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  • Amgis Toroidal Power Products

    Amgis specializes in toroidal power products, including basic, 3-phase, auto, high efficiency, and custom transformers. To begin, medical isolation transformers, used in devices for medical treatment or research, come VA rated betwen 100 and 5,000, with a secondary current range from 0.83A to 41.67A at 120V. Commercial toroidal transformers provide nearly ideal magnetic circuits that result in lower stray magnetic field and reduced audible hum; these products come in a variety of sizes, from 3.8" to 5.4" diameter, VA rated from 100 to 500. Toroidal transformers are also sold in a 3-phase design, allowing for separation of the coils as individual units; an auto design, for stepping down voltage from 230V to 120V or vice-versa; and an audio design to eliminate AC noise while delivering clean power.

  • Hammond Manufacturing

    Hammond Manufacturing produces 182 Series toroidal power transformers. These low profile, lightweight, cool running units provide dual 117/234VAC primary, 50/60 Hz operation, with a center, single-hole mounting. Due to their design, no electrostatic shields are necessary. Furthermore, an array of sizes are available, with outside diameters starting at 2.7" and ending at 7.2", and heights from 1.25" to 3.5". Leads are flexible and at least 8" long, and all windings are designed to be engaged. Lastly, the 182 Series is CSA- and CE-certified to C22.2 #66 and IEC950, and UL recognized to UL506.

  • Plitron Mfg., Inc.

    Plitron manufactures standard power, isolation, and audio toroidal transformers within a broad line of standard products. The standard power toroidal transformers come 15VA to 1.5kVA, and for medical equipment, they are provided in 16 power levels from 100VA to 12.5kVA. Printed circuit mount toroidal transformers are made with an encapsulated, triple-output design with five power levels from 20VA to 160VA, while toroidal audio transformers are designed for tube amplifiers and for 25V to 70V lines. In addition, Plitron manufactures toroidal isolation transformers for medical equipment in 16 power levels from 100VA to 12,500VA, with an output tolerance better than 3% at full load.

  • Powertronix Corporation

    Powertronix offers a host of medical, vending, audio, power quality, automation, and energy transformers. They custom-manufacture 3-phase toroidal transformers with very low EMI and RFI, as well as high-voltage units for remotely-operated applications that require light weight and high reliability. Low profile transformers are also available, designed at maximum heights of 1.75" and 3.5" for use in slim line equipment, as are low in-rush designs that have no external components, resulting in reduced field service and increased shelf-life, typically in applications greater than 1,000VA. Finally, medical isolation toroidal transformers provide clean AC power while suppressing noise and protecting against AC transients; they can withstand a 5,000VAC hi-pot test with <100uAmp leakage current.

  • Q-Tran Inc

    Q-Tran provides many lines of toroidal transformers, meant for use in different applications. With power ratings from 37VA to 75VA and frequency to 60 Hz, the LQT Series offers full light output and no noise due to its patented design. QO Series transformers are wall-mounted and designed to eliminate vibration and noise, with efficiency ratings in the 95-97% range. It is available in a single transformer option from 150 to 750W, as well  as a dual transformer design up to 2 x 300W, and comes with primary and secondary protection standard. Next, the Q-Set offers a cassette design with interchangeable modules for configuration and mounting flexibility, including indoor and outdoor, as well as above- or in-ground use. Finally, the Q6 multi-volt toroidal transformer series mounts to almost any surface (e.g., ceiling, floor, etc.), and comes in three styles with variable maximum lamp load ranges between 50 and 1,800W.

  • Toroid Corporation of Maryland

    Toroid Corporation of Maryland engineers and manufactures transformers for use in medical electronics, test and measurement systems, industrial control panels, data communications, light fixtures, audio systems, robotics, and avionics. Their standard design toroidal transformers include medical grade isolation units designed to operate at 117/60Hz, and capable of achieving a voltage drop of 6% for the 300VA rating (and smaller drops for larger power ratings). Also offered are isolation transformers without enclosure, which are made for industrial and commercial applications (150-1,000VA) as well as medical ones (100-3,000VA). Lastly, to achieve low magnetic strayfields, auto transformers are available from 250VA to 1kVA, and to detect or measure AC currents, 50 to 400 Hz sensing transformers can be selected.

  • Abracon Corporation

    Abracon Corporation produces a broad selection of encapsulated toroidal transformers. Between the smallest and largest models, the ACTT-0016 and ACTT-0850, power varies from 1.6VA to 85VA with 4,000Vrms dielectric strength and Class F insulation. The 1.6 to 25VA units have a blind center hole, and the 35 to 85VA transformers have a through center hole. Applications include medical, test, and audio equipment, as well as broadcast sound systems.

  • Amveco

    Amveco offers a range of toroidal power products, custom-designed for most any application where a transformer is necessary. Standard models include those for 120V/60Hz applications and 2x117V/50-60Hz applications; other popular choices are medical-grade high isolation, low profile PC mount, and miniature low profile transformers. The first model listed above comes in ratings from 18VA to 1,000VA, Class A, with many secondary voltage options; the second is available in 15VA to 990VA and also Class A. The mechanical-grade transformers have quad primaries of 100, 120, 220, or 240V, with nominal power from 100VA to 10,000VA, and secondary currents between 0.83A and 83.3A. The low profile options, meanwhile, come with a primary voltage rating of 115V or 230V.

  • Avel Lindberg

    Avel has over 40 years of experience making toroidal transformers. Their standard Y23 Range offers ready-made units spanning 15 to 1,000VA with a polyester tape finish, hi-pot tested to 4,000 VRMS. Other specifications include 150 mm, PVC-insulated leads; the primary leads are double-insulated to UL1672 and the secondary leads are insulated to UL3266. All products come with standard mounting hardware that features a metal dish, two foam pads, bolt, washer, and nut with each transformer. If the Y23 Range cannot meet a customer's needs, Avel is also able to produce customized transformers.

  • Bicron Electronics Co.

    Bicron Electronics ofers custom toroidal power transformers with isolation for voltages up to 20kV. Basic specifications include power to 10KVA and voltage to 240V at 50/60 Hz, as well as efficiencies that approach 90%.  Applications include alternative energy, medical, aerospace/defense, motor controls, standby power, and transportation.

  • Butler Winding

    Butler Winding designs and manufactures toroidal transformers for a variety of power supply and conversion applications.  This selection includes tape wound varieties, that are made with silicon steel, nickel-iron, cobalt-iron, and other amorphous metal strips as thin as 0.000125" to permit the mixing of signals while maintaining electrical isolation between circuits. Another choice are ferrite core toroidal transformers that feature operating frequencies above 1 MHz at low gauss levels and sizes from 0.2" to 5.5" outer diameter. Core material initial relative permeability ranges from 750 to 15,000; the lower the permeability, the higher the frequency.

  • Coilcraft

    Coilcraft offers the Q3903-AL toroidal transformer that features three 1:1 windings, 500 Vrms winding-to-winding isolation, and optional COTS Plus tin-silver-copper and tin-lead terminations. Furthermore, it has a 210mH inductance minimum and 0.09 ohm DCR maximum, and a temperature range from -40 to +85 degrees Celsius. This part is compatible for use with controllers and evaluation boards from manufacturers like ON Semiconductor and Texas Instruments.

  • Competitive Magnetics

    Competitive Magnetics carries a variety of toroidal low frequency and power transformers. The low frequency products are 50/60 cycle and 400 Hz. The power transformers are higher performers, offering smaller size, less leakage inductance, and lower electromagnetic interference (EMI). Shapes and sizes include EI, UI, and tape wound, as well as custom designs for high frequency applications. The company's maximum weight and power limitations are 40 lbs. and 2 kW.

  • Pattrick Bros. Communications Ltd

    Tacima provides several choices for toroidal transformers, starting with step down autotransformer with maximum loads from 100VA to 2,000VA in an array of dimensions: 97 (h) x 92 mm (dia), 115 (h) x 115 mm (dia), 155 (w) x 110 (h) x 170 mm (d), etc. They also sell toroidal step up autotransformers, with maximum loads from 100VA to 3,000VA, and dimensions ranging from 115 (h) x 115 mm (dia) and 155 (w) x 110 (h) x 170 mm (d) to 300 (w) x 160 (h) x 200 mm (d).

  • Pegasus Associates Lighting

    Pegasus Associates Lighting offers 12V and 24V toroidal magnetic low voltage transformers. The 12V model comes in 300, 900, or 1,200W styles, with 11.5VAC output and 120VAC or 277VAC input. The 24V model comes in 300, 600, 900, or 1,200W styles, with 23.5VAC output and 120VAC or 277VAC input. These products can be used to power halogen or xenon lighting systems.

  • RAF Tabtronics

    RAF Tabtronics provides toroidal transformers for quiet, efficient operation with very low stray magnetic fields. Nominal power ratings start at 15VA for 2.5" outside diameter units, and go up to 1,900VA for 8" O.D. units. In terms of copper and core losses, the 15VA model loses 3W and 0.2W, respectively, while the 1,900VA model loses 65W and 8.5W.

  • Toroid Technologies Inc

    Toroid Technologies offers a series of toroidal power transformers for low voltage lighting, commercial and medical isolation transformers, auto transformers, and audio distribution transformers. They construct cores exclusively from M-3 grade or higher, and choose premium polyester tape manufactured by 3M. Moreover, their wire-of-choice is 200-degree, double-insulated magnet wire for more consistent performance, compared against industry standard 130-degree wire.

  • Totran Div, Bridgeport Magnetics Group Inc

    Bridgeport Magnetics Group sells a broad selection of power toroidal transformers. Standard designs include 117V/60Hz units that deliver 30VA to 600VA power, and 117/234V 50/60Hz units with power ratings from 26VA to 1,000VA. Custard step-down transformers are also available from 20VA to 1,000VA with dual 117V primaries for 50/60Hz operation, as are 12V and 24V, 60Hz halogen lighting systems, from 50VA to 1,000VA. One last option is the toroidal O-Core power transformers, which is a low profile, low weight device that produces 45VA to 2,000VA power; these transformers have no sharp edges and thus require less insulation, resulting in a smaller end product.

  • Trafomatic

    Trafomatic toroidal power transformers are provided with primary windings for connection and 50/60 Hz operation, and isolated secondary windings that can be connected in series or parallel. Mounted on one metal disk and two rubber gaskets, and hi-pot tested to 4,000 VAC RMS, these transformers offer 10 to 1,000VA power in sizes running from 52 mm diameter and 25 mm height, to 180 mm diameter and 85 mm height. They can be used either for step-down voltages or in a transformer.

  • Vanguard Electronics Co

    Vanguard Electronics Co. manufactures several types of toroidal transformers. Current tense units are made in a high reliability application grade and an assortment of turns ratios, including 1:50, 1:100, and 1:200. Flyback transformers come in a number of options, from 1 to 4 outputs, and 5 uH to 60 uH primary inductance. In addition, the company sells gate drive transformers that provide 1 to 4 outputs and primary ET constants of 25, 37, or 75 Volt-uSec, and carries isolation types that feature a wide selection of primary inductance ratings and turns ratios.