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  • ABB

    ABB manufactures a number of dry-type, three phase transformers with primary voltages through 46 kV in ANSI standard, and primary voltages through 52 kV in IEC standard. The company's line of three phase transformer types includes: dry distribution transformers, groundmount IEC transformers, marine distribution transformers, padmount ANSI transformer, railway transformers, special transformers, substation primary unit transformers, variable speed drive transformers, dry large distribution transformers, load tap changing transformers, marine propulsion transformers, padmount IEC transformers, rectifier transformers, substation ANSI transformers, and windmill transformer.

  • Hammond Power Solutions, Inc.

    Hammond Power Solutions manufactures a number of transformer types available as three phase transformers. The company's family of three phase transformer types includes: auto-transformers, buck-boost transformers, control transformers, drive isolation transformers, encapsulated distribution transformers, energy efficient low voltage distribution transformers, energy efficient medium voltage distribution transformers, general purpose enclosed transformers, low voltage lighting transformers, motor starting auto-transformers, dry-type medium voltage transformers, and specialty/custom dry-type transformers.

  • Jefferson Electric

    Jefferson Electric manufactures three phase ventilated transformers and three phase encapsulated transformers for lighting, industrial and commercial applications. The three phase ventilated transformers are available as 150C temperature rise: 15 KVA through 500 KVA models and 80C and 115C temperature rise: 15 KVA through 300 KVA models. The three phase encapsulated transformers are available as general purpose (3 KVA through 15 KVA) type or rugged duty units through 75 KVA.

  • Johnson Electric Coil Co.

    Johnson Electric Coil Co. manufactures custom three phase auto-transformers and custom three phase isolation transformers. Both the three phase auto-transformers and three phase isolation transformers can meet special voltage requirements, and feature taps, a choice of winding configurations, terminations to suit installations, and unusual sizes and shapes up to 250kVA. The company provides three phase transformers for machine tool, power protection, welding, robotics, medical instrumentation, medical equipment suites, and industrial applications.

  • Pacific Crest Transformers

    Pacific Crest Transformers manufactures padmount transformers, station transformers, substation transformers, and grounding transformers that are available as three phase transformers. All the company's transformers range from 75KVA to 15000KVA. Voltages of each transformer type are either 69 kV and 450kV BIL, or 69 kV and 350 kV BIL. Sizes include up to 12/16/20 MVA and 75 kV through 10 MVA.The substation transformer is an industrial transformers where the outgoing low-voltage section is rate at or below 15000 volts.


  • Baumer Ltd.

    Relectric Supply Co is a leading supplier of a variety of transformers including a wide selection of 3 phase transformers from manufacturers such as Hammone, Rex Power, Magnetics and others. Models come in a variety of primary and secondary voltages and can be wound with a variety of materials.

  • Rex Power Magnetics

    Rex Power Magnetic manufactures dry type transformer products including three phase isolation/distribution transformers featuring epoxy encapsulation, k-rated drive isolation, electrostatic shielded body and low electromagnetic field transformers. Rex Power Magnetics also offers auto transformers and harmonic mitigating transformers.

  • SolaHD

    Sola HD is a manufacturer of transformers used in hosptitals, office buildings, industrial plants, schools, shopping centers, apartment buildings, high rise buildings, institutional buildings and commercial buildings. SOlaHD's transformer products include three phase, iisolation type, and single phase transformers for indoor and outdoor uses.

  • US Electrical Services Inc

    US Electrical Services Inc deistributes a variety of 480 volt 3 phase step down transformers from General Electric and Jefferson Electric.

  • Acme Electric

    Acme Electric manufactures a full line of low voltage (600 V and below) dry type distribution transformers using both copper and aluminum conductor, offering an array of products between 0.50-1000 KVA. 

  • Badger Magnetics

    Badger Magnetics is a designer and manufacturer of single and three phase transformers. Badger offers a custom magnetic lamination three phase transformer with core materials of silicon steel, powdered iron, ferrite, nickel steel and other materials, with single or multiple primaries and secondaries. Three phase transformers are built up to 100 KVA. Terminations include lead wires, terminal blocks and printed circuit board bobbins. Transformer applications include power, control, drive, isolation, auto, printed circuit board, current, pulse, and panel/chassis mounted types.

  • Dongan Transformers

    Dongan Transformers is a manufacturer of standard, specialty and custom transformer products. Standard types include three phase step up and step down isolation transformers, three phase autotransformers, and toriodal designs. Sizes offered include 25kva through 500kva and up to 600 volts. Specialty AC transformer types include drive isolation, K-Factor, lighting disconnects, and ignition transformers. Dongan also designs custom three phase AC transformers for voltage regulation, power quality, rail and mass transit, and other applications. Hazardous location transformers for Class 1 Div II, ATEX certified, and NEMA 4X stainless steel transformer types are also available.


