or copper windings, 220C insulation class standard, and 60 Hz operation. The company also builds single phase encapsulated transformers that are general purpose from 50VA through 25 KVA. These transformers feature NEMA 3R-rated enclosures and 50/60Hz operation. Both types of single phase transformers are for general loads - indoors or outdoors - including lighting, industrial and commercial applications.

  • Johnson Electric Coil Co.

    Johnson Electric Coil Co. designs and manufactures custom single phase isolation transformers and single phase auto transformers available in sizes up to 100KVA. The company's dry-type, single phase transformers can meet custom requirements including ferro-resonant/constant voltage, high reactance, toroids, special voltage requirements, taps, various winding configurations, and terminations to suit specific installations. The company mainly serves the machine tool, power protection, welding, robotics, medical instrumentation, medical equipment suites, and industrial markets.

  • Baumer Ltd.

    Relectric Supply Co. distributes more than 800 transformer models including single phase transformers manufactured by Hammond, Rex Power, and Magnetics. The various single phase transformers are available in sizes from 9 KVA to 750 KVA. All the transformers feature 60 Hz, a number of primary and secondary voltages, and N1 or N3R enclosures.

  • Rex Power Magnetics

    Rex Power Magnetics manufactures single phase isolation/distribution transformers and single phase auto transformers. The single phase isolation/distribution transformers are used for supplying auxiliary lighting circuits from 600V and low supplies and electric heating equipment. Typical sizes range from 5 KVA to 250 KVA. The single phase auto transformers are used for motor loads of industrial machinery, electric heating, and air conditioner applications. Available as 600/480 volt and 480/240 volt models the auto transformers range in size from 3 KVA to 150 KVA.

  • SolaHD

    SolaHD manufactures a number of distribution transformers and automation transformers available as single phase transformers. The single phase distribution transformers include general purpose, low temperature rise, K-factor, and copper wound types. The distribution transformers are ventilated from 15 KVA to 500 KVA. The single phase automation transformers are available as non-ventilated (50 VA to 45 kVA), drive isolation (7.5 kVA to 440 kVA), or industrial control (50 VA to 10 kVA). Types of automation transformers include general purpose, hazardous location, buck-boost, drive isolation, and industrial control. The company's various single phase transformers are used for hospital, office building, industrial plant, school, commercial building, shopping center, apartment building, high rise building, and institutional building applications.

  • US Electrical Services Inc

    US Electrical Services Inc. distributes single phase transformers manufactured by General Electric/ED&C. The single phase, dry-type transformers are available as .250KVA, .500KVA, .750KVA, and 1 KVA models

  • Acme Electric

    Acme Electric manufactures low voltage, (600 volts and below) dry-type, single phase distribution transformers between 0.50KVA to 1,000KVA. The single phase transformers are used for commercial general power distribution, high harmonic conditions, industrial motor drive, and landscape lighting applications.

  • Badger Magnetics

    Badger Magnetics manufactures custom magnetic single phase transformers up to 100KVA. Core materials of these single phase transformers include silicon steel, powdered iron, ferrite, and nickel steel. These transformers feature NEMA 1, NEMA 12 and wall mount enclosures. The company also builds Class 2 energy limiting transformers and panel/chassis mounted transformers.

  • Dongan Transformers

    Dongan Transformers manufactures a range of single phase standard, single phase specialty, single phase general purpose, and single phase custom AC transformers. The standard single phase transformers range in size from .25KVA to 500KVA, and feature up to 600 volts. The specialty single phase transformers are available in a number of designs including industrial control, drive isolation, K-factor, lighting disconnect, and ignition. The company also produces hazardous location transformers and stainless steel transformers.


    EMSCO is a distributor of single phase ventilated transformers and single phase encapsulated transformers. The single phase ventilated transformers are available in sizes from 15 KVA to 100 KVA, with voltages from 208v-120/240v to 600v-120/240v. The single phase encapsulated transformers are available from 1 KVA to 25 KVA, with voltages from 120x240v-120/240v to 600v-120/240v.


    ERMCO-ECI manufactures pole mounted, single phase distribution transformers with ratings available in 5KVA - 333kVA with primary voltages of 2.4 kv- 19.9kv and low voltages up to 600 volts. The company also builds pad mounted, single phase distribution transformer.



  • GE

    GE Industrial manufactures dry-type, single phase transformers that feature encapsulated core and coils in a NEMA 3R non-ventilated, weatherproof enclosure. The single phase transformers are available as general purpose .050KVA-3KVA and general purpose 5KVA-15KVA types.

  • ISE Inc

    ISE Inc. distributes single phase variable transformers manufactured by Variac. The single phase transformers feature 120VAC input, 0-140VAC ouput; 120VAC input, 0-280VAC output; 240VAC input, 0-280VAC output; 240VAC input, 0-560VAC output; or 480VAC input, 0-560VAC.

  • MGM Transformer Co

    MGM Transformer Co. manufactures low voltage, dry type single phase transformers that feature rated capacities of 15 KVA, 25 KVA, 37.5 KVA, 50 KVA, 75 KVA, 100 KVA, and 167 KVA.

  • Olsun Electrics Corp.

    Olsun Electric Corp. designs and manufactures a number of transformer types that are available as single phase. The company's product line of transformers includes: substation transformers, padmount transformers, harmonic mitigating transformers, K-factor transformers, silica/resin encapsulated transformers, general purpose transformers, motor starting auto transformers, drive isolation transformers, hazardous location transformers, and castcoil transformers.

  • Federal Pacific

    Federal Pacific manufactures a number of dry-type transformers that are available as single phase transformers. The company's product line of transformer types includes: industrial control, FB encapsulated, FH ventilated, high voltage general purpose, specialty, VPI and VPI/epoxy, unit substation and HV power, padmounted, and ABS marine-duty.

  • Intermountain Electric

    Intermountain Electric designs and manufactures dry-type, single phase transformers for mining, industrial and utility-related applications. The single phase transformers feature 5KVA-3333KVA, and a voltage range of 120 volts to 21,000 volts.

  • Marcus

    Marcus Transformer manufactures single phase distribution transformers, single phase K-factor transformers, single phase outdoor transformers, single phase auto wound transformers, and single phase epoxy encapsulated transformers. The company's standard single phase distribution transformers feature 600V primary and 120/240V secondary; and 480V primary and 120/240V secondary.

  • Precision Inc

    Precision Inc. designs and manufactures seven types of linear single phase transformers that feature VA ranges of 2.5VA to 50VA, 1.1 VA to 36 VA, 2.5 VA to 48 VA, 25 VA to 175 VA, 50 VA to 4000 VA, 100 VA to 2000 VA, and 25 VA to 2000 VA. All the single phase transformers feature 50/60Hz.