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  • Staco Energy Products Co.

    Staco manufactures a full range of variable voltage (VARIAC) transformers, designed to provide variable output voltage adjustable from 0 to 117% of the input voltage. Models include panel mount, enclosed cord and plug, metered, fully enclosed, ganged, isolated, motorized, motor driven and cased.

  • ISE, Inc.

    ISE variable voltage transformers are used in industrial and laboratory applications as basic components to control voltage, current, power, heat, speed, light, and electromechanical force. Single variable transformers are rated either 120 volts or 240 volts. Higher voltage requirements can be obtained by ganging 120-volt or 240-volt units. A 480-volt single-phase application can be met with two 240-volt variable transformers ganged in a series connection.

  • Tempco Electric Heater Corp.

    Tempco manufactures variable voltage transformers for the electric heater industry. Variable transformers control electrical voltage current and power by taking in utility line voltage and putting out continuously adjustable output voltage. A wide range of sizes drives enclosures and controls is offered.

  • Pacific Crest Transformers

    Pacific Crest designs and builds liquid filled distribution transformers in Padmount, Station, Substation, and Grounding configurations. Padmount options include sizes from 75 kV through 10 MVA and voltages through 69 kV and 350 kV BIL. All ratings are designed in ANSI, NEMA and IEEE standards. Station options include kVA ratings of 75 kVA to 10000 kVA and primary voltages through 46 kV - 250 kV BIL. Substation models offer kVA ratings of 75 kVA to 15000 kVA and primary voltages through 46 kV - 250 kV BIL. Grounding ratings include primary voltages through 46 kV - 250 kV BIL.

  • TEMCo – Tower Electric Motor Company

    TEMCo manufactures and distributes variable voltage transformers. They provide flexibility in changing the ratio between the primary and secondary coils. Basic single phase variable transformers are rated at 120 or 240 volts.  Higher voltage is achieved by combining or ganging 120-volts or 240-volt units. You could take three 240 volt units ganged in a wye connection which would give you a 380 volt or a 480 volt line-to-line three phase assembly.

  • Superior Electric

    Superior Electric offers their POWERSTAT line of variable voltage transformers. They take in utility line voltage and provide continuously adjustable output voltage, and are designed for heavy-duty use. POWERSTAT variable transformers provide power regulation with negligible variation in output voltage from no-load to full-load current. They are available in manual and motor driven configurations.

  • Mastech

    Mastech has been building Variac variable voltage transformers for 20 years. You can order direct online. Options include 0.5kVA, 2kVA and 5KW transformers, 110V or 220V single phase input 60 Hz out, 500 VA 0-150V to 5000VA 0-250V, and much more.

  • Electronics Plus

    Electronics Plus offers a large selection of variable voltage (VARIAC) transformers. Options include 0 to 130 VAC, 0 to 140 VAC, 0 to 240 VAC, with knob and graduated dial, with a steel ventilated steel case, 1 3/4 amp variable to 15 amp variable, with grouned AC receptacle and 3-prong grounded cord, fuse and pilot light, and more.

  • ISE Inc

    Variac offers Staco variable voltage transformers with ratings from 120V to 600+ VAC single and three phase and fractional to 1000+ Amps. These are AC voltage controls providing variable AC voltage. Open, enclosed, portable and metered test sets are available.

  • Digi-Key

    Digi-Key is a distributor of a wide variety of variable voltage (Variac) transformers from Staco. They offer 120V 12A and 15A, 12V XFR, 240V 9.5A, 120V 22A, 240V 3.5A, 0-132AC 2.5, 0-140VAC 5A, and many more units.

  • Skycraft Parts & Surplus

    Skycraft is a distributor of POWERSTAT variable AC voltage transformers from Superior Electric. These are isolated, 120/240V in, 0-30V out, 25-35 amp units.

  • All Electronics Corporation

    All Electronics is a distributor of variable voltage (Variac) transformers. Features include 3 amp units with input of 110 VAC, output of 0-130VAC, fully enclosed, ventilated steel case, 6' power cord, 3-prong grounded receptacle, output voltage meter, portable or mountable.

  • Phenix Technologies

    Phenix Technologies offers voltage regulators to accommodate the variety of electrical equipment in use today. Variable voltage transformers offer an adjustable output voltage where a continuous regulation of AC voltages with load is needed. With standard input voltages from 120 volts to 13.8 kV, and three different transformer designs to choose from, Phenix has a regulator to meet your application.

  • Cal-Centron

    Philmore Manufacturing offers single phase variable voltage AC transformers that allows operation of equipment on AC voltage anywhere between a few volts and a voltage about 10% above normal AC line voltage. Features include input of 100-120v at 60Hz and output of 0-130v AC, 500 V amps.

  • WEG Electric Corp.

    WEG manufactures variable voltage transformers for utilities, textile, pulp and paper, cement, petrochemical, steel plant, mining and food applications. Features include top rate output from 10MVA to 400MVA, high voltage from 34.5kV to 550kV, and ANSI/IEEE, IEC and ABNT standards.

  • Marlin P. Jones & Assoc, Inc.

    MPJA Online offers a 500VA 0-130VAC variable voltage (Variac) transformer. Features include input of 110VAC 50/60Hz, output of 0-130V at 500VA 4A max., enclosed, non-isolated, output voltmeter, lighted switch, 5A fuse and single 3 blade outlest.

  • GE Energy

    GE provides variable frequency transformers to the utility industry. They enable transmission system operators to control power flows between power grids with speed and efficiency, while simultaneously offering flexibility in providing power to meet the customer's demand.