    ERMCO (ECI) is a manufacturer of distribution transformer products and components. Transformer types available include three phase and single phase pad and pole mounted designs. ERMCO also offers three phase oil filled distribution transformer types and pad mounted switching equipment. Some transformer components manufactured by ERMCO (ECI) include circuit breakers, fuses, bushings, switches and lightning arresters. Customers include transformer OEM's, electric utilities and transformer repair facilities.

  • GE

    GE Industrial is a manufacturer of a variety of three phase transformers. In their dry type vented category, GE offers a general purpose three phase transformer at 15 - 1000kVA, aluminum and copper wound, with a unique core and coil design. The GE Servicenter Integral Transformer and Distribution Panel is three phase 15-30kVA and brings together a tranformer, distribution panel and circuit breakers in one solution. GE offers dry type non-ventilated designs as well. Their Totally Enclosed, Non-Ventilated (TENV) is a three phase 15-75kVA designed for applications where dry-type transformer benefits are desired in adverse atmospheric conditions. GE's three phase encapsulated transformer at 3-15kVA features encapsulated core and coils in a NEMA 3R non-ventilated weatherproof enclosure. Prolec GE also offers liquid filled three phase pad mounted distribution transformers.

  • ISE Inc

    ISE offers Variac variable transformers, rated from 120v to more than 600 VAC in single, three phase and fractional designs. Variac three phase transformer types include 240VAC input with either 0-280VAC or 0-560VAC output, and 480VAC input with 0-560VAC output. All three phase transformer products are Wye phase ganged units.

  • MGM Transformer Co

    MGM Transformer is a manufacturer of three phase general pupose, dry type, and liquid filled transformers. Their three phase general purpose dry type transformer types are 600V and can also be ordered in special purpose configurations, including core and coil application for regulators and UPS systems, low loss/high efficiency drives isolation transformers, and k-factor rated substation transformers for retrofit. MGM dry type transformer types include substation and drives isolation designs, as do their liquid filled three phase transformers.

  • Olsun Electrics Corp.

    Olsun Electrics Corp. is a manufacturer of standard and custom design, dry type, single and three phase transformer products. They offer unit substation distribution transformers at three phase, 112kVA to 7,500 kVA, thru 34,500 volts and below. Three phase pad mount transformer types offer a range of 30 kVA to 5000 kVA. Olsun's three phase K-Factor transformers offer a range of 15kVA to 10,000kVA with voltages thru 15,000 volts. Other three phase transformer designs include silica/resin encapsulated, drive isolation, hazardous location, general purpose, and motor starting auto transformers.

  • E Craftsmen

    E Craftsmen builds custom transformer and inductor products. Three phase transformer types offered include UPS, Delta-Wye, Wye-Wye, Wye-Delta, high leakage rectifier, high reactance, 6,12 and 18 pulse rectifier, step-up, step-down, water cooled, and zig-zag designs. E Craftsmen three phase custom transformer designs offer unique stacking configurations, custom mounting, brackets and terminals, and integral lifting hardware. Other transformer types offered include aviation, switch mode, current sense, power, 347V, pulse and specialty transformers.

  • Federal Pacific

    Federal Pacific offers Type FB encapsulated three phase transformers at 3 thru 15 kVA listed for indoor or outdoor use. These are non-ventilated. Federal also offers ventilated Type FH three phase transformer designs at 15 thru 1000 kVA, and K-Factor rated three phase units at 15 thru 500 kVA. Their high voltage general purpose three phase transformer types come in two configurations, a 2.4 and 5 kV Class at 15 thru 150 kVA, and a 8.6 and 5 kV Class at 112.5 thru 150 kVA. Padmounted transformers come in three phase,  2.4, 5 and 15 kV Class, 112.5 thru 2500 kVA. Federal also has ABS marine duty three phase tranformer types available for commercial and military ship applications.

  • Intermountain Electric

    IE (Intermountain Electronics) is a designer and manufacturer of dry type power transformer products, including three phase 50 KVA - 7500 KVA transformers with a 120 volt – 21,000 volt range, and 10 KV 110 KV basic impulse levels (BIL). IE uses a varnish impregnation system for maximum protection of their three phase transformers, and all of their transformer products are made with thin laminations of grain oriented core steel to reduce core losses, transformer size and sound level. Intermountain's products meet all IEEE, ANSI, and NEMA standards.