• Brick Wall

    Brick Wall offers the highest degree of uninterruptible power supply, the OnLine UPS. These online UPS's offer true double conversion, eliminating most power anomalies such as surges, sags & brownouts. All units also come with power factor correction to make for more efficient power usage. The tower version is offered in load ratings of 800VA to 3kVA. The rackmount version is offered in 1kVA to 3kVA

  • Brick Wall

    Brick Wall offers a voltage regulation device for applications where power must be steady and free of anomalies. The SVR Pro voltage regulator uses a solid state generator to render stable and clean power at the output. Two models are offered for 1.5kVA & 3kVA loads. These units also provide >97% power factor correction for more efficient power usage.

  • Summit Technology, Inc.

    PowerSight products from Summit Technology measure and analyze three phase electric power. They come in three models and can monitor, log and analyze voltage, current and power for three phase, two phase, single phase and four wire data.

  • Neel Controls

    Neel offers K-Rated Isolation Transformers for data centers, VFD's, hospitals, corporate institutions, and much more. Specs include up to 750 KVA, 415 input voltage, 415/200 output voltage, and 3-4% impedance phase.

  • Mirus International Inc.

    Mirus International offers a variety of harmonic filters. The Lineator AUHF is a passive design that reduces variable speed drive/variable frequency drive harmonics by up to 10 times. The Harmony Series are isolation transformers that combine phase shifting with very low zero sequence impedance outputs for mitigation.

  • Lightning Protection Corporation

    LPC manufactures protection for lightning and surge currents up to 240,000 amperes and beyond. Response is in a fraction of a nanosecond.

  • Harger

    Harger manufactures a broad range of grounding components including, compression connectors and lugs, fence equipment, bars, boxes, straps and jumpers, terminal lugs and bus systems.

  • Acme Electric

    Acme Electric offers AC line reactors with features that include compact design, copper coils, gapped iron core inductors, and CE marking. These products can be used with 208, 240 and 600 volts and are available in 3% and 5% impedances.

  • Corcom

    Corcom Products makes EMI/RFI filters, including LC, power line and power inlet, ISM, signal line, DC, and facility noise products. Power entry modules have a current rating of 1 to 15 Amps, while their DC types feature a current rating of 1 to 125 Amps. Corcom products can be used for microwave filtering, as well as for medical and military applications.

  • S & C Electric Co

    S&C’s PureWave UPS System protects equipment from power problems, including voltage sags, surges, transients, momentary disruptions and complete outages. The entire load is supplied with clean power for up to 60 seconds while reduced loads can expect up to 180 seconds of support. These are low voltage systems that come in 313–2500 kVA models. The PureWave UPS System can be used in conjunction with a backup generator set and is available in a wide range of voltage capacities. These units can be installed outdoors as they are completely self-contained in a NEMA 3R (IP 14) enclosure.


    Ericos's surge protectors prevent damaging surges on power and communications lines caused by industrial machinery, switching events and lightning. Their AC units are designed for electrical service panels and DIN rail mounting. Their data, control and signal line protection are used for process control, computers, coaxial cable, telephone and wireless applications. They also manufacture Point-Of-Use surge protectors that combine AC plug in power strips and telephone/data protection.

  • Liebert

    Emerson Liebert UPS systems are available in a wide range of sizes. Products include uninterruptible power suppliess for home and office (350VA to 1000VA), large facilities (40kVA to 1000+kVA) and network and rackmount (500VA to 120+kVA).

  • Automation Direct

    Automation Direct offers a variety of Hammond Power transformers. Models include the HPS Imperator compact control transformer designed for high inrush applications requiring reliable output voltage stability and the HPS Fortress encapsulated transformer ideal for commercial applications where quality, ease of installation, and low cost are key.

  • Electro Industries/GaugeTech

    Electro Industries/Gauge Tech manufacturers power meters and monitors, energy meters and power analyzer products. Offerings include revenue meters with power quality analyzers, power and energy meter combos, multi-function transducers, multi-function data logging and waveform recording meters, and sub-metering equipment.

  • SolaHD

    Emerson offers Sola HD drive isolation transformers from 7.5-440 kVA, 3-Phase, 60 Hz. These units are used for SCR variable speed motor drive applications.

  • Arteche

    Arteche tuned harmonic filters divert energy away from the power source. Their automatic (switched) harmonic products measure the power factor and distortion of a system, and use contactors to switch multiple networks into or out of the circuit.

  • MSC Industrial Supply Co.

    MSC Industrial carries a variety of grounding components, including cable, clamps, wire, static discharge reels and clamp accessories from manufacturers such as Hubbell, Thomas & Betts, 3M, Carol, Reelcraft, Insul 8, and Cooper Crouse-Hinds.

  • MTE Corp.

    MTE's line of 3-phase reactors filter power line disturbances, increase drive system reliability, extend transistor life, reduce harmonics and surge currents, reduce motor noise and temperature, and improve true power factor.

  • Cosel USA

    Cosel makes single phase, three phase, and DC noise filters, with nearly a dozen and a half designs to choose from.

  • Active Power

    Active Power's CleanSource UPS (480V) can provide power until your system bridges to a generator. These are 130-3600 kVA systems that feature a small footprint, continuous volatge regulation, flywheel energy storage, less than 150 second recharge, no additional HVAC requirements, and power factor improvement. Many options are available